I Thought Socialism Was Bad

The term “socialism” is seeing a rebirth…the Right is seeing that old bogey man from the past in everything…..

I guess it is not so bad until used by a conserv to lie about an opponent.

But first one of the tenets of socialism or so dipsticks would want you to believe is the nationalization of companies and put all under government control…..and yet a Trumpite thinks it is a good idea.

And Trump has been throwing around the “S” word liberally (no pun intended) in the past couple of months….after all there is an election coming and he needs a good bullshit story to spread…..

But his AG Barr and good friend and butt boy of Trump has suggested that the US take control of some foreign businesses…..

Barr suggests US govt take control of major foreign telecoms

In comments that appear far-afield of his normal law enforcement duties, Attorney General Bill Barr suggested in a speech on the “threat” of China that the US government should buy out control of Nokia Corporation and Telefonaktieboladget LM Ericsson (generally referred to as Ericsson) and use them to fight against China’s Huawei Technologies.

The Trump Administration has long viewed Huawei with hostility, and has been making the rounds internationally, threatening and cajoling other nations not to do business with Huawei on 5G infrastructure.

The problem is, Huawei is broadly the market leader in telecommunication infrastructure, and the preferred option for many in 5G transitions. US objections are generally not to Huawei’s competence, but rather to them being Chinese, leading the administration to claim they’re a spying risk.

Barr suggests that Nokia and Ericsson could compete better with Huawei if they had the financial might of the Federal government behind them. But they’d need to be American companies to do that, and Barr says they should be either outright state-controlled by the US, or held through a consortium of private US corporations that would make them quasi-state-controlled.

It’s not clear how this could be achieved. Nokia is a $23.8 billion corporation, and Ericsson is another $27.3 billion. As they are Finnish and Swedish, respectively, there is no obvious mechanism by which the United States could nationalize other nations’ major telecommunications companies


Seriously?  Does anyone else see how moronic this idea really is?

Once again this show just how ignorant the toads are that work for this person in the White House truly are…..

Nationalization of foreign companies is one of the first steps to socialism…Iran in the 1950s, Fruit in Guatemala in the 1950s, Chile in the 1970s for examples….

Maybe some idiot in the White House should take this dolt aside and explain this move to him.

I thought he, Barr,  was an idiot and nothing but a yes man for Trump from the beginning of his lame ass mouth began talking…..now I know….

He is another mental midget in the seat of power.

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

14 thoughts on “I Thought Socialism Was Bad

  1. It would not be socialism if the military ran it. So let’s create a seventh branch of the military: The Telecom Force. Democrats should consider creating the Poo Poo and Syringe Needle Force to clean up the cities they govern.

    1. Anytime a government controls a company then you have the “S” word. Bad mouthing Dems does not change the fact that an idiot working for Trump is calling for socialism, chuq

  2. Socialism for the rich, social Darwinism for everyone else. Typical RWNJ lunatic scheming.

  3. One thing I’ve noticed about those who purport socialism is good. They never follow the rabbit trail of reason. They point at what they don’t like, but they don’t follow the understanding of their own ideas. And in this, we do see.

    1. First those that bitch about socialism have no idea what it is about….they lump all socialist tendencies as one…they are not. Understand that then bitch. chuq

  4. I’m always amazed at how the one’s purporting to know something, but truly don’t, and are hiding their real agenda, resort to barbs, quips, and rhetoric, insulting others. This is always an indication the speaker/writer doesn’t really know what they are talking about or are hiding an agenda. Or, they’re sitting in a room, in their pajamas, yelling at the wall, looking through the blinds at other neighbors and complaining as they open the next beer. Could be other reasons, but most likely close to the descriptions. Truly honest people have nothing to hide, can discuss and share. and hear others with different views. And they speak, share, and worry nothing about what others believe, leaving everything on the table. I speak. Let others decide.

    1. Wrong…you are belittling people in the hope you can convince them to see everything your way…..maybe you should read your comment…….chuq

  5. To fund his free stuff socialism (he did admit taxes must go up)Bernie has proposed 100% tax on income over $1 Million. Most folks would say I sure could live on a “mere” million. But it takes investors and industrialists many million$ to create a new airline, or ship manufacture , communications enterprise or a new grocery store chain. If no one has these millions how is wealth to be created ? Socialism redistributes wealth but does not create any. Bernie’s tax would destroy the entrepreneurial wealth creating class. Who’s he gonna tax if no one’s rich ?

    1. Takeovers have killed any new airlines and is doing so with the meager of sprint and t-mobile….I have not seen where his tax would be a 100%…..it use to be about 60% and that sounds more like it and he is talking about profit over the massive deductions they all get from the IRS…..I have NO problem with it…plus Bernie is no socialist…a democratic socialist yes and they are not the same thing as I have pointed out on many occasions. chuq

    2. Yes, it’s better if people are productive, use as little as possible from others, and seek out to make their own money. Yes, things like roads and emergency health care are necessary, but encouraging people to not work and be their best doesn’t. I know, as a child, if my parents had given me everything, I would have found no reason to pursue. When I found friends making money on their own, that inspired me. I find this works with others.

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