The Anti-Lockdown Movement

Thanx to the rhetoric from Donald the Orange we have a new movement…..the anti-lockdown movement.

First it is not a movement.

If you’ve watched Fox News recently, you might think there’s a small revolution afoot in Red America.

A series of anti-social-distancing rallies have popped up across the country — in Michigan, Wisconsin, Texas, and elsewhere. As my colleague Jane Coaston noted, it harks back to the Tea Party craze in 2009, “when well-funded right-leaning groups lit a fire under an already outraged Republican base and helped to ignite a political movement.”

Except it’s not really that at all.

The Tea Party was never representative of the country, but it was at least fairly representative of the Republican Party. That’s just not true of these anti-lockdown protests. Astonishingly, as Vox’s Laura McGann argued, Americans are mostly united in their willingness to social distance Republicans included. The impression you get watching some of the coverage on Fox News, however, suggests that we’re witnessing a popular revolt against draconian public health measures.

Why when some protesters show up at a pipeline sight so does the National Guard. armed police and all sorts of warfare vehicles and yet when morons show up with guns at a state capital these law enforcement goons are no where to be found?  Why is that?

The good news around this situation is that most Americans do not agree with these idiots.

Despite wall-to-wall corporate media coverage of anti-social distancing demonstrations in Michigan, Texas, and other parts of the U.S., new polling from CBS News shows that the vast majority of Americans oppose demands from the protesters who are demanding that U.S. businesses be reopened as soon as possible despite the coronavirus pandemic.

The survey, which has a margin of error of 2.5 points, found that 63% of the 2,112 respondents polled were concerned that the U.S. economy would reopen too quickly—not too slowly.

The poll results come as some Republican governors are pushing to reopen states in the coming days. Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp said Monday he would allow some businesses to reopen on April 24, nearly a week before the state’s stay-at-home order officially ends. Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, a Democrat, urged residents on Wednesday to “look at the science” and stay home despite Kemp’s order.

Personally those pushing this issue should be held accountable when it goes all wrong and the virus takes more Americans.  Plus if the get sick and die then their families should be held for assisted suicide.

There should be a price for stupidity.

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10 thoughts on “The Anti-Lockdown Movement

  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    It’s not the overall impression of the majority of citizens!! … “Personally those pushing this issue should be held accountable when it goes all wrong and the virus takes more Americans. Plus if the get sick and die then their families should be held for assisted suicide.”

  2. The problem with news coverage, is that it gives those crazies so much publicity, people in other countries (like me) think the movement is far bigger than it is. The police should have disarmed those idiots, as they were deliberately trying to intimidate people.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. They’re taking one part of the reality and running full bore with it. Yes, we all want to get back to normal and to work. HOWEVER, we understand we must do so safely and cautiously and make sure not to make things worse. These guys just hear “see, people want to go back to work, now open up!” Ridiculous.

      1. I had to get some meds today from the store (now that “restrictions are eased). I still came out of my car with a bandanna over my lower face and disposable gloves. Probably a dozen other people were in there that early–I was the only one with any type of PPE that I could see. Got some awkward looks. And the 6-foot rule went down to about 4 when I was paying at the register.

        Trouble is, this isn’t done yet. The virus is still traveling and killing people. Just because Dump says we can start going back to normal doesn’t mean we still can’t get infected. I’ll be wearing some kind of PPE for quite some time while I’m out. Considering I have to physically touch people for my job–when I go back to work next week–I’m still gonna keep up distancing and PPE best I can.

      2. They are still wearing and observing the rules around here….for now….but that could change any day… well….be safe…..chuq

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