Why I Hate Blogger

I have been blogging for damn near 10 years and most of it has been here on WordPress….I originally started my blog on the popular site Blogger but then it was titled “Studies And Observations”….I was never happy over there…..something felt hinky with the site….I got lots of hits a day but seldom any comments….I found out later that a lot of those hits were from some “bot”….not real people at all…..

After about a year I switched to WP and have never looked back……so when I read some news the other day I told myself that my gut reaction was spot on……let others know that may be bouncing between the two…..

Artist Dennis Cooper made a horrifying discovery June 27: His 14-year-old blog—the sole home of his writing, research, photographs, and more—was gone, Art Forum reports. According to Fusion, Cooper’s blog was hosted by Google-owned Blogger. In addition to his blog, Google also deactivated his gmail account, which held his contacts and gig offers, the Guardian reports. The only explanation Google gave Cooper, who considers his blog a “serious work of mine,” was a stock message that he was in “violation of the terms of service agreement.” “I can’t even get a response from them or anything,” Cooper says. “I have no idea why they did it or what’s going on.” Google tells Fusion it’s “aware of this matter” but wouldn’t comment any further.

Cooper, the author of a number of acclaimed novels, isn’t even sure if his work is still out there somewhere. He’s considering suing Google to get the answer. “This will not be easy for me for the obvious reasons, but I’m not going to just give up 10 years of my and others’ work without doing everything possible,” he tells Art Forum. The incident is raising concerns among the art community about the power Google and other corporations now have to control artistic voices. “I think this is definitely censorship. The problem is nobody knows what the specific issue is and certainly Dennis has posted images that one might find troubling,” Stuart Comer, curator at MoMA, tells the Guardian. All Cooper knows is that other artists need to learn from him and “back everything up.” “Obviously I’m a living example of not to be blind like that and think that everything is hunky dory.”

If you like your hard work then……DO NOT TRUST BLOGGER!

Good News Is A Joy!

The weekend begins and I got some good unexpected news….I mean there is more than enough bad news out there….so nay small amount of good news is a joy…..my news was some unexpected pats on the back……

All of us bloggers are always wanting to know if we are doing a good job….we want to know that our posts are well received….well at least I do……and we all hope to be appreciated….

There are always these websites that want your hard earned money to promote your site or there are some sites that will give you an award of some sort if you will commit your readers to do the same thing….personally. I appreciate the award, if you will, but I usually do not participate for my readers may not appreciate having to share stuff with others…..

So while farting around the other day on-line I came across something that I did not know existed……so I had to check it out….I am if nothing else a curious bird…..the post was about my blog, In Saner Thought,……

Looking for Lobotero WordPress popular content, reviews and catchy facts? Here we go: we found that lobotero.wordpress.com has neither Alexa ranking nor estimated traffic numbers. However, we managed to discover that the most significant portion of the traffic comes from USA (18,9%). This domain has a very good reputation, so you can visit it safely.

(please click on link and see what I am going on about…..)

Source: Everything on lobotero.wordpress.com. In Saner Thought – “It is the duty of every man, as far as his ability extends, ….

It was a total surprise that I was rated and never knew it…..the best part of this rating was the 4 and half stars out of five for “website authority”….

I feel very proud of my efforts and my site…..this review was not something that I had to pay for or even knew about…….and it is always a good day for some good news…..

Let me say thank you to all my readers….I do this for you guys…..your visits have made In Saner Thought a success and much appreciated.

Have a great weekend

Art Of Blogging: Quantity Or Quality

And now for something completely different…..

This will be number 9 in my thoughts on blogging……just my thoughts on why we are all here writing about what we have on our minds….my little series I have tried to cover all the aspects of this medium…..please I do not consider myself an expert by any stretch of the imagination…..just totting down the things that I gave from time to time…..

I believe that my readers deserve quality posts….I could write incessantly on all sorts of things but that would not be me…..I have pain issues and some days I do not feel that I can concentrate enough for good posts so when I feel good write a lot and store them in “drafts” so I have a supply of quality posts to choose from n those days.

The amount of visitors is important to all of us……I would love to have 1000+ visitors per day……but I am a realist I will never get that many in a day because I am basically a word of mouth blog……I follow most people that follow me and from time to time I will re-blog something from another blog…..that is if I think my readers will appreciate the content.

And when you get a comment like this one from a reader in the UK…it makes you feel like you are doing something right……

Woah! I’m really digging the template/theme of this blog.

It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s difficult to get that “perfect balance” between user friendliness and appearance.
I must say that you’ve done a superb job with this.
In addition, the blog loads extremely fast for me on Internet explorer.

