IST Blogging Update–2017

I have been blogging for over 10 years…..about 11 come December…for the first couple of years I was on Blogger….a good site but I found it more better here on WordPress.

I will admit that in the beginning the going was slow…lucky to get 5 hits a day and even luckier if I got that many comments in a week…..but things have changed for the better.

Followers…I could go a month with no new followers….most of my followers come from WordPress I do get some from Twitter and that is where I lose followers when I do lose them….I do not use Facebook for anything I do not trust them or their system.

But this year has been an excellent year….here recently I have been getting 2-5 new followers a day….. (at the time of this post could drop off at anytime)….and the comments have gone from an average of 10 a day to an average of 35-80 a day.

Comments is where I judge my Blog…..people on WP are not shy about giving their opinions and there is where I judge the “popularity” of the Blog…..without comments then those visitors could very well be just bots.

I try to make my posts as inviting and as diverse as I can that in the hopes that they will feel like commenting.  I have read some blogs where the author in the first paragraph insults the reader to the point that a comment will not come.  And then these same bloggers cannot figure out why they have so few visitors or commenters and usually they blame it on the government that has them under some sort of surveillance.

I do not think that the theme or the font or the color guarantees success….if anything I believe it is content….plus offer up one’s own analysis to go with the post….that helps others know your thinking and the opportunity for them to comment.

Be consistent and convenient….will help build the blog into somethin g people will follow and comment.

All in all the experience I have had in blogging has been the most positive on WordPress….I have always said that if some reader thinks they have an idea to help IST become a better visit to let me know and I will consider the suggestion.

Blogging is hard work if you want to give the public a successful source of information or entertainment……the readers will find you just hang in there and give it a chance.

There have been disappointments but they are small compared to the people I have met…..people that enjoy a good exchange of ideas and opinions…..after all we are in this experiment together why not make the most of it?

That is it for today……keeping my eye on Irma just in case she decides to change her mind on where she wants to landfall……enjoy your weekend and keep up the positive thoughts…Peace out!  chuq


IST Asshat “Assie” Award–July 2017

That time of the month again……the last Sunday and time to award the monthly Asshat Award, commonly known as the “Assie”…..

Usually the award is given to a person…some have been from a political party, religious leader….anyway you get the idea…..this month IST went off on a different track.

One of the popular movies of the Summer is the one about the rescue of British troops trapped at the beach at Dunkirk in France in the year 1940.

This month IST will award the “Assie” to the newspaper USA Today…….it appears that they were concerned for the lack of diversity with the actors in the movie.



The cultural Marxists at USA Today may have reached the final extreme of self-parody in an otherwise positive review of the movie Dunkirk:

[T]he fact that there are only a couple of women and no lead actors of color may rub some the wrong way.

USA Today gives the movie 3 1/2 stars. It could have received four by taking advice from James Delingpole:

[I]t might have provided valuable comic relief if Amy Schumer or Rebel Wilson – or perhaps even both – had been cast as, say, two brilliant battlefield surgeons who insisted on staying behind with the troops when all their male counterparts had fled.

Also, it would definitely have added a new dimension had James Earl Jones been cast as the salty old Royal Naval officer called out of retirement for one last trip across the English Channel, or if Ice T and Snoop Dogg had been given the role of two aging rappers who parachute from a Dakota to administer weed to the desperate troops, or if Oprah appeared in a cameo as Queen Mary welcoming the returning troops after their desperate voyage.

Liberals regard the triumph of their ideology as historically inevitable. If they are right, future generations will learn from the movies that Monty was a Muslim of Somali heritage and Patton was a transsexual illegal immigrant from Guatemala. At least Rommel will stay white.

Really?  Shows when you do not know history then you say some incredibly stupid things……they want to change history for the sake of diversity.

An email will be sent to their editorial staff announcing that they had won the coveted “Assie” for the month of July 2017.

Congrats to USA Today for winning the IST monthly “Assie”……I wish them luck in December as IST picks the “Assie” of the year for 2017.

Thoughts From The “Food Nazi”

The weekend and as usual it is a chore to find something to blog about that does not include the politics of the day…..but I try….

From time to time I will post something that deals with food or cafe life….since I shut down my food blog, The Food Nazi, I have done a little food posts here and there…….Subjects like food trends, wine, etc……

Why the “Food Nazi”….that is easy…..I am pretty set in my ways…….I believe that food should be prepared the way it was suppose to be prepared……I guess a traditionalist would be a good description.  Fusion food is out for me!  The once noble profession of chef has now become nothing more than a cheap game show….in an age when insults are more important than facts I am glad I am no longer cooking for the public.

