Making America (History) Great Again–Part 32

I am one of the few analysts that will admit that Jimmy Carter was a good president……his work in diplomacy would have possibly given the Middle East a peace…..a lasting peace would not be able to be predicted…Carter environmental policies would also have staved off climate change…maybe not completely but the crisis would not be as dire as it is now.

If you like American history then this series by Maj. Danny Sjursen is one that is a must read and I am providing them as a reference for those history lovers that want a realistic look at American history without the prism of reactionary thought.

Before we get to the most recent Part I would like to give the whole series so that my readers can have them to re-read if they like……it is an excellent series.

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Maj. Danny takes a closer look at the presidency of Jimmy Carter…..

There would never have been a Democratic president in 1977, certainly not a President Jimmy Carter, were it not for Watergate, Richard Nixon’s disgrace and the public backlash against Tricky Dick’s Republican Party. Indeed, after the fall of Lyndon B. Johnson, a new era of Republican ascendancy had begun, with the GOP holding the presidency for 20 of the 24 years following Nixon’s 1968 election. Often remembered as one of America’s most feckless and uninspiring presidents, Carter in reality was neither as successful as his supporters had hoped nor as ineffective as his opponents later claimed. He was, ultimately, a transitional figure and a product of the 1970s, which were increasingly politically conservative although heavily colored by cultural liberalism, especially among the young. Though later portrayed by the right as a hopelessly left-wing liberal, Carter was actually quiet pragmatic and became the first of the three Democratic presidents who served between 1977 and 2017 to tack toward the right. In that sense, one could argue that Carter reflected and affected the prevailing conservative winds and started the country down the road toward the “Reagan Revolution” and a long-term rightward trend in American politics.

As I have said….this is an excellent series on the events that helped make America great….as a historian and analyst I feel this is the history we should be teaching and not some sanitized crap that we teach these days.
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4 thoughts on “Making America (History) Great Again–Part 32

  1. Very interesting. I always held the view that Jimmy Carter was under estimated, that his manner, while seemingly more farmer than statesman, did much to show a true gentlemen, a man of peace and someone very much underrated. His Camp David Accords were significant and I believe set the standards for what patience, understanding, and smarts can do.

  2. Good to read so much about Carter. I confess I paid him little attention during his tenure.
    That’s an excellent series of articles, chuq.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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