Covid-19 And The Cult Of Death

This is a subject that I have been saying for many many years…..I have analyzed the issues of this group over those years and see that they would prefer death of some to promote a healthier (meaning more profits) health care sector.

The group I am talking about is the GOP.

For decades the GOP has labelled itself the “party for life”….and promoted a “culture of life” for the nation……usually only because of its opposition to abortion….but how accurate is that title?

To be honest I think that the whole “life” thing is just plain noise and bluster.


A decade ago, in my first public writing since leaving Capitol Hill, I warned that the Republican Party, in its evolution towards an extremist conservative movement allied with extremist Christian fundamentalism, was becoming like “one of the intensely ideological authoritarian parties of 20th century Europe.” After Donald Trump’s enthronement as the decider of our fate, I analyzed the GOP’s descent into a nihilism that belied every one of its supposed “values.” They value only absolute power or ruin.

It is now long past time to cast off highfalutin’ Latinisms and simply call the Republicans and their religious and secular conservative allies what they are, and in unadorned English: a death cult. As the country reels from the coronavirus pandemic, our national government might just as well be run by the infamous People’s Temple of Jonestown.

By now we are benumbed by the all-pervasive arguments over relaxing workplace shutdowns and stay-at-home orders due to coronavirus. In any sane society, the issue would be how to institute the most efficient measures to defeat the pandemic in the shortest time and with the lowest loss of life. Instead, Trump and his merry band of lunatics have hijacked the national debate into a faux-serious discussion of when, oh, please, how soon, can we “reopen the economy?” Naturally, the media gamely continue to play along with this calculated bit of dezinformatsiya.

The GOP says they are “pro-life”…..and yet nothing about their issues confirm that in analysis……basically all I can tell is that they are “anti-abortion”….or better yet “anti-choice”

This pandemic is showing just how much of a “cult of death” the GOP really has become.

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10 thoughts on “Covid-19 And The Cult Of Death

  1. Have you been reading about Greece? They enforced a strict lockdown early on, and only 121 peope have died in the entire country as a result of Covid-19. That’s out of a population of around 11 million. Proves that it can work, if it’s done right.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    The GOP has renounced all their basic tenants … it’s slowly dying right in from of our eyes!! I say … good!! … ‘The GOP says they are “pro-life”… and yet nothing about their issues confirm that in analysis …basically all I can tell is that they are “anti-abortion”… or better yet “anti-choice” … This pandemic is showing just how much of a “cult of death” the GOP really has become.’

  3. And to deflect attention from the complete and utter incompetence regarding Covid-19, now the Dumbshit Orange Nazi wants to try to provoke another incident with Iran.

  4. What’s amazing to me is in this century there’s been two great “if _____ was in office instead of _____, then I”m about 98% sure _____ wouldn’t have happened.”

    The first is if Gore was in office instead of Dubya, unless Saddam did something truly stupid, we never would’ve gone into Iraq.

    The second: if Hillary had gotten into office instead of Dump, I’m 98% sure she would’ve shut things down a helluva lot sooner and we’d probably be mostly through this epidemic. I can’t see her just twiddling her thumbs going “wait a minute” for over a month.

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