Closing Thought–07Oct19

I have said many times that regardless what the political hacks say about Pres. Jimmy Carter I still think that he did the best he could for this country….and he may be the last statesman we elected to the office of president.

This man still at 95 gives back to the country he served….by give back I am not talking about trying to make as much cash as possible before they crap out…..I mean in service to the country with such organizations as Habitat For Humanity…..

At his advanced age he still does all he can even when he is not in the best of shape……like over the weekend when he took a fall…..

Former President Jimmy Carter had a black eye and 14 stitches after falling Sunday at his Georgia home, but made it to an evening concert in Tennessee to rally volunteers ahead of his 36th home building project for Habitat for Humanity. The 39th president fell earlier in the day at his home in Plains, Georgia, and required the stitches above his brow. By Sunday evening, Carter was on stage at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville with his wife Rosalynn, 92, to talk to volunteers and supporters of the building project, the AP reports. Carter turned 95 last Tuesday, becoming the first US president to reach that milestone. He told the crowd Sunday evening that he had to go to the hospital and get 14 stitches, “but I had a No. 1 priority and that was to come to Nashville and build houses.”

Carter wore an Atlanta Braves baseball cap, but his left eye was swollen and bruised and he had a white bandage above his eye. The Carters were introduced by country stars Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, who called the Carters the hardest working volunteers, and sang some duets during the concert and ceremony. Rosalynn Carter praised the country music couple for volunteering at previous Habitat for Humanity building projects, saying she once saw Yearwood way up in the rafters of a home working hard during construction.

Carter is an example of what ALL our ex-presidents should strive to be…a true statesman….sadly most fall way short of this bar because they put money over country.

IST wishes Pres. Carter a speedy recovery and a long life.

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Making America (History) Great Again–Part 32

I am one of the few analysts that will admit that Jimmy Carter was a good president……his work in diplomacy would have possibly given the Middle East a peace…..a lasting peace would not be able to be predicted…Carter environmental policies would also have staved off climate change…maybe not completely but the crisis would not be as dire as it is now.

If you like American history then this series by Maj. Danny Sjursen is one that is a must read and I am providing them as a reference for those history lovers that want a realistic look at American history without the prism of reactionary thought.

Before we get to the most recent Part I would like to give the whole series so that my readers can have them to re-read if they like……it is an excellent series.

Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5; Part 6; Part 7; Part 8; Part 9; Part 10;Part 11; Part 12; Part 13; Part 14; Part 15; Part 16; Part 17; Part 18; Part 19; Part 20; Part 21; Part 22; Part 23; Part 24; Part 25; Part 26; Part 27; Part 28; Part 29; Part 30; Part 31.

Maj. Danny takes a closer look at the presidency of Jimmy Carter…..

There would never have been a Democratic president in 1977, certainly not a President Jimmy Carter, were it not for Watergate, Richard Nixon’s disgrace and the public backlash against Tricky Dick’s Republican Party. Indeed, after the fall of Lyndon B. Johnson, a new era of Republican ascendancy had begun, with the GOP holding the presidency for 20 of the 24 years following Nixon’s 1968 election. Often remembered as one of America’s most feckless and uninspiring presidents, Carter in reality was neither as successful as his supporters had hoped nor as ineffective as his opponents later claimed. He was, ultimately, a transitional figure and a product of the 1970s, which were increasingly politically conservative although heavily colored by cultural liberalism, especially among the young. Though later portrayed by the right as a hopelessly left-wing liberal, Carter was actually quiet pragmatic and became the first of the three Democratic presidents who served between 1977 and 2017 to tack toward the right. In that sense, one could argue that Carter reflected and affected the prevailing conservative winds and started the country down the road toward the “Reagan Revolution” and a long-term rightward trend in American politics.

