Closing Thought–21May20

One of the most vocal governors about re-staring the state economy has been the governor of Texas…..and since the state has opened up is there anything to report?

Yes there is!

New cases of Covid-19 in the state is showing a steady increase….

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order March 31 that told Texans to stay home in April except for essential activity. On May 1, that order expired and Abbott announced his formal reopening plan, intended to be completed in phases. On Monday, gyms and fitness centers were the latest to be allowed to reopen, following earlier allowances for restaurants, retailers and salons.

On May 1, Abbott allowed restaurants, retail outlets, malls and movie theaters to reopen with restrictions. Malls, retailers and restaurant owners were told to keep capacity limited to 25%. But for rural counties with five or less confirmed cases of the new coronavirus, businesses were allowed to serve up to 50% of their regular capacity. Public museums and libraries were also allowed to reopen with permission from their local government, but were ordered to keep capacity to 25% and close down interactive exhibits.

Watch the rambling, Babbling president go on and on…..

President Donald Trump held a small official White House ceremony Tuesday to announce he’s handing America’s farmers and ranchers even more cash – this time in the form of a $19 billion bailout he says is because of the pandemic, not mentioning his disastrous trade war with China.

Nothing about this man presents confidence and expertise in handling this pandemic….

If anything…he is killing us softly with his words……

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

3 thoughts on “Closing Thought–21May20

  1. We have the next stage of ‘relaxation’ coming on the 1st of June. Yet cases of the virus continue to increase. What does that tell us? They couldn’t care less if we die.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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