And The Deaths Keep Rolling

We all know about the deaths of Floyd and Breonna….but they were not alone in this nation….the police just keep on murdering citizens…..the citizens they took an oath to protect….so much for “their word”…..

Just a quick look back……

Stories of police attacking and killing people are cropping up online, including one about a New Mexico cop who’s been charged with killing a man pulled over in a traffic stop. CBS News reports that Officer Christopher Smelser is facing involuntary manslaughter after gripping the man, Antonio Valenzuela, in a neck hold until he died. Police say Valenzuela was pulled over Feb. 29 in Las Cruces, tried running away, was tased twice to no effect, and went for a knife in his pocket when Smelser put him in a neck restraint. Police said on Facebook they fired Smelser after seeing the autopsy report. Valenzuela, 40, had an open warrant for a parole violation at the time, per the Las Cruces Sun News. In other police stories:

  • Tacoma: The mayor of Tacoma, Washington, is calling for the firing and prosecution of four officers after a black man died while crying out “I can’t breathe,” KABC-TV reports. Manuel Ellis died March 3 due to respiratory arrest, lack of oxygen, and physical restraint, per a medical examiner’s report. Police said Ellis had been seen hitting the window of a vehicle when police intervened. Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards said she was “enraged” by video Ellis being restrained on the ground.
  • Denver: Police are investigating an incident caught on video of police firing pepper balls at a black man who’s shouting about a pregnant woman in his car, NBC News reports. What sparked the initial conflict is unclear. “Honestly, I thought I was going to die,” the man, Shaiitarrio Brown, tells KUSA. “I thought I was going to be the next black man shot by police.”
  • Los Angeles: An alliance of homeless advocates and criminal-justice activists have sued LA over police handling of the George Floyd protests, including shooting a homeless man with a rubber bullet, the LA Times reports. The lawsuit includes a horrific photo of the wheelchair-bound man with blood pouring from the bullet wound in his eye.
  • Las Vegas: Four officers who shot and killed a protester in a hail of 19 bullets were not wearing body cameras, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports. But Assistant Sheriff Chris Jones said the officers aren’t normally required to wear cameras. Jones said the victim, Jorge Gomez, was wearing body armor, carrying three guns, and raised what looked like a rifle at the officers.
  • Canada: Indigenous leaders are seeking answers and improved police training after an officer killed Chantel Moore, 26, in her British Columbia home during a wellness check, the Globe & Mail reports. Police say they killed her because she carried a knife and made threats.

Sounds like Canada has got as many “bad apples” as the US.

Just this past weekend another incident…..

A man drove into a crowd of Seattle protesters Sunday night during a demonstration at Capitol Hill, shooting one, before the suspect exited the car brandishing a gun. He was ultimately taken into custody, and the 27-year-old man who was shot was in stable condition, the Seattle Times reports. The suspect apparently shot the man while he was still in the car; the victim confronted the driver as he came to a stop, and then was shot as he apparently reached inside the window, Reuters reports. The suspect was walking through the crowd of demonstrators toward a line of police when he apparently gave himself up and was detained. Hundreds of protesters were in the area at the time; no one else was injured.

I have seen where too many blame the group called Antifa for all the violence and destruction….but maybe they should re-think that accusation…

President Donald Trump has characterized those clashing with law enforcement after George Floyd’s death under the knee of a Minneapolis police officer as organized, radical-left thugs engaging in domestic terrorism, an assertion repeated by Attorney General William Barr. Some Democrats, including Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz and Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, initially tried to blame out-of-state far-right infiltrators for the unrest before walking back those statements.

There is scant evidence either is true.

The Associated Press analyzed court records, employment histories, social media posts and other sources of information for 217 people arrested last weekend in Minneapolis and the District of Columbia, two cities at the epicenter of the protests across the United States

IST has something for everyone….. for those that want to blame the Racist for the violence…..

Authorities are considering hate crime charges after a man they called a Ku Klux Klan leader drove into a crowd of protesters in Virginia. The number of people struck wasn’t clear, the New York Daily News reports, but police reported no serious injuries. “A vehicle revved their engine and drove through the protesters occupying the roadway” on Sunday in Lakeside, a Richmond suburb, police said. Harry Rogers was denied bail in a court hearing; he’s charged with crimes including attempted malicious wounding and assault and battery. Rogers “is an admitted leader of the Ku Klux Klan and a propagandist for Confederate ideology,” the prosecutor said. “We are investigating whether hate crimes charges are appropriate.”

Authorities said Rogers, 36, told officers when he was arrested that he’s president of the Virginia KKK and the highest-ranking official who’s not in prison. Interviewed in jail Monday, Rogers said he has ties to the KKK, per WTVR, but said he didn’t tell anyone that he’s its president. Rogers said he drove on the median and revved his engine to get away from the protesters. Calling Rogers’ actions “heinous and despicable,” the prosecutor said, “We will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.” Rogers’ next court appearance is scheduled for August.

This culture MUST change!

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11 thoughts on “And The Deaths Keep Rolling

      1. The only time I see a problem in my neighborhood (and it is mixed) is when these types of episodes arise.
        I’ve been meaning to ask, do you know –
        When exactly Mr. Floyd died? If he died on the scene – why was his body moved? The detective’s investigation should have started there.
        If he died enroute or at the hospital, why wasn’t a neck brace applied or oxygen given to him?

      2. Sorry Minn. I thought they had spent an hour trying to revive him. Mayor Frey did cause the incident to explode early though. Trying to avoid an appearance of impropriety on the part of his office I suppose. The old “cover they own ass” speech.

      3. I wish that he was the only victim….but they have been continuous for decades. Something needs to change chuq

  1. Everything over there is a mess at the moment. The good tarnished along with the bad, and people jumping on to any bandwagon that suits them. I don’t see any answer to it, because whatever way you try to configure a police force, you still have to deal with human nature, and its weaknesses.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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