Pandemic Profiteers

There are some of the lowest of the low in society those people that profit off of war….and now we can add another to the list of worthless slugs of society…pandemic profiteers.

Think about this for a moment…..26 million Americans lose their jobs, the billionaire class has added $308bn to its wealth…..

Never let a good crisis go to waste: as the coronavirus pandemic sweeps the world, America’s 1% have taken profitable advantage of the old saying.

Some of the richest people in the US have been at the front of the queue as the government has handed out trillions of dollars to prop up an economy it shuttered amid the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, the billionaire class has added $308bn to its wealth in four weeks – even as a record 26 million people lost their jobs.

According to a new report from the Institute for Policy Studies, a progressive thinktank, between 18 March and 22 April the wealth of America’s plutocrats grew 10.5%. After the last recession, it took over two years for total billionaire wealth to get back to the levels they enjoyed in 2007.

Eight of those billionaires have seen their net worth surge by over $1bn each, including the Amazon boss, Jeff Bezos, and his ex-wife MacKenzie Bezos; Eric Yuan, founder of Zoom; the former Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer; and Elon Musk, the Tesla and SpaceX technocrat

Yes a number of billionaires have used the pandemic to their advantage……(a reiteration)……

A number of American billionaires have used the coronavirus pandemic to grow even wealthier than they were before.

In fact, billionaires in the U.S. have increased their wealth by a combined $282 billion, Fast Company reports. That’s a ten percent increase over where the billionaire class stood at the beginning of March — illustrating how the global crisis has furthered global inequality.

Time for Americans to wake up and see what is being done to them and their country….it is not pretty and it is a crime in my eyes… must STOP!

Stop the Pandemic Profiteers

We Americans have the power to make this stop and to reverse the growing inequality….but the question is….do we want this to stop or just go away for awhile?


I want these fuckers in prison for treason and profiteering…..and I want change and I have been working for that change my whole life and not many were listening……maybe now the deafness has passed.

We will see!

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9 thoughts on “Pandemic Profiteers

  1. The personal wealth of Bezos is simply staggering, and I find it obscene. Especially as most of his Amazon workers are on basic wage, with no decent contracts, and no union agreements. People like him can never get enough. He could not spend all that money if he lived one hundred lifetimes. It’s sickening.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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