How To Deal With The Climate Crisis

Closing Thought–27Sep19

We have heard all the lies and the innuendoes about climate change and how we should approach the problem.

I read a workable plan for dealing with the climate and I believe it came out of Canada.

The meat of the article was…what if we treated the climate crisis like a war?  Remember these are just suggestions…..all of which I do not agree with but at least there is someone thinking about a solution before it is too late……

“We ended WWII with the highest debt-to-GDP ratio ever,” Klein said. ”But it also marked the beginning of the strongest economic performance the country has ever seen. It wasn’t a drag on the economy; it was quite the opposite.”

There are plenty of reasons to question this kind of all-in jingoist climate stimulus plan. The government would need to consider measures to control inflation, or the possibility that rich people would just move their money somewhere else. Researchers have also suggested we might enter an unhinged new era of eco-nationalist propaganda, which would surely add to, not subtract from, a general sense of doom.

Canada has a plan for the environment…it is called a “Just Transition Act”……..

A re-elected Liberal government would halve the corporate tax rate for companies that develop or manufacture products with zero emissions — part of the party’s plan to move to net-zero emissions by 2050, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau announced today.

Taxes for small clean technology businesses would be reduced to 4.5 per cent from the current nine per cent under the Liberal plan, while larger companies would pay 7.5 per cent in taxes instead of the current 15 per cent.

Eligible sectors could include manufacturing related to renewable energy, production of renewable fuels, zero emission vehicles and batteries for them, carbon capture and removal technology and electric vehicle charging systems.

Has anyone else noticed that plans are about saving corporations money not so much about the planet.  I believe that this very thing is what Greta Thunberg was bitching about at the UN….

In case you have NO idea what I am talking about here is a transcript of her speech to the General Assembly….

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6 thoughts on “How To Deal With The Climate Crisis

  1. What Greta appropriately addressed was the imminence of the climate crisis. Although public awareness is increasing, far too many still remain either ignorant or in denial about the threat we’re facing. This is no longer a problem which can be solved in time with incremental solutions. I understand the science after 50 years of study. I’ve researched various consequences of global warming such as widespread food and freshwater shortages as well as the gradual breakdown of social organization. In my estimation, and in the estimation of many people in the know, our modern civilization will begin to collapse sometime around mid-century. As it declines, it will no longer be able to support our large population (9+ billion by 2050, and 11+ billion by 2100). This is why rich people all over the world are currently buying up remote lands and building underground or otherwise protected sanctuaries.

    Therefore, the desperate calls for a massive coordinated response to climate change are by no means irrational. I fully realize the emotional resistance to fundamental structural changes in our socioeconomic systems; and, that is why I am very pessimistic. We know what needs to be done, but we’re just not going to do it… regardless of the cost. That’ll probably be our epitaph.

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