Not Weary, Apathetic

Just recently I wrote a post that got a good conversation started…..

When I returned to civilian life after Vietnam I was amazed it just how little people knew of the country that were bombing into the stone age.  They knew there was a war that the country was fighting but had NO idea where it was or why were fighting other than some moronic slogan.

After I wrote my post I read another one that is accurate as well……

In May 2019, retired general and former national security advisor H.R. McMaster lamented that a narrative of war-weariness is hurting America. “A young student stood up and said ‘all I’ve known my whole life is war,’” said McMaster, referring to a recent town hall he watched. “Now, he’s never been to war, but he’s been subjected, I think, to this narrative of war-weariness.” Of course, one student is not necessarily representative of an entire population. And while McMaster isn’t wrong, the focus on war-weariness obscures the more general and arguably more pernicious fact that the American population is broadly disengaged from American foreign policy and the places it takes soldiers like myself. In fact, during CNN’s series of hour-long town hall events with five leading 2020 Democratic candidates in April, only three questions were asked about foreign policy. None of them were about America’s nearly two-decade-long post-9/11 wars.

When I told my family and close friends that I would be deploying to Syria, the common reaction was confusion. “Wait,” one civilian friend asked me, “we have troops in Syria?” Indeed, when President Donald Trump announced that he would be withdrawing American forces from the country last year, the few posts I saw from friends on Facebook conveyed surprise—not at the president’s sudden policy reversal, but at the fact America had invested blood and treasure there in the first place. These are neither uneducated nor politically disengaged citizens. On the contrary, many are college-educated, civically aware people who are as likely to share a think piece from the Atlantic as they are the latest Game of Thrones meme. Their attention was just focused elsewhere—immigration, healthcare, and the latest speculation about the Mueller investigation.

It is a shame that a young soldier can go on a deployment into a war zone and the population could care less.

They care when they are told to care but on their own they could care less…..more people care what happens to those on “Naked and Afraid” than what happens to a soldier.

Makes me ashamed.

I may have left the military and laid my weapon aside in exchange for pen and paper and I fight on.

“Lego Ergo Scribo”

5 thoughts on “Not Weary, Apathetic

  1. It’s about all the noise and static coming from the idiot-in-charge occupying the White House using up all the news oxygen elsewhere.
    Another GI killed in Afghanistan. I wonder how much the Loon-in-Chief is giving up to the Taliban that all these GI’s died fighting against.

    1. Trump is doing what he can to bring troops home but the press, Democrats and other people in power, including republicans and military complex are stoping him. So far, that may change if he is re-elected.

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