Covid–Same As It Ever Was

You know when this pandemic started I was impressed with the bi-partisanship of the government responses….not from Donald the Orange for he was ignoring the disease 3 weeks into the outbreak.

And then the president started his move to make the country divided again…..for a divided country is best for his interests and not for the country….yes I am saying that Trump is a self-centered douche bag.

This country does not need the tribalism that Newt created and the Tea Party made mainstream…..and Trump has exploited this political function to his advantage.

Trump sycophants….like Jordan and Crenshaw have done their level best to keep our system broke….and these cowards are not alone…..look to Nunes, Gantz, and that good old boy from Louisiana, Kennedy.

When this country should be speaking with one voice….instead it is lead on the Right by morons, sycophants and bigots….sadly the red/blue divide is as much a thing as it is in our politics…..and while we are fighting each other more Americans will die.  Apparently that is what is desired by this ineffective administration.

That old cartoon from early American history says it all and is profound…..

Unite or Die - Unite Or Die - Sticker | TeePublic AU

If this country cannot find a way to unite into one country then it is doomed……and we can thank the masters like Newt, Tea Party and Trump for the demise.

Sadly this pandemic has not brought the country together….at first it did but then the Trumpian bullshit started and we returned to the days of partisan manure.

Once again false information has become the norm and with that stupidity has come the rift in our society…a rift that keeps getting wider and wider……and soon if something does not change then the rift will become a rip in the fabric of American society….that may well be insurmountable to return to the great country we once were.

Where will this saga end?

Will we ever become one nation again?


I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

2 thoughts on “Covid–Same As It Ever Was

  1. I think you need a few years of no ‘Trumpism’ to get back to anywhere close to how it was before. It remains to be seen if any other politicians will take his lead of Populist Twitter-ranting in the future.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. These rifts have been with us since 1994….Trump just amplified them to silliness….but as long as there is social media Trump’s voice will be heard by the faithful. chuq

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