Sorry, I digress.

Many years ago when I returned from my overseas posting I opened a small cafe…..seated about 20 people, limited menu and a great place to have your coffee and schmooze with others.  It was called “Le Petit Cafe”……

So this weekend I will post on eating, food and other stuff……but the “other stuff” did not include placenta……yes I wrote “Placenta”…….

First, there seems to be a movement to eat the placenta after giving birth…..but is this a good idea?

You are what you eat……..

Kim Kardashian West has done it. So has January Jones. Now the CDC is warning new moms not to eat their own placentas. The Washington Post reports the unusual advisory came after an investigation into a mysterious illness that struck an Oregon newborn. Three days after a healthy birth, the baby was in respiratory distress, and tests revealed a deadly bacterial infection known as GBS. After a course of antibiotics, the baby recovered but fell ill again with the same thing. Tests revealed the culprit was pills made from the mother’s own placenta that she had been ingesting for weeks. Breast feeding transferred the infection to the baby. Once the mom stopped taking the pills, the infant recovered. While GBS isn’t usually dangerous for adults, it is perilous to a newborn’s immune system, reports ArtsTechnica.
Some new moms believe popping placenta pills eases postpartum blues, boosts energy levels, and stimulates breast milk production. Tens of thousands of new moms do it, per the AP. The CDC hasn’t take a stand on placenta pills, but there is no evidence to show that “placentophagy” has any benefits. The report states the unidentified company that dehydrated the Oregon mom’s placenta failed to heat the organ that attaches to the uterine wall sufficiently to kill germs. There are no standards for heating placentas, the CDC notes, adding that doctors should “educate mothers interested in placenta encapsulation about the potential risks.” Forbes notes that placenta recipes are rampant on the internet, with suggestions to add them to lasagna, chili, tacos, and smoothies. (Aussie company turns placentas and embryos into jewelry.)
Okay a warning here…the remainder of this post is of a sexual content and may not be suitable for all readers.
You know that people in business are always looking for that one idea that will set them apart……especially in the food market…..there were topless coffee houses, bikini clad waitresses, so on….but I believe these guys in Switzerland have hit on something special……
A “Fellatio Cafe”……

You’ve heard of happy endings at seedy underground massage parlors—now get ready for blowjobs at coffee shops. Yeah, it’s a real thing.

At the end of this year, a new coffee shop, Fellatio Café, will open up in Geneva, Switzerland, where you can get a hot cup of joe, with a side of blowjob. Seriously.

Source: ‘Fellatio cafe’ where customers receive oral sex while they drink their coffee

I wish I had something clever to add…..but I think I will leave it there for the day……..That is it for today….let the comments fly….

Next week I am going through a panel of tests so I do not know just how often I will be on-line…….please bear with me….hopefully this will not be a drawn out affair….chuq

Art Of Blogging–IST Update

The news of the day is boring and redundant…..I can only stand so much blah-blah before I go into another universe in my head.

My weekend continues and I have nothing of value to contribute today… I will go off the cuff…..

I like to keep my readers up to date on what is happening here on IST…..

I started blogging in 2006 after a nasty fall that crush one of my legs and I needed something to keep my mind busy and off my problem….since I had been a teacher and did lots of writing I figured that I would take up my old vice… and commentary.

Things started off slowly…basically I used my blog to cut and paste news articles that I wanted to keep for reference…..after about a year I started getting comments on the stuff I had written….and then I started adding my thoughts backed up by links and facts and my comments improved and expanded…

Originally the title was Studies And Observations and then it went through a period of trying to find a better title and I finally settled on In Saner Thought…the title of a small book of poetry from my youth.

It was always pretty good at attracting people but few stayed around for long….most of the deserters were from my Twitter account not WP……..and then I installed the translation widget and my readership expanded rather rapidly….I am getting many more international visitors than before….I now have regulars from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Morocco… mention only a few….and I am thankful for their readership and comments.

I have always contended that I am no expert at this blogging thing….but as things have progressed I feel that IST has become a success….not as popular as I would want…but then we all think we are better at it than others….that ego trip we are all on when we write a blog.

