A Party Of Fear, Party Of Lies

If you not sure what I mean by the title then I need to help you out….I am talking about the GOP, the modern day Republican Party, the party of old white guys, the party of no big policies just fear and lies.

I have little use these days for the Democratic Party but for the GOP I truly despise them (I do not use the term “despise” lightly)….all they are capable of doing these days is the spread of lies and most importantly FEAR.

History has shown that the two parties had the same issues but with different approaches….those days have died slowly and under Trump have bee replaced with NOTHING but slogans, insults and lies.

The politics of fear led by President Trump attacking undocumented immigrants and religious minorities is pushing our political parties apart. Political divisions in the United States are increased when our two major political parties do not agree on what are the important issues.

Historically, Democratic and Republican parties essentially agreed on the important issues, but differed in the approach to dealing with them. There was still agreement about the top issues after President Obama was elected. In 2009, the electorate of both parties ranked terrorism, economy, and jobs among their top 5 priorities. Indeed, even 5 years ago, in 2014, the economy, jobs and social security were among the top 5 concerns of both parties.

The major separation occurred after President Trump’s election in 2016. Opinion poll data show that in 2019 Republicans prioritized fear issues—terrorism, immigration, and military—while Democrats focused more on institutional support issues such as health care, education, and the environment. These are significant differences, the one signaling concern with protection, safety and security, while the other is more future-oriented and enabling. Party members agree that things have changed recently. In 1987, only 25% of those surveyed said there was a great deal of difference between Republicans and Democrats. But by 2019, 54% gave this view.

The Fear Party

The GOP has become a spineless worthless lump of manure….a rotting corpse of its once noble self….

Fear, fear, fear. Fury at dissent. Democrats are traitors.

Are you as tired of these old firebombs as I am? Tired of voting Republican in order to save the country from some dreadful looming monstrous fate? Fatigued by insinuations that we’re so weak that the Islamic State group or Iran or North Korea or commies right next door are about to do us in?

Let’s get a grip.

This type of speech is un-American. It’s undemocratic. Take Krauthammer’s screed. How can you compromise with a “totalitarian left”? You can’t.


More on the subject….


Plus one more opinion of the death of the GOP……

Darwin Is Coming for the GOP

It cannot come soon enough for me…..hopefully it will be replaced by a party that has issues and solutions…..a far cry from the GOP of today.

I shall hold a wake for their departure……just make it soon I am getting NO younger.

But here is an idea…..now that you are a dying party why not embrace the platform and issues from 1956?

Image result for 1956 GOP platform

Why not return to being a party of ideas and solutions?

Why not get on the right side of history for a change….whatcha got to lose?

“Lego Ergo Scribo”

6 thoughts on “A Party Of Fear, Party Of Lies

  1. You’re buying into the fear-mongering and lies of the Democrats, even if you don’t like them, you do them a favor by believing their propaganda. I am a republican, go ahead and question me on where I stand on the issues, and why. See if you really disagree with a modern Republican, and even if you do disagree on most stuff, let’s see if you can honestly say you don’t get where I’m coming from after we talk out your criticisms of the GOP.

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