As I have said….this is an excellent series on the events that helped make America great….as a historian and analyst I feel this is the history we should be teaching and not some sanitized crap that we teach these days.
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Jimmy, Thank You

The Far Right thinks that demonizing Pres. Carter is the way to make their policies law…..they are wrong and anyone that criticizes Carter are wrong….from a foreign policy point of view Carter was a success on many levels…..most notably in the Middle east….it is possible that if he had won re-election the complexion of the conflict would be different.  He seldom gets credit for the START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) which was suppose to eliminate all nukes in the future….and then Reagan shows up and the conflict talk gets louder…..his only “sin” was the failed rescue attempt of the hostages in Iran…..the failure was not the fault of Carter or his plan…weather and malfunctioning equipment caused the failure….but according to many on the Right it was all Jimmy’s fault…kinda like everything these days is Obama’s fault.  I will admit that Jimmy crapped in his corn flakes with the neutron bomb fiasco…..

There is no comparison with after presidency activism…Carter is far more down to earth than his wealthy greedy executives that followed…..but that aside let’s look at his foreign policy chops……

When the historian Walter Russell Mead in a Foreign Policy article published in early 2010, sought to criticize the Obama administration and warn it against the risks of “weakness and indecision” and “incoherence and reversals,” the essay’s headline evoked the threat of a “Carter syndrome.” The meaning was clear: a damning allusion to President Jimmy Carter’s famously weak foreign-policy record.

But there was a problem with Mead’s comparison: The conventional wisdom about Carter is wrong. Far from the feckless leader he’s often portrayed as today, Carter racked up more tangible successes in just four years than most other presidents have in eight.


Thank You, Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter deserves the atta boys he deserves…..not some made up BS from jealous politicos……my feeling is that the world would have been a better place if he had been given another term to implement his policies further……the Middle East may have looked different and nukes may have not been the bane they are these days……

Carter will always have a warm spot in my heart….even though I was a radical in those days his policies were well worth support.

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Operation Eagle Claw

I will wait a moment for all those too young to remember anything past the release of the first Apple phone to dash to Goggle and get the answers they search….

Times up!

Yep it was an attempt to rescue the hostages held by Iran….the Right loves to belittle Carter for this failed attempt making him out as some sort of wimp…..well nothing could be further from the truth…

The meeting began with Jimmy Carter’s announcement: “Gentlemen, I want you to know that I am seriously considering an attempt to rescue the hostages.”

Hamilton Jordan, the White House chief of staff, knew immediately that the president had made a decision. Planning and practice for a rescue mission had been going on in secret for five months, but it had always been regarded as the last resort, and ever since the November 4 embassy takeover, the White House had made every effort to avoid it. As the president launched into a list of detailed questions about how it was to be done, his aides knew he had mentally crossed a line.

If one would like a more detailed description of this operation then this is a good source…..

Jimmy Carter has been made a failed presidency by so many on the Right over the past decades…..but if he had won his re-election there would have been a good chance that a peace could have been negotiated between Israel and Palestine….but the election of Reagan crapped on his attempt at a peace.

Personally, the world would have been a better place if he won re-election.

Your history lesson is complete…..for today…there is so much more to come….

Closing Thought–05Dec16


I have been a supporter of the state of Palestine ever since I worked in the region in the late 70’s-early 80’s…..I have written many posts about the need to the world to finally recognize Palestine as a real country….

Of course this will be difficult when Israel has a death hold on our Congress and Prez…..even the American people see that there is TOO much influence by Israel…..

The survey found a clear majority of Americans (76%) said Israel was “a strategic asset” to the US, its authors said. At the same time, they said, “a majority of Democrats, 55%, say that Israel is also a burden”; among Republicans, 24% consider Israel a burden. Fifty-two percent of Independents do not consider Israel a burden and 41% think it is.

The surveys also showed 55% of Democrats believe Israel has too much influence on American politics and policies, while 54% of Republicans think Israel has the “right level” of influence.

The surveys also found that the percentage of Americans supporting sanctions against Israel over its settlement policy grew by 9 percent over the past year and now stands at 46%.

