It Is 2008 Again

Back in the Dark Ages in political history books….the candidate for the Dems, Obama, called for a “national service” and in 2020 there is a call again…….I have not been silent on this topic…..

The divisions in this country are getting deeper….so deep that the country thinks a “civil war” is possible….

The survey also showed a majority of Americans believe that political, racial and class divisions are getting worse, including at least three-quarters of men and women and three-quarters of urban, suburban and rural voters. At least 70 percent of voters in all age groups, as well as white, black and Hispanic voters, feel the same.

The poll reflected lingering concerns from the same poll conducted in April, in which 90 percent of voters reported they were concerned about the “uncivil and rude behavior of politicians.”

I bring all this up again because there seems to be a movement starting that would like to see a civilian service corps of sorts…..

In the 2006 National Security Strategy, a key recommendation for “the way ahead” included “developing a civilian reserve corps, analogous to the military reserves.” This would give the US government the “skills and capacities needed for international disaster relief and post-conflict reconstruction.”

The government neither implemented this recommendation nor made a compelling enough argument for its necessity. However, considering our immediate and undeniable need for an improved national cybersecurity capability, the widening gap between the government and technology sector, the cost of losing mid-career experts to the private sector, and the resurgence of a strategic near-peer competitor, the time has come to update and revisit this concept.

There are two key arguments for such an organization. Foremost in consideration should be a focus on accessing highly skilled workers critical for the nation’s cybersecurity. As it stands, our government has a hard time attracting these professionals for fixed periods of service; computer science graduates with offers from Silicon Valley firms will almost never commit to five years in government positions where their highly desirable and lucrative degrees may not be effectively employed.

I have mixed emotions about this …..I understand the concept of making it a shared experience for the country that could help repair the divisions and splits that are plaguing the nation……on the other hand I also see the opposite that this could be more division in the making…..

Regardless it seems that this is just something to talk about on the campaign trail for beyond the primaries I have heard little on this subject.

Typical lie and promise…promise and lie.

I have written about this before and would still like to hear what my readers have to say about this situation….pro or con?

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National Service Again!

Never noticed that some political rhetoric never dies?  This subject is getting a workout this election cycle……time and time again.

Looks like the idea of some sort of National Service” is gaining popularity again…..and then some not so popular rhetoric.

Back in 2008 during the mash up to the election both Obama and McCain held that a national service would be a good idea…..I wrote about it then…..

It never came to the forefront……but that is okay for the idea has once again made the news because a couple of Dem candidates support the idea….first Mayor Pete floats the idea….

Then came retire general McChrystal and his thought…..

I originally was in opposition to the idea then I came around as tour wars got longer and longer…..I feel that this country’s population needs some sort of “shared experience” and that could help bring us together again…..

To be fair not everyone likes the idea of a “National Service”….yet another Dem candidate likes the idea…John Delaney……a critique of his idea…

The Democratic presidential candidate John Delaney proposed this week that the government partner with private companies and unions to create a national program of forced labor. He calls it “John Delaney’s Plan for National Service.” “Every American will complete a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 2 years of mandatory national service when they graduate high school, or turn 18,” it states.

“No exceptions,” a press release clarifies. (Tough luck, pregnant 18-year-olds.)

With the ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment, the Constitution guaranteed that “neither slavery nor involuntary servitude … shall exist within the United States.” Delaney obviously doesn’t see it this way, but mandatory national service is plainly involuntary servitude.

There is more push back to the idea of a national service…..

Another presidential election, another proposal for mandatory national “service.” This time, two Democratic candidates hope to turbocharge their otherwise dubious electoral prospects by proposing to draft all young people to spend a year or two working for Washington’s political elite.

That’s not how they put it, of course. But that is what the national service movement is about.

Mandatory National Service: A Bad Idea That Won’t Die

As I have stated……I see it as a good chance to redeem ourselves….but I can also see where the abuses could be capitalized…….. I would like to hear from my readers and their thoughts on this idea.

Never fear this subject is far from dead…..we will hear it again.

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The Call For “National Service” (Again)

Looks like the political “idea” of the week will national service…..Mayor Pete made news with his reiteration of his plan from a couple months ago…….

More news on Mayor Pete’s plan……

Pete Buttigieg hopes to see 1 million more young people volunteer to serve their country, and not just in the military. The Democratic presidential candidate, who signed up for the Navy Reserve after college and was deployed to Afghanistan, announced a plan Wednesday to create new service corps opportunities centered on senior care, climate issues, and community health, the Washington Post reports. One year of service would entitle participants to student loan relief. Buttigieg has spoken of his military experience as transformative, especially the connections he formed with people of different backgrounds and beliefs. “You shouldn’t have to go to war in order to have that kind of experience,” he said in a statement, “which is why I am proposing a plan to create more opportunities for national service.”

