News Line: North Korea

The news around North Korea these days is about the missiles it recently fired off…..this gave South Korea and Japan a bit of a start….after some months of test free days……and then the US confiscated a tanker bound for North Korea….but the best part is the war of words coming from Bolton and then being slapped down by Trump…..

Kim is not mincing his words….he thinks one of Trump’s adviser is a “deformed” individual… bad…”defective”……..

North Korea on Monday called U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton a “war monger” and “defective human product” after he called the North’s recent tests of short-range missiles a violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions. The statement by an unnamed North Korean foreign ministry spokesman came as President Trump continued his visit to Japan for meetings with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in which the nuclear standoff with North Korea was expected to be high on the agenda.

But through everything our dear beloved leader thinks that Kim is a man of his word and trusts him without waver…..and yet he is finding himself all alone on this situation……not Japan or South Korea views it as Trump sees it……..

President Donald Trump is isolating himself from allies and even his own advisers on North Korea, eager to insist that his denuclearization efforts will be successful going into his 2020 reelection bid.

The widening gap was apparent Monday morning when Trump disagreed with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe during a joint news conference when asked about recent North Korean missile tests.

Abe had called the tests of several short-range ballistic missiles “quite a regrettable act” that violated a United Nations Security Council resolution, echoing language that Trump’s own national security adviser, John Bolton, had used on Saturday.

But the president on Monday, at the end of his short trip to Japan to meet the new emperor, insisted that he was not “personally” bothered by the tests and was “very happy with the way it’s going” in his efforts to engage North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Notably, Trump said he did not think the tests violated the U.N. resolution.

“My people think it could have been a violation,” Trump said. “I view it differently.”

I think Trump is putting too much stock in his celebrity to ink a deal……but we will see.

But with all the rhetoric let us be sure of one thing…..

John Bolton accused North Korea’s recent tests of short-range missiles of being a violation of UN Security Council resolutions, but on Monday President Trump said he views the tests differently. Reporters are asking the State Department to reconcile this into a single position.

State spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus said that “the entire North Korean WMD program is in conflict with the UN Security Council resolutions,” saying that the US was focused on ending the WMD program.

The short range missile tests don’t appear to have had anything to do with WMDs, as Trump pointed out. Bolton argued that they were ballistic missiles, while the State Department said they have yet to announce if they think they were ballistic missiles or not.

Though President Trump has made clear that he doesn’t consider the tests a big deal at all, an doesn’t want to do anything about them, other US officials seem keen to keep the topic up for discussion, and not endorse the president’s position specifically.


Further Reading:

Trump Contradicts Bolton on North Korea’s Missile Tests, Says He’s Confident in Kim

Blind trust is NO foreign policy…..Bring back a Reagan mantra….”Trust But Verify”.

Has the luster faded?

A new statement from North Korea’s Foreign Ministry was deeply critical of the US government, accusing them of acting in bad faith during the peace process, while continuing to conduct drills as part of an “evil ambition” to conquer North Korea by force.

The statement was attributed to the Policy Research Director of North Korea’s Foreign Ministry’s Institute for American Studies, who said the US has shown “ulterior intention” in the lead up to and following the failed Hanoi summit.

They further singled out John Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for having “insulted the dignity” of North Korea’s leadership, and used “abusive language” in comments about the diplomatic process.

It concluded with a warning that US hostile acts would only add to tensions on the already unstable Korean Peninsula, and adding that the “use of strength is not at all a monopoly of the United States.”


5 thoughts on “News Line: North Korea

  1. They can’t seem to agree on the DPRK in your wn government, so it all looks unlikely. Personally, I doubt any resolution will be forthcoming, especially if the US makes a move against Iran.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. We should bring all our troops home from North Korea and the rest of Southeast Asia. Asia for Asians

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