Slow Death Of The State Department

After the military I worked for the DoD and the State Department…..I was proud of the work that most of us peons were doing promoting the US while promoting solutions for problems other than war.

But I have not been so proud of the department in the last couple of decades from Bush 1 forward……in fact I believe the State Department is slowly dying and being replaced by the DoD and endless wars… this rate the State Dept. will be gone by mid-century…..

The Department of State drifted through the past handful of administrations, an agency without agency, adequate personnel, or budget, virtually obsolete in the 21st Century. How did this happen?

Traditional diplomacy began as a necessary expedient. Nations had business with one another, but messages could take weeks to travel from one capital to another. Instead, ambassadors were sent out, empowered in the case of the U.S. as the President’s personal representative. Heady stuff. Over time communications improved to the point where world leaders can now text each other, but those ambassadors and embassies remain like vestigial limbs.

With exceptions (FDR stand outs), presidents did not conduct first-name diplomacy or tie themselves up with the details of foreign affairs. They had secretaries of state for that. Things shifted under Richard Nixon, whose interest in first-person diplomacy with China and ownership of the Vietnam War sent the State Department into a supporting role. Soon enough, events both internal and external to the U.S., its State Department, and the world, did their work.

The Long, Lingering Death of the U.S. State Department

The decades past has shown what these Neoliberal twats have done to foreign policy……

Ben Rhodes, who served as President Barack Obama’s deputy national security adviser, labeled the nation’s foreign policy elite as “the Blob.” Members of this well-educated, well-connected group disagree on peripherals but agree on essentials of foreign policy. Their almost unanimous bottom line is that the U.S. government must run the world.

The result over the last couple decades has been catastrophic. Thousands of dead Americans. Tens of thousands injured, many maimed horribly. Hundreds of thousands of dead civilians in the nations Washington was supposed to be liberating. Millions of people driven from their homes. Trillions of dollars wasted. Enemy nations empowered. Terrorists created. America’s reputation shattered.

The Foreign Policy Blob Strikes Back: We’re Just Fine, Proclaim Architects of Endless Wars

Allowing the DoD to set foreign policy is just plain wrong….they implement foreign policy not invent it.

I miss my work for State but I am glad that I got out when I could still hold my head up and say that the US was truly a world leader……since then it has gone downhill and at the bottom of the hill is Trump and his impotent minions.

The world order is gone along with US foreign policy….

The authors contend that world order “weakened after 9/11 and ended over the past decade, driven by a combination of great power ambition, American withdrawal, and transformational changes that left many nations unmoored from old certainties.”

“The fundamental strategic problem the United States faces with respect to world order is how it should respond to the breakdown in agreed arrangements between the major powers,” say Blackwill and Wright. For the United States to “preserve its national interests and its own notion of international order” in the wake of COVID-19, the authors argue that the United States should:

This fall from prominence will take decades are longer to repair….if ever.

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2 thoughts on “Slow Death Of The State Department

  1. US foreign policy seemed to change to Cruise Missile diplomacy after 9/11. It will be a long road back from that.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Yes a real long road seeing how State is losing so many qualified competent people…..the next president could make a difference but not with the crop we have this time. chuq

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