America’s greatest chance of a peaceful settlement of this situation was when Jimmy Carter brokered a deal with Israel and Egypt…..I realize the Right does not like Carter much but he is the closest thing we have had as a statesman in many many years….

He has written much on the Palestinian question and now he has come out once again in favor of Palestine……

Time is running out before the Oval Office changes hands, and in Jimmy Carter’s mind, that leaves a limited window for one major thing on America’s to-do list: helping Palestine receive UN membership by granting diplomatic recognition before President Obama leaves the White House. In his opinion piece for the New York Times, the 39th president lays out his argument, starting with the Camp David Accords signed during his own administration in the late ’70s, meant to jump-start a lasting peace between Israel and Egypt and, therefore, the entire Middle East. Carter notes how Obama has tried to keep to that code, as well as to the UN Security Council resolution it was based on after the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, by standing firm on 1967-dictated borders and against illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian territory.

Now, however, “the commitment to peace is in danger of abrogation,” Carter laments, pointing out even more settlements are being built and that Israeli settlers are able to enjoy citizenship and legal benefits their Palestinian counterparts don’t—”hastening a one-state reality that could destroy Israeli democracy and will result in intensifying international condemnation of Israel.” And so he’s calling for a Security Council resolution to guarantee peace for both sides, which, combined with UN membership and US recognition, would “bolster moderate Palestinian leadership” while simultaneously assuring Israel the world is looking out for its security, too—a two-state solution he says has been a long time coming. “I fear for the spirit of Camp David. We must not squander this chance,” he notes. Carter’s whole argument is here.

It is time for the Western world to put this issue to bed.

That’s my day…..I’m out…will be back tomorrow….go have a day my friends.

Admit Jimmy Carter Was Right

For decades Jimmy Carter has been the whipping post of the nose picking Right…..but his admin had some good program ideas that never got a chance….he also was instrumental to finding a peace, although not lasting, between Israel and Palestine, of which he gets little credit…..finally he was the closest thing we have had as president that is a true Christian…..

These days there is lots of back and forth on climate change or global warming or dinosaurs farts….science is ignored all in favor of some continuous BS….but Carter had an idea on this problem back in the 70’s and it was a good one…sadly he got no chance to put his ideas into motion……(and we know why don’t we?)…….

Americans, who hate to be told they must change, roundly condemned Jimmy Carter’s memorable “Crisis of Confidence” speech of July 15, 1979. In it, Carter outlined a program for achieving energy independence: “On the battlefield of energy we can win for our nation a new confidence, and we can seize control again of our common destiny.”

We admirers have long endured ridicule whenever we dared to defend Carter’s prescient plan for reducing U.S. dependence on oil.

But today, after all the abuse and scorn heaped on Jimmy Carter and his supporters, we find ourselves paying more than $4 a gallon at the pump to fill our hulking gas guzzlers.

It turns out that Carter was right after all.

Source: History News Network | Is it Safe Now to Admit Jimmy Carter Was Right?

They say hindsight is 20/20 but it would not be needed if there were more people of courage and vision like Jimmy Carter.

All I know is my area use to get 10-12 inches of rain during the summer months…..these days we are lucky to see 4….something is going on and something needs to be paid attention to or the results could be dire.

Jimmy Carter: A Statesman

For too long Jimmy Carter has been a running joke for the Repubs….I guess because their GOD Reagan won the election and saved the world from reason and logic.

Sadly, Carter may be the last statesman this country will ever have elected.  We pick our leaders now with faulty logic and slogans…..

Even have a party that thinks religion should be doled out by the White House….which means to me that freedom of religion is just a slogan for them not everyone.


Personally, I think Carter was a good president…..that he had a very good outlook on foreign policy, which is sadly missing in today’s plethora of candidates.  He is the only ex-president that is giving back to the country not making money for their self-indulgences…..of all the recent presidents Carter has shown a desire to make America great and not worry about how big his wallet has become…..he should be an example for ALL Americans to emulate……but instead we get this current crop of wannabes…….how sad this has become.