Another aspect that I consider a success is in the comments…..they are great and I like to treat them as if I am speaking to the person directly not just throwing stuff at them.  Also those that comment also reply to replies…it strikes up a conversation between visitors……… I like that aspect also.

In the beginning most visitors were from English speaking countries but these days I am getting regulars from all over the globe…..I am also getting multiple re-blogs since the installation of the translation widget and that helps expand the conversation and exchange of thoughts.

Finally, recently I was contacted by Autumn of that asked if they could cross post one of my articles on their site…..I agreed and here is the link……

Source: Is Obama A Socialist?

That pretty much catches everyone up……and thank you guys for all the help to make IST a small success…..I cannot express my gratitude properly other than THANK YOU.

I apologize I just had to toot the IST horn a bit.

So ends another Sunday post….I will go out and work in the garden and get a little exercise in while my leg is feeling better…..may be a little brunch in the garden…..fruit, nuts, cheese and a little wine……enjoy your day, my friends…….

Be well and be safe….chuq

Art Of Blogging–Personal Touch

From time to time I write about the “Art of Blogging”…..and NO I do not consider myself an expert by any stretch…..but I consider my blogging experience as a success so I decided to give my thoughts about the this form of communication….

I believe that anyone that visits my blog deserves my attention…..yes, I want as many followers and readers as I can get…just like most of us that are doing this experiment……and by attention I am talking about a personal touch.

By personal I mean when they comment I answer each one as uniquely as I can…there are NO canned replies….and when I get word of a new follower I go to their site and leave a thank you message and will follow them as a thank you also….I also try to read their posts…I mean read the whole thing not a title or a paragraph and then comment… followers deserve an honest comment/reply……I do not block any comment unless it is disgusting or after requesting more civility they continue being rude or insulting.  And I do not consider those that do not agree with as trolls to be chastised…..I enjoy substantive comments and replies and these deserve the same in return.

Some of my comments may be short but that is because I believe….”why write a novel when a paragraph will do?”….something my grandfather told me many years ago….if you can make your point in 5 words why use any more?

Plus I do not just follow someone to try and improve my stats….of course not everyone thinks this way and that is fine…I do what I think is best for IST….so far my hard work is paying off.

Again I am by NO means an expert at blogging…..the stuff I write about is stuff that seems to work for me and not all of us are the same so “what is good for the goose may not be good for the gander”….all we can do is try.

On a side note….I recently added the translation widget to IST….and since then I have received at least one new follower a day….I cannot say for sure that the widget helped this but I will because it suits me….LOL

Enough said….time to leave the keyboard behind and enjoy my weekend…..I suggest you do the same…..I wish you well and be safe……chuq

Closing Thought–23Jan17


Translate this…….

We bloggers are always in search of new readers and commenters…..some choose different methods to secure these visitors….my feeling is if visitors cannot read the post why would they continue to visit……that is where I have made a bit of a change to IST.

I have been blogging for 10 years and have got many foreign visitors……almost every country has stopped by IST and in all that time I did not consider that there might be a problem with my non-English speaking visitors…..

I am fortunate enough to get visitors the world over…..and with this widget I may get more if they can translate what I have written…..and then maybe get more comments which will help in understanding and promote a valid conversation….

I apologize for the inconvenience…..and I apologize for not thinking of this sooner……

I have added the translate widget to my site…hopefully this will help my visitors get the gist of my posts…..

Again I apologize and hopefully this move will help….I look forward to my international readers gaining better access to IST.

Well my friends that is it for this day in history…..I shall return tomorrow and hopefully so shall you…’til then have a day and be well and safe….chuq

Closing Thought–27Dec16

Today I celebrate my 10th anniversary of blogging.

Ten years ago today I started my blog as a way to fight the depression that I was falling into after badly screwing up my right leg after a fall…..I had learned that I would no longer be able to work that took physical exercise since my leg was only about 70% and painful all the time……so I was put out to pasture as they say…..

In the 10 years I have made some amazing friends here on IST…..I been able to get 1900+ followers and an outlet for my opinionated ass.  In these years I have made few adjustments to this blog….name changes and series that just did not generate much interest…..for the most part….what you see is what you get.

This short post is to say thank you for all the people that have chosen to visit and to comment on IST… me it is a success maybe not by some people’s definition of the word….but to me it has been an amazing trip…

I hope to continue for as long as I can and hope all my followers will stick with me and help me make this even more successful……and a great journey.

Thank you, my friends.