Closing Thought–24Feb20

Minnesota is in the news for the last couple of years….they have an outspoken Congresswoman in Rep. Omar and they have a candidate of president on the Dem side. Amy Klobuchar…..but there is another issue from Minnesota that caught my eye……that of slavery.

When slavery was abolished over a century ago, America was ready to leave that harrowing part of its history behind for good.

But in Minnesota — and multiple other states slavery is technically still a part of their constitution. Lawmakers introduced an amendment on Thursday which would remove a clause from Minnesota’s constitution that allows slavery to be used as a punishment for crimes.
The bill of rights in the 1857 Minnesota Constitution states that: “There shall be neither slavery nor involuntary servitude in the state otherwise than as punishment for a crime of which the party has been convicted.”
Minnesota Rep. John Lesch is the chief author of the amendment, which will receive a hearing in the house judiciary committee on Tuesday.
Just another of those FYI posts that IST is becoming famous for writing…..
I Read, I Write, You Know
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58 thoughts on “Closing Thought–24Feb20

  1. Minnesota might just as well keep slavery in their constitution because if people like Omar get their way, slavery will be in vogue once again ….

      1. I would imagine that it would not make sense to some people …but you have to take into consideration what the individual spoken of stands for …

      2. The Constitution is about the slavery thing not some insult to a Congressional person….it is a slavery clause not an Omar clause but some cannot get past her color or religion. chuq

      3. Her agenda seems to be the voice of the people that sent her to DC….just like the agenda that Trump supposedly was sent to perform….chuq

      4. Anyone who knows anything at all about the particular political system branded falsely as a religion can tell you all you need to know .. world domination ….period!

      5. The blind are those who have never come into the 21st century and who, because of their locked in state of mind never can come into the 21st Century. But it is no fault of their own.

      6. The present generation is reaping the rewards from the efforts of generations past. If ignorance is one of those rewards then so be it.

      7. If you are writing about things that you truly believe in when you make a blog post, then your loyalties are on full display. If your blog posts are intended as satire then you have a point.

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