Will This Impeachment Thing Be Fair?

If you listen to Trump and his toadies in the GOP then it will not be fair, If yoiu listen to the lap dogs of Trump, Jordan, Gaetz, Meadows, then this whle process has not been fair or transparent….but that is a lie….the so-called secret hearings that these slugs ran to a camera to bitch about were lying….there were 40+ GOPers on the committees that had access to the people and the testimony and yet to listen to the idiots with the mouths we had a flawed process.

And there is their attack…they are attacking the process and NOT one word about the evidence…..that to me is pretty telling.

If the impeachment process is to be fair and transparent then it needs to hold to four principles for the Senate’s trial…..

  • Trial procedures should be established before the trial commences. A trial can only be fair if the rules are agreed to in advance. For that reason, any supplemental rules or modifications to the existing rules should be agreed to before the trial commences.
  • The Senate should hear the full case before voting on the President’s removal. The Senate must allow members of the House to present the case for the President’s removal and the President should be afforded an opportunity to respond. Both should occur before a vote to dispose of or approve an article of impeachment.
  • The trial should be open to the public. An impeachment trial of a president is a matter of exceptional importance to the American people. They should be able to understand the case for the President’s removal and the President’s defense. The doors to the Senate chamber should be open and the American people permitted to witness the proceedings to the extent possible. Transparency should only be sacrificed to advance compelling interests such as the sanctity of Senate deliberations, the need to protect legitimately classified information, or the recognition of a whistleblower’s right to anonymity.
  • Each Senator should take seriously his or her oath to “do impartial justice” and to “support and defend the Constitution.” The question is not whether to support the President. The question is whether the President has committed treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors within the meaning of the

Read CREW and Public Citizen’s full report here:


I have been reading the transcripts and so far those GOPers that have been the loudest and lying…..the evidence is mounting and the denials are looking more and more cowardly….

Like I stated earlier…..All the protests and criticism is about the process and so far NOT one word about the evidence.

That tells me the GOP is struggling to try and spin the truth into the bullsh*t of Trump and his Boyz.

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