Covid For June

There is lots of news around these days… why not give a bit of the news that slips through the producers of news TV…….

First, we hear all the time about the people that have beat the disease….but at what price?

Here is a story from Seattle…..

Remember Michael Flor, the longest-hospitalized COVID-19 patient who, when he unexpectedly did not die, was jokingly dubbed “the miracle child?”

Now they can also call him the million-dollar baby.

Flor, 70, who came so close to death in the spring that a night-shift nurse held a phone to his ear while his wife and kids said their final goodbyes, is recovering nicely these days at his home in West Seattle. But he says his heart almost failed a second time when he got the bill from his health care odyssey the other day.

“I opened it and said ‘holy [bleep]!’ “ Flor says.

The total tab for his bout with the coronavirus: $1.1 million. $1,122,501.04, to be exact. All in one bill that’s more like a book because it runs to 181 pages.

How much would it have been if there was a vaccine to administer?

Can we trust governors to give their public the real skinny on the virus and the effect of opening up their states?

Using the Florida Department of Health’s website, Boyer recorded the total number of cases.

But suddenly, on Monday, that information was deleted.

Right now, Florida appears to be hiding the total number of coronavirus infections at nursing homes since the start of this pandemic.

“Maybe it’s not adding up, why should anyone care?” asked investigative reporter Mahsa Saeidi.

“There’s no such thing as too much information in this case,” said Boyer.

“Without this information, and knowing what the rise of infection is in a particular county, or even across the state, residents can’t know what their level of risk is, family members can’t know what their level of risk is,” Boyer added.

Florida coronavirus: State hiding total number of cases in nursing homes

So is it more important to make Donald the Orange happy than protecting the citizens?

This whole thing just gets creepier by the week…..we will see if it was such a good idea to open up ….that is if the states actually give the information or hide it like the cowards they are.

Then there is all that cash that was earmarked for the different stim packages…..who gets this?

Trump White House refuses to tell the public who got the billions…

Building ramparts of secrecy around a $600 billion-plus coronavirus aid program for small businesses, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has moved from delay to denial in refusing outright to disclose the recipients of taxpayer-funded loans.

Mnuchin told Congress at a hearing this week that the names of loan recipients and the amounts are “proprietary information.” While he claimed the information is confidential, ethics advocates and some lawmakers see the move as an attempt to dodge accountability for how the money is spent.

More proof that there is NO transparency in the Trump presidency.


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4 thoughts on “Covid For June

  1. You already know, without surmising, that politicians are going to prefer money over people’s lives …so no, we are not going to hear the truth about the death rates or about the spread … they will choose some arbirtrary figure or a figure that does not include test results and they will use that figure so long as it can be made to look reasonable and unthreatening. In the meantime, the idiots who swallow everything they are told will go ahead ignoring the safety precautions until their ashes are scattered and they will be totall adament in practicing their particular level of stupidity until the oven doors are opened.

  2. So how does the guy cope with that bill? I doubt his medical insurance will cover all of it, so what happens? Just interested, as we don’t have that system here. (Except for pets)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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