The Mystery Of The Muddy Shower

The Old Professor’s Mystery Theater

My Saturday and a rainy day…little did I know that a mystery of epic proportions would present itself…a mystery that need solving for the good of mankind.

Thunder….lightening…..down pour after down pour….an atypical Summer Saturday in the Deep South.

It all began so innocently….I felt the urge come over me and made my way, awkwardly, down the hall turn the corner and into the bathroom…as I entered the door I noticed something unusual…..foot prints from an unknown source….


I studied for a moment….searching my mental files on the prints and then followed them to the door….


I was fascinated with the mystery surrounding the unidentified foot prints… I followed them as far as I could and they brought me to the culprit…..using my considerable tracking skills I found the perp.

There she was looking as innocent as a babe.

She was sitting in her favorite chair and when I asked if she had been in the bathroom I get the typical.”What?  Who me?” look.


She had been outside in the rain and mud and decided to wander around the house leaving her mark everywhere she went. (and I imagine she was snickering all the while)

The interrogation ended when MoMo decide to end it… wait for her attorney.


My constant barrage of questions  abruptly ended when she decided that it was nap time for she had enough of the questions and accusations.


Another mystery solved!

No matter the culprit I still had to clean the mess.

I wish I could solve the one of where my sock goes in the dryer….but that will be for another weekend in the rain….then there is that sound in the kitchen that no one hears but her.

Have a good Saturday….Be well be safe…..

“Lego Ergo Scribo”

6 thoughts on “The Mystery Of The Muddy Shower

  1. When it is wet and Ollie goes outside, I shut the door so he has to wait to be let in. Then I swoop on his paws with sheets of paper towel! I learned the hard way too. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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