There’s a demand for such opportunities, Buttigieg says. The acceptance rate is 13% for AmeriCorps, 25% for the Peace Corps, and 20% for the military, per Vox. The Democrat’s plan would immediately raise the number of available national service positions from the current 75,000 to 250,000, per Politico. The recruiting emphasis would be on students at high schools, community colleges, historically black colleges and universities, and vocational schools, and anyone between 16 and 24 who isn’t in school or working. The program would be run by a chief service officer and would aim to eventually establish a pipeline for as many as 4 million high school graduates every year to enter national service. The potential cost wasn’t specified. Buttigieg said he hopes that “Where did you serve?” someday becomes as basic a question in a job interview as “Where did you go to college?” is now

Mayor Pete is not alone in his call for a national service…..Gen. McChrystal also thinks a “national service” is a stellar idea….

Retired Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal led U.S. and international forces in Afghanistan during his long military career. He was in charge of Joint Special Operations Command, the nation’s premiere military counter-terrorism force. But, quoting Abraham Lincoln, McChrystal told “CBS This Morning” Monday the greatest threat to the U.S. isn’t abroad.

“Describing what would destroy the United States, the greatest threat, he said there’d never be a foreign power who could do that. If we would die, it would be by national suicide,” McChrystal said. “I think that’s true.”

The general said people learn responsibility through experience and the ability to serve.

Back in 2008 when the idea was floated by the two presidential candidates….I was not impressed but a lot of water has rushed under that bridge…….today I see it as a way to pull this country back together from the massive divisions that are tearing it apart.

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National Service

There seems to be a renewed interests on the policy of national service……it all started with the CCC of the FDR days….and then later with the Kennedy-Hatch Act….

The year is 2008…….

Hatch announced the bill with Caroline Kennedy, Sen. Kennedy’s niece, in New York City at the ServeNation Summit, a gathering of business and government leaders discussing public service at the anniversary of 9/11.

John McCain and Barack Obama appeared at that summit on Thursday, and Hatch said both have agreed to co-sponsor the bill.

Hatch said he and Kennedy had long discussed the bill as a way “to marry two formerly competing visions of service,” the full-time national service programs such as the Peace Corps and AmeriCorps pushed by Presidents Kennedy and Clinton, and less structured volunteering through charities pushed by Presidents Reagan and George H.W. Bush.

Hatch said it would spend $5 billion over five years seeking to draw 175,000 more people into giving a year of service to address specific national challenges.

Obama had signed on to this idea and I wrote about it in 2008…….

Fast forward to the 2019 scramble for the Dem nomination… of the “rising stars” Mayor Pete has joined the call for a “national service”……

Now The American Conservative has joined in the call for shared experience for Americans…a call for a national service…..but their idea is a “Civilian Militia”…..

I received some fascinating responses and comments regarding my recent column about how the West can save masculinity. One email in particular caught my attention. It was from a friend of mine named Troy, a socially conservative, politically libertarian member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Troy is happily married with three young children and has been working in the IT field on the East Coast. However, he is feeling torn between his desire to serve in the military and his need to continue working a job that supports his family but leaves him feeling bereft of purpose and masculinity.  

Troy recently passed a preliminary screening to beginning the process of applying to  the Green Berets and is weighing his options. Although he badly wants to serve the country, he told me he doesn’t believe that the military will allow him enough time with his young children. He also disagrees with many of America’s current military deployments overseas.

Time to Bring Back Mandatory Citizen Militias?

While I totally agree with the concept of a National Service I have a problem with this idea of a “Civilian Militia”……but I try to give all sides of most ideas…….

Any thoughts on this?

Pete’s National Service

Remember a couple of months ago and the Texan Beto was the Dem candidate of hopey change?  The candidate that the MSM was trying to force feed to the American public.

Well he has slid in the polls replaced by a Mayor of South Bend…..

There has been an uproar on the Left by something Mayor Pete Buttigieg proposed…..a National Service.

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg on Monday night advocated a form of national public service for all young adults as a way to create unity among Americans.

“We really want to talk about the threat to social cohesion that helps characterize this presidency but also just this era,” the mayor of South Bend, Ind., told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. “One thing we could do that would change that would be to make it, if not legally obligatory, but certainly a social norm that anybody after they’re 18 spends a year in national service.”

