White Evangelical Republican Party

The GOP of old is just that old and only a memory….I illustrate this statement I give my readers the platform of the 1956 GOP….

Image result for 1956 GOP platform images

I guess that is what is meant by “the good old days”.

Ever since the 1980s the party has moved further and further Right from the 1956 platform….by 1980 the evangelicals started letting the country know their political aspirations.

By 2016 the GOP is so far Right it is starting to look and sound like the Germany of the 1930s…..and amount of eye rolls and heavy sighs will change that.

Sorry to bring this up but the characteristics are there for all to see…..

Then we step on the stage in 2019…….

No matter what Donald Trump does or says, most Republicans and white evangelicals are not going to criticize or break from him in 2020. It is a fantasy if Democrats think that they can sway them, hoping that perhaps talking about jobs, prescription drug prices, or immigration reform will move these voters. It is also a fantasy that his racist rhetoric and policies will turn off most Republicans and white evangelicals. The reason is simple—What Trump has achieved is the merger and consolidation of white supremacy, white evangelicalism and Republicanism into a party that simply is about racial identity. This is the new Republican Party.

Despite Trump’s horrendous racist, xenophobic, and misogynist language and a personal lifestyle that lives this rhetoric, Republicans and white evangelicals are with him. Recent Pew Research Center polls puts Trump’s approval among evangelicals at 69%, down from a high of 78% but still overwhelming. His strongest support according to a Marist survey is among white evangelicals with 73% approval. Similarly, among Republicans, Trump’s support is nearly 90% and after his most recent racist tweets, his approval went up. Self-avowed Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin supports Trump, and presumably were surveys among white supremacists conducted, one would find similarly high poll numbers for Trump. Trump’s base is these three groups, but in many ways they have merged.

The New Politics of the White (Supremacist) Evangelical Republican Party

I am sorry to bring this up…for the 1956 GOP was the party of my grandfather a person I admired the most, and that party is GONE…..Gone…..gone.

Sorry to say but the buzz words are there…the slogans, insults and lies are there…..

20 Common Themes, Rhetorical Tactics and Dangerous Policies

Here are 20 serious points of comparison between the early Hitler and Trump.

1. Neither was elected by a majority. Trump lost the popular vote by 2.9 million votes, receiving votes by 25.3 percent of all eligible American voters. “That’s just a little less than the percentage of the German electorate that turned to the Nazi Party in 1932–33,” Neuborne writes. “Unlike the low turnouts in the United States, turnout in Weimar Germany averaged just over 80 percent of eligible voters.” He continues, “Once installed as a minority chancellor in January 1933, Hitler set about demonizing his political opponents, and no one—not the vaunted, intellectually brilliant German judiciary; not the respected, well-trained German police; not the revered, aristocratic German military; not the widely admired, efficient German government bureaucracy; not the wealthy, immensely powerful leaders of German industry; and not the powerful center-right political leaders of the Reichstag—mounted a serious effort to stop him.”


Our republic deserves better politicians than we have today……but that can only happen if the voter decides it for themselves.

Learn Stuff!

Then VOTE!

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2 thoughts on “White Evangelical Republican Party

  1. I think there is good evidence that ‘conservative’ parties all over the world have been moving ever further to the right, since 1945. It is a worrying trend in modern Europe, that’s for sure.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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