A Brokered Convention?

We are only two votes into the season and the media is already trying to generate chaos…..they are trying to lessen Bernie’s impact….but they are now trying to float the idea of a brokered convention…..

The magic number is 1,990. But as New Hampshire prepares to vote on Tuesday, an analysis at the Hill suggests it’s increasingly possible none of the Democratic candidates will collect the necessary number of delegates over the next several months to clinch the party nomination. Which means one thing: a brokered, or contested, convention in which the nominee will have to be sorted out in unconventional fashion. The Iowa caucuses, for example, typically winnow the field, but nobody has dropped out after this year’s fiasco. The story by Jonathan Easley notes that Michael Bloomberg’s entry into the race has raised the chances of a brokered convention. “It’s possible, it’s quite possible,” says Chris Spirou, former New Hampshire Democratic Party chairman.

“I think Bloomberg entering into this thing provides a much greater possibility of a brokered convention,” he adds. Another Democratic strategist in the state, Jim Demers, points out an irony: If candidates dropped out, that would help avoid such an outcome, but nobody is doing that amid the uncertainty. “There’s a real possibility of a brokered convention and that in itself may be enough to serve as motivation for some who might have otherwise dropped out, to hang around longer to see if they can’t have a place in this thing and play a part in determining the nominee.” At least one candidate may be swayed by what happens in New Hampshire, however: The AP reports that Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet says he needs at least a fourth-place finish to go on.

Personally I think there is the possibility but at this point in them campaigns I feel it is a bit too early for such predictions.

The MSM would like to see this happen for it would make the Dem convention a more interesting coverage….without it it will be boring and nothing to write about for the media….at least the MSM would not have to make sh*t up.

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9 thoughts on “A Brokered Convention?

  1. All but Georgia and maybe a few other states have a first past the post winner take all delegates. Georgia has a run off between the top two with the winner getting all the delegates also.
    That reduces the chances if a brokered convention. Trump won most or all of his delegates by getting thirty something per cent if the votes in a crowed field. Same thing could happen this year with the democrats. I agree, to earlt to tell.,

  2. No, none of the Democratic primary states have a first-past-the-post rule. Some of the Republican states do, but not the Democratic states.

    Delegates for each site are distributed proportionately to the vote among the candidates who’ve got more than 15 percent of the vote.


    This means Sanders cannot win the nomination unless he can start winning absolute majorities instead of just pluralities. Otherwise he will not win on the first ballot, and supporters of he so-called centrist candidates will join forces to freeze him out.

  3. Will this never end? I thought it was bad over here, but you have such a long-winded process. I’m not even American, and it makes me feel tired. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Media does not care about the lib/conserv labels…they worry about their master retaining their hold on the government…..the divide on Dem/Repub is just the hook to get the public watching. chuq

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