Buttigieg mentioned that for him and several former presidents, including John F. Kennedy and George H. W. Bush, serving in the military allowed them to meet and build trust with people of starkly different backgrounds, education and income. Buttigieg served in the Navy from 2009 to 2017, including a deployment to Afghanistan. Buttigieg and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) are the only current Democratic presidential candidates who are veterans.  (Since writing this draft another vet entered the race Rep. Seth Moulton of Mass.)

Buttigieg was vague about what would constitute national service, but both he and Maddow acknowledged it would most likely not be a military draft. Without saying the program would be mandatory, Buttigieg did suggest colleges and employers ask applicants about participation in it.

My take as a Leftist is it is a good idea. There is NO shared experience by the people of this country. We allow 1% to do the heavy haul for all of us.

I consider myself an antiwar person……I am also a realist….if we are going to ever end our endless wars then we need a more shared experience in experiencing the horrors of armed conflict.

I have been wrestling with this decision on my part……I agree with Mayor Pete that this country needs to find a way for all its citizens to contribute to the country and all its people… it is now all we do is snipe at each other on social media……that is n way to strengthen our commitment to the health of the nation.

Mayor Pete stopped short of re-instituting the draft….sadly there is NO greater way to share a sense of community than by fighting endless wars by all the people.

Did not another Dem candidate suggest a “national service”?

Eleven years ago I wrote that I was not down with national service……but after 18 years of people insulting fellow Americans and endless wars…I have changed my mind….I am still antiwar but end these wars I must embrace some policies that I think suck…..then so shall it be……

In case the country has forgotten…….I shall remind you…..

For now Mayor Pete is the hope of the DNC…….but they sit and wait for Biden to make up his aging mind.

For me….he is the perfect centrist……the perfect candidate for corporate America…….he is the perfect candidate this country does not need.

BTW…the MSM is down with Mayor Pete….they will help all they can in his campaign……

Personally, I do not want the MSM deciding my candidate for me… about you?

Closing Thought–02Jun17

An IST Public Service Message……..

Have you retired?

Would you like to do something for your community?

Seniors have a wealth of experience why not share that with your neighbors?

Americorps is a fine way for seniors to give back….

A couple of short vids will explain this…….

I volunteer as a tutor to students that have a problem with history….it is very rewarding when you see the student’s light go on and he/she grasp the subject…..I also hold discussion groups at a local college which helps students find there way through the maze of college history…..

If you are retired and would like something to do then I suggest that you check into Americorps and Senior Corps…..DO NOT just sit and wait…Get up and do something!

That is it for the week……onto the weekend and some much needed relaxation….enjoy…be well, be safe…..chuq

Did Candidates Embrace A Draft?

In remarks that clearly pointed toward the restoration of the military draft under an Obama administration, the Democratic candidate said Thursday night that his job as president would include demanding that the American people recognize an “obligation” for military service. “If we are going into war, then all of us go, not just some,” Senator Barack Obama declared.

Obama’s comments came as he and his Republican opponent, Senator John McCain, took part in a forum on national service at Columbia University in New York City. Earlier in the day, both candidates joined in a memorial service at the site of the World Trade Center, commemorating the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

While “national service” encompasses more than the military, including such government-run programs as the Peace Corps, Americorps and Teach for America, as well as private and religious programs, both McCain and Obama focused on expanding the US Armed Forces as a major goal of the next administration, whether Democratic or Republican.

Obama went on to make his most direct statement of the campaign about expanding military service, declaring: “But it’s also important that a president speaks to military service as an obligation not just of some, but of many. You know, I traveled, obviously, a lot over the last 19 months. And if you go to small towns, throughout the Midwest or the Southwest or the South, every town has tons of young people who are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. That’s not always the case in other parts of the country, in more urban centers. And I think it’s important for the president to say, this is an important obligation. If we are going into war, then all of us go, not just some.”

Will They Honor 9/11?

A group of September 11 victims’ families appealed to White House hopefuls John McCain and Barack Obama on Wednesday to suspend all campaigning on the anniversary of the 2001 attacks as a show of respect.

The group called, formed in 2003 with the aim of transforming September 11 into a national day of charitable service, sent letters to the two presidential hopefuls urging them to put aside partisanship for the day.

“We ask that you and your staff will dedicate a portion of that sacred day to community service, honoring the spirit of unity that brought our nation together in the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attacks,” the letters said.

The letters to Obama and McCain invited them to participate in a “ServiceNation Summit” in New York this September 11, saying it would “provide a nonpartisan forum for you to address the events of 9/11 and the importance of national service.”

I am looking forward to hearing these guys talk about national service.  I would bet that it will be just amazing (pun intended).