Exceptional Blog!

Always nice to have your ego massaged a bit, HUH?

you are in point of fact a excellent webmaster. The web site loading velocity is incredible. It sort of feels that you’re doing any unique trick. Moreover, The contents are masterwork. you’ve done a wonderful task on this subject!.

It is visitors like these that make me feel I am doing something right.

But to some of my fellow bloggers the amount is the most important aspect of writing a blog…..and too many times they will forego substance to get that quantity.  They will change location several times in the search for that “magic” spot that will draw all the people that they desire……for me it is counter-productive because I believe that if prospective visitors have to hunt for me then they will just move on….then there are those that join all these blogging sites that promise you the world to get your cash…..and the visitors come but do they stay…..for me a visit is not as important as someone who takes the time to check the site out and even possibly a comment or two…..these people seem to be more concerned with finding people that will agree with their every word not trying to help people understand this complex world we live in……

There are my thoughts on quantity…..

Now let’s talk about quality…..this is what is most important to me……people that are not afraid to voice an opinion or the exchange of ideas…..matters not if we agree only that we are exchanging thoughts…..

Many visitors read a post to reply…..not to try and understand the concept presented.  But some read the title and make an assumption and reply which in most cases misses the point or just a try to propagate some misguided belief.

My greatest success in blogging is that I am regularly visited by my 13 yr old granddaughter and we discuss the stuff I write….we do not always agree but she is always open to new ideas and situations…..that my friends is how you spell………S-U-C-C-E-S-S!

Let me say here that none of this applies to everybody…..only my thoughts on what I have experienced in my years of writing a blog…..this is my 10th year…..

Like I have said these are just a few observations I have made over the years….I am by NO means an expert….If I were I would be making money off my writings but I am smarter than that….LOL

Let the weekend begin!

An 8 Year Atta Boy!

I have been doing this gig for almost 10 years now……..about 2 years on Blogger…I left because I like the format and the extras I got with WordPress……and 8 years here…….

I got this message from WP today……


8 Year Anniversary Achievement
Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!
You registered on WordPress.com 8 years ago!
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!
I can say that the best thing I had done for my blog was switching to WP……over at the other site I was getting plenty of hits but it was hollow I seldom got any comments…..I appreciate the comments and the exchanges through them….I much prefer quality over quantity…
I would like to thank everyone who visits IST for a great 8 years and hopefully we will have many more together…..



Art Of Blogging: Trolls

I begin my relaxing weekend with a few more words of wisdom about blogging…..in this installment it is TROLLS!

Trolls….those individuals that cruise the blogosphere looking for certain words that they can use to attack and rant their misguiding delusions….if you write a blog then you have experienced one or maybe more……they hit an d run……..

Personally, I think they just like being irritating more than informative…..I seem to get more of them when I post on a couple of subjects…..Muslims and guns….then they come out of the woodwork….like termites on a mating cycle…..

Is there any explanation to why these people lurk?

Well, yes there is and I am glad you asked……

We already know Internet trolls are jerks. Now, thanks to a video on YouTube channel AsapScience, we know a little bit more about why, CNET reports. In short, Internet trolls exhibit “dark traits,” such as Machiavellianism, narcissism, and, “very high levels of sadism,” which means they “have fun distressing others by being argumentative and disruptive.” The video is based on a research paper from 2014 that found 5.6% of 1,215 survey respondents self-identified as Internet trolls, or at least fessed up to enjoying trolling activities. CNET notes that it’s safe to assume that some trolls would not self-identify, so the true percentage is likely higher.

Dark traits notwithstanding, AsapScience reassures us that trolls “aren’t necessarily serial killers or bad people.” However, “they get an emotional reward when causing or observing the suffering of others.” According to the research paper, the troll persona reflects both a person’s actual personality and their ideal self, concluding that, “for those with sadistic personalities, that ideal self may be a villain of chaos and mayhem—the online trickster we fear, envy, and love to hate: the cyber-troll.” So how do you vanquish a troll? “Ignore them,” AsapScience says, “and you’re likely to diminish their effort.”

I wish I could ignore them….but if they are pushing lies and misinformation then I must respond….I know….I know…..but it is a sickness with me….LOL


The Art Of Blogging: Cooperation

Sorry but keeping with my tradition I will offer one post over the weekend per day….I actually have a life away from the keyboard….go figure!

That time again when I give my impressions on blogging.  I wish I could say that I was an expert but that would be very disingenuous of me…….but in my time blogging I have learned a thing or two….at least they mean something to me.

