Covid-19 Disturbing Trend

You just knew that I could not totally ignore the pandemic news over the weekend, right?

I see the country is opening up….but I am sorry I think it is a bit too early to do so…..because of that I will continue to socially distance myself whenever possible……and here is where the disturbing part comes in…..

Most Americans practice social distancing when they leave the house—and they’re heading out more often now—but far fewer say they follow the guidelines than did a couple of weeks ago. A Gallup Poll released Friday showed a drop of 17 percentage points since late March, USA Today reports. The change isn’t limited to states that are reopening. “It’s certainly in those states,” said a Gallup editor, “but it’s also in the states that aren’t loosening their restrictions as well.” Conducted May 4-10, the poll found 58% of Americans said they are either completely or mostly isolating themselves during the pandemic, a drop from the high point of 75% between March 30 and April 4, and a decline from 68% of those surveyed April 20-26. States that still have stay-at-home orders, including California and New York, showed drops, per the Hill, leading Gallup to suggest other factors are at work.

“In a lot of these states, even the worst ones, the curve has flattened a little bit,” the editor said, “so maybe people are feeling a little braver about going out than they used to.” More people surveyed said they’d gone out in public in the past 24 hours, including 49% who had gone to the grocery store and 19% who had visited someone’s home. Part of the reason for the change could be what Gallup referred to as social distancing fatigue. And protests of the restrictions could have affected attitudes. Still, 68% of those living in states without stay-at-home orders said staying home as much as possible is best, along with 77% of Americans who are under those restrictions. Gallup reported a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points for the poll.

I shall continue to isolate myself…..I really do not need to be around other people that are more concerned about their personal crap than the possibility that they could make others ill…..

All this has not been that hard on me for I was a semi-recluse before all this disease stuff….so I am comfortable with my own company….apparently most Americans cannot stand themselves so they need to infect others to feel they are complete.

I will stay as I am today until there is an all clear from someone other than the d/bag that caused all this…..I prefer a doctor’s opinion over that of some a/hole that tries to play one for TV.

Be Well….Be Safe…..

“lego ergo scribo”


7 thoughts on “Covid-19 Disturbing Trend

  1. Where I live (with slightly over 74% voted for Trump), very few people pay attention to masks and social distancing in public or staying home. Of course, the governor is a Trumpian and never made it mandatory. I feel very threatened to even take care of simple things that require me to leave the house. I finally got the pharmacy to admit they do, indeed, do home deliveries, though, in past, I ended up having to go pick prescriptions up. I had a handout put in my front door that said they made deliveries, and I showed that to the pharmacist the last time I picked up a prescription. (“If Bill has time after work, he can deliver it.” Well, Bill – may he rot in hell – never seems to have time or the will, so this disabled guy has to do a death march through a busy supermarket to get to the pharmacy, which almost never has the prescription ready, though their autophone message tells me when it will be ready, namely, the time I always go to pick it up, if not a day or two later, depending on how my disability is that day. ANother pharmacy, 19 miles away charges 50 cents to deliver prescriptions in my town, making me wonder why I deal with this one four or so blocks away from me.)

    1. I was surprised that our governor, a Trumpian as well, did such a good job at the onset….but he is bowing to Trump now and opening up……my drug supplier is a few blocks away and my wife picks them up for me when we get the text….he is a local druggist so he is pretty accessible….chuq

  2. It is like a crack in a dam. At first a little water flows, almost unnoticed, then it eventually breaks and floods. I feel that’s what will happen once those first people begin to abandon any pretence of safe behaviour.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Yep….though there were many around here that ignored all the precautions… necks are smarter then doctors…just ask them…..chuq

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