Buy Your Career

It is not something new that the wealthy buy their positions in any presidential administration….it is just a way of life in the DC or our political system.

So when I read the William Barr had gave a bunch of dollars to the GOP Senate…..I was not surprised….may be you will be……

Attorney General William Barr donated $51,000 to the committee tasked with electing Republican senators just as the Republican-led Senate began considering his nomination in late 2018.

Quartz released the details of the conveniently timed donations in a report on Thursday.

Barr occasionally made political donations to the Republican Party between 1993 and 2018.

“In the lead up to his Senate confirmation hearings for attorney general earlier this year, his giving habits suddenly changed,” Quartz reported. “Barr’s donations became far more frequent, notable for their size, recipients, and possible utility to him.”

He gave thousands to the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) between November 7, 2018, and February 14 of this year, when he was confirmed. Barr’s nomination was publicly announced by Trump on December 7.

Again the old saying holds true….”American politics is the best government money can buy”……

And tomorrow is the big day….a former DoJ employee testifies before Congress…..and the games will begin in earnest.

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4 thoughts on “Buy Your Career

  1. Over here, it is said that you can buy honours, with big enough political donations. Some of those who have become ‘Sirs’ or ‘Lords’ have undoubtedly paid for the privilege.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. $51,000 is fairly meager these days and doubt quid pro quo involving Barr but I really have no info for legitimate discussion.I think he’s there because he’s the right grit to go after the conspirators that tried to frame the president. However, giving ambassadorships to big donors has been a long standing custom. That is frightening in the age of terrorism we need career government bureaucrats or those with elected or military background in those positions and even more so in that most ambassadors work hand in hand with the CIA agents that staff diplomatic facilities. An ambassador is armed with a great deal more than mere tact these days. I’m sure the intrigue that flourishes would shock most of us.

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