We all want to be popular on-line but that is an ego thing…..if we give the reader something to look forward to then popularity will find you.  Also some bloggers only give props to those sites and people that they agree with the line they are selling…..it is sort of natural to seek out like minded people…..but I find that all opinions should hold equal importance….that is as long as they are respectful……some of my post have been insulting to certain public figures…..but any comments either pro or con hold equal importance to me…

Too many people hit the “Like” button without reading the post…..this is a way that readers try to help their followed bloggers…….that is a shame for most of the people I follow actually have something to say…..I seldom agree with them 100%…..but they do have something to say and I am respectfully enough to read what they have taken the time to write.

Re-blogging…..I do not re-blog very much….it is not that I do not like their stuff enough to re-blog but rather what they have written is usually widely reported and I do not feel that my attempt would just get in the way of their message.  With that said re-blogging is a fine way to help others out that may not be getting to a wide array of readers.

Next is linking to others sites…….I think it is a grand idea if you like or agree with what the other has said….but I see where a blogger gets an idea from someone else but usually will not credit the other blogger….that is unless they agree with the other then they say flowery things about this other site…..that is just wrong.

If someone gives me an idea I try to credit that person as best I can…..

Then there is the blogroll……it is there so others can see some of the sites you visit and perhaps quote……I had an experience with this Right Wing blog….I will not mention it and I will explain why……it seems that we were debating a subject and I wrote something that made him pouty and he ask me to remove the link to his blog….I agree but asked what it was that offended him….I never got an answer so I make up my own…..it was a Right wing one thought rag that In Sane Thought is better off without their visits…..I know a bit of an ego trip there….but since he was cowardly and not do as I requested….I will say whatever I like.

Have you ever encountered such a problem….this person knew that I am extremely progressive and knew how I thought about a wide array of issues and yet he could not handle the answer I gave….whatever that answer was…..

Sorry my friends…..I digress a bit…..but I do that a lot…..

Back to the main jest of this post…….Cooperation…….I think that if you add someone to your reader then you should do the right thing and read their posts….I know many of us have lives away from the keyboard….but it is the respectful thing to do……

Cooperation is how we all get to be more successful with our blogs and our thoughts….

I do not understand those people that mark their blogs “private”….I mean if you are that paranoid why write a blog….or if you only want people that will do nothing more than agree with everything you….why blog?  join a chat room…a private one…..

Then there are the people that comment on blogs…..do not get me wrong I love it that so many people feel comfortable to comment on IST….but in the past I have noticed that some look for keys and then write a comment that has nothing to do with the meat of the post…..the title is all they see…..personally, I enjoy comments and the exchanges they bring forth….that is what I feel my blog is all about….an exchange of ideas….not just my ideas…..

These are just my thoughts on the different aspects of blogging…….I am by NO means an expert…if I were then I would be in the top 10 blogs of all times…..but unfortunately I am not…..but that matters not since I love what I am doing on my blog…..

Art Of Blogging–Style

Just another in the continuing series that I write to pass on to my readers what little I have learned while writing a blog.  Please do not misunderstand….I am by no means an expert….if I were I would be getting more attention and popularity…….but I have learned a bit in 9 years of blogging.

After many years of rigorous study and application I found my calling…..analysis.  It was a shame that I refused to work for think tanks for they are nothing more than extensions of of one industry or another……

I have always been a writer…..that causes a few problems with a blog nowadays…..people want instant gratification with videos, steaming this or that, etc…..but I am an old fart and I like words so I will continue to write.  My grandfather gave me some advice in my younger days…..he said..”Why write a novel when a paragraph will do?”

I have found he was right….most people lose interest after about 500 words…so my style is to try and keep my post between 350-500 words….I am not always successful and gone over my prescribed limit.

If I would buckle down and learn to do more with vids and such I could probably get more people especially younger people to come and stick with my blog…..but I cannot let a vid do my work for me….I will post links for people to check out what I am writing about but I refuse to let that be the total extent to my posts.

I use to flit around writing about everything and anything that struck my fancy……but I found that if I stick with one field of interest there is a better chance of readers coming and deciding to stay…..it is not written in stone….just something that I have found with my blog.

I feel like my regular visitors like my style that is why they continue to come and most important comment….it also helps if you can have a field of “expertise”, if lack of a better word, that way readers know pretty much what will be written on any given day.

Blogging for me is an amazingly rewarding endeavor…..and I thank all my readers and regulars for their good taste in choosing my blog….(sorry had to throw a little ego in there)…..

Onward and upward…..always vocal.