Closing Thought–16Apr20

Covid-19 and Food Pantries

We all have seen first hand the lack of food on shelves these days……but there are still some food to buy….but what it there is no money to actually buy these food stuffs?

The natural answer would be the local food pantries and food banks….

The death toll in the United States surpassed that of Spain on Friday, with more than 18,400 fatalities recorded. For the first time, the daily death toll exceeded 2,000. Over the past three weeks, 16.8 million Americans have filed for jobless claims in the largest and fastest wave of job cuts on record.

Workers who have been laid off or furloughed are facing the very real prospect of hunger. With supermarket shelves emptied of staples and cupboards increasingly bare, people are lining up in record numbers at food pantries across the country.

In San Antonio, Texas on Thursday, traffic stretched for over five miles as cars lined up for a food distribution organized by the San Antonio Food Bank at Traders Village. Six thousand converged for the giveaway, with some arriving over 12 hours early to make sure they received food.

And if things do not get better soon then these life savers will start to run out of food…..and then where will this lead?

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9 thoughts on “Closing Thought–16Apr20

    1. Ours as well….I use to donate food to them once a month….but had to cut back until the virus thing is over….we might need the money,,,chuq

  1. If the food banks run out of food it will result in food riots … possibly violent what with all the guns on the loose and in the hands of idiots with crap for brains.

      1. Not to worry for we have a president that is willing to use force on his own people if it means he keeps his stuff. chuq

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