A ‘What If’ For 2020

Over the weekend I heard a disgusting proposal……

A Horror Scenario for 2020!

The talk of the media world is Bloomberg and his purchase of the candidacy in the Dem field…..personally I just think he is a rich guy that is afraid that if Bernie wins he will have to finally pay taxes….but that is just me.

I read that an idea is being floated around the internet for a running mate for Bloomberg if he spends enough to pay the nomination…..Hillary Clinton.

Matt Drudge is running a red headline across his Drudge Report on Saturday about a provocative, but unconfirmed, political scoop: He says Mike Bloomberg is considering Hillary Clinton as his running mate. The blurb (see this Drudge tweet) quotes sources close to the Bloomberg campaign as saying that “polling found the Bloomberg-Clinton combination would be formidable force.” In addition, Drudge reports that Bloomberg is weighing the possibility of changing his official residence to Florida or Colorado, where he owns homes, to avoid the issue of having two New Yorkers on the same ticket. Neither Bloomberg nor Clinton has confirmed or denied the story yet.

Drudge is also linking to coverage of his reporting, including a New York Post story that notes Clinton and Bloomberg were spotted having dinner together in December. Mediaite reports that former Clinton aide Zerlina Maxwell said she was “highly skeptical” Saturday when asked about the report on MSNBC. She also referred to Bloomberg as a “deeply flawed candidate” and tore into his mayoral record, with criticism of the NYPD’s “stop and frisk” policies and more.

Is this possible?  Or just Drudge trying to control the news cycle for awhile?

Besides Clinton is a proven loser….so why choose her that could command all that hatred and make the man a loser as well?

Are the Dems that pathetic and desperate?

Clinton will just not go away….she lost and she should f*cking get over it and spend some quality time with her grandchildren.

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!


I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

15 thoughts on “A ‘What If’ For 2020

  1. They are well beyond desperate. They crossed that Rubicon when they were first infected with their mass hatred of the President.

      1. I love the souls of the Liberals; it is their devilish ideology that I hate because most of it is unchristian.

      2. Unchristian? If anyone is unchristian it is the dimwits in the GOP…they use religion as a political prop….as far as my soul it is safe for I hold the same principles I have had for 50 years unlike the cowards that change when things get tough. chuq

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