Is Bolton Out?

I have made NO secret that I do not like the policies and the ideas of Trump’s adviser John Bolton.

I have disliked this man for decades when I first became acquainted with him and his war hawk ideas…..I shuddered when he became ambassador to the United Nations under GW.

He then became a hit man against Obama foreign policy on FOX where he fit in well with the spreading of crap news.

And then Trump installs this hawk into his inner circle of adviser as the NatSec Adviser……and every since he has not been on the same page as his president…..and now it looks like His Majesty may have had enough crap out of Bolton….

John Bolton doesn’t seem like a sidelines kind of guy—but the hard-talking national security adviser appears headed that way as he opposes his boss yet again, the Washington Post reports. Their latest conflict? Afghanistan, where President Trump is considering a reduction in US troops if the Taliban will cut ties with al-Qaeda and stop them from training, fundraising, recruiting, and so on. Bolton opposes the Taliban talks and wasn’t invited this month when Trump huddled with top officials to discuss Afghanistan at the president’s golf club. Officials say they feared Bolton and his aides would oppose the deal and leak details to the media. “His team has a reputation for losing and leaking,” says a top White House official.

Bolton later got into the meeting and did disagree with Trump. Bolton has also clashed with US envoy Zalmay Khalilzad, who’s leading the talks and apparently refused to let Bolton have a copy of the draft agreement with the Taliban. One official said Bolton was enraged. “I can’t think of another example where a national security adviser was sidelined like this,” says an international security expert. But Bolton has already disagreed with Trump on Iran and North Korea—playing the hawk to Trump’s quasi-dove—and maybe that helps. “I think Bolton loves it, and I think the president does too,” the head of a think tank told the New York Times in May. “It opens up some diplomatic space for him to go back and forth between a very hard-line position and holding talks.”

It is about time!

His departure cannot come soon enough to my way of thinking……now we need to work on that slug Pompeo who is in the same vane as Bolton….time for him to look to the exit door.

“Et Certa Apud Verbis”

3 thoughts on “Is Bolton Out?

  1. I’m certainly not an admirer or supporter of President Trump, but my hat will be off to him if he can finally wind down the war in Afghanistan. Of course the deal hasn’t been made yet, so at this point, my hat is still firmly on my head.

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