Making American (History) Great Again–Part 35

For almost a year how I have been giving my readers an “alternate” look at American history…..that is not what the mainstream media and most reactionary history teachers are willing to depart to the people.

Maj. Sjersen is a historian and history professor and his series is well worth the time to read and get the “rest of the story” when it comes to American history……in case you have missed the series then this will help get you caught up…..

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As the 20th century churns to a close we elected the most corporate friendly president, Bill Clinton…..and he is a Democrat.

I did not vote for Clinton and did not approve or support his policies……his policies created the crash of 2008…..his policies lead to the creation of the corporate media that now controls all we see and hear……

He was bright, he knew the details of domestic policy in and out, and he was a natural politician. William Jefferson Clinton, the “man from Hope,” Ark., grew up poor and rose to spectacular and unexpected heights. But he was also deeply insecure and obsessively needed to be liked, and, ultimately, it was unclear just what, if anything, the man believed in. Although Bill Clinton dreamed of being a great president, in the vein (he thought) of John F. Kennedy and Franklin D. Roosevelt, his abundant ambition was not enough to produce that result. But whatever his failures as a leader and a person, he reached voters, “felt their pain” and, on the surface at least, seemed to possess a common touch, an everyman empathy that drew multitudes to him. Having grown up among black people in Arkansas, he seemed particularly comfortable around African Americans, leading the famed novelist Toni Morrison to dub him “the first black president.” In time, she, and many of  her fellow African Americans, undoubtedly came to regret those words as Clinton’s rather conservative, “New Democrat” policies proved to be disastrous for most blacks in the United States.

American History for Truthdiggers: Bill Clinton, the ‘New Democrat’

This series a terrific look into the making of this country and the people.

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