Closing Thought–21Feb20

Are there any states that people seem to not want to live in or are moving away for a better way of life…..

To be accurate…there are 30 states that are on that list….

The United States has always been seen as the land of opportunity, and many people headed to its shores in search of the American dream – but they’re no longer searching for it in several US states.

People living in this country are constantly seeking a better way of life, and they sometimes have to go away from home to find it. A study by United Van Lines recorded state-to-state migration patterns, and revealed that the majority of Americans are relocating to western and southern parts of the country.

Join us as we reveal the 30 states with the biggest percentages of outbound moves in the United States.

30. South Carolina

Outbound moves: 38.2%

There are 29 other states that Americans are bailing on…..

The next question is…..why is this?

Why do people have to leave their homes just to earn a living?

The next exodus…..but will it last another 40 years?


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One thought on “Closing Thought–21Feb20

  1. (The link only goes to a home page for me.)
    I think the US has a long tradition of people moving around. It’s a huge country, so going to another part of it actually feels different. I moved 130 miles from London, and found a different place completely, but outside of our major cities, rural life, and the weather, is much the same everywhere here.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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