War With Iran?

No matter what we believe about the state of Iran…we are inching closer to a armed confrontation……something I do not believe will end well…..

But more on that later…..Sec. Pompeo is pulling out all stops to get a war….we have a hard on for al-Qaeda since 9/11 and he used AQ to justify a war with Iran…..

In testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared that “there is no doubt there is a connection between the Islamic Republic of Iran and al-Qaeda. Period. Full stop.”

If the connection was that al-Qaeda has been fighting against Iran, and vice versa, for decades he might have a point. That’s clearly not Pompeo’s intention, however, and other officials are noting that he’s wrong.

Pentagon and State Department officials say Pompeo’s comments were “way out of proportion,” and that there “is nothing in the intelligence to suggest” that Iran and al-Qaeda are working together in some grand anti-US alliance.


So why is Pompeo lying? It’s because legally what he claims would have been very convenient. The 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Forces (AUMF) authorizes war against groups affiliated with al-Qaeda, and Pompeo is among administration officials talking up war with Iran. Linking them to al-Qaeda, however non-credibly and preposterously, would be a way to allow Trump to circumvent Congress on authorization.

And then there is our “close” ally MbS….not to outdone he is pushing for a war with Iran……

Mohammed bin Salman has appalling judgment and a terrible track record, so it comes as no surprise that he thinks having the U.S. start a war with Iran is a good idea. Bogged down in a disastrous war of his own making in Yemen, he would have the U.S. set the entire region aflame with more reckless military intervention. The Trump administration should obviously ignore Saudi calls for war, but given the president’s history of doing Riyadh’s bidding there is no guarantee that a concerted push from regional clients won’t have the desired effect. Saudi support for attacking Iran is the latest example of their government’s destructive and destabilizing role in the region, and it is another reminder that the crown prince is reckless and incapable of learning any of the right lessons from his previous failures. With any luck, the anti-Iranian summit later this month will be as much of a flop as the Trump administration’s failed gathering in Warsaw.

If we go to war and we do win, whatever that looks like, there will be a need for another occupation…….if you need an example (hopefully you care more than that)….think Iraq there is NO better example.
It is a shame that we have NO clear objective here……we have the regime change bullshit from Bolton and Pompeo and the incoherence of Trump….one way at breakfast and by lunch it has changed and probably will again by breakfast tomorrow…..

To some extent, there is nothing new under the sun. Fabrication and folly are hardly unknown to US presidential policies on war and peace. Before President Donald Trump commits further to any new or expanding military operations against Iran, therefore, it would be prudent to look back at some of this country’s previous war policy manipulations and errors.

Even if it should first appear that a “tailored,” “limited,” or “narrow” American-led action against Iran would be gainful in geo-strategic terms (and also defensible in law), a second look would still be in order.

In any such complex matters, history deserves its pride of place. Where, precisely, have we gone wrong in the past? Why were we Americans so sorely mistaken in Vietnam and other places? Were we simply misled by poor presidential leadership? Even as a free people, have we just been incapable of selecting capable candidates for high public office?

And why?


This is all too familiar……maybe some are too young to remember the lies and deception by the government and the media in 2003….but I am not….and that is why I write!

Plus the media has worked well for the government narrative…..they have successfully sold the narrative of war with Iran to the people…..

While Americans are more concerned about Iran as a security threat to the United States now than they were last year, few would be in favour of a pre-emptive attack on the Iranian military. But if Iran attacked U.S. military forces first, four out of five believed the United States should respond militarily in a full or limited way, the May 17-20 poll showed.

Historically tense relations between Washington and Tehran worsened in May after U.S. President Donald Trump hardened his anti-Iran stance and restored all sanctions on Iranian oil exports following his decision a year ago to pull the United States out of a 2015 international nuclear accord with Tehran.


Goebbels would be proud of our MSM!

What about Iran threatens the “Homeland”?

Learn Stuff!

Be Smart!

8 thoughts on “War With Iran?

  1. The thing is: what does ‘winning’ look like these days? When WW2 ended, there was a clear break: Hitler shot himself and his deputies surrendered to the allies. Things don’t work like that anymore, they just drag on forever. Perhaps it is quite simply that nobody knows what they are actually trying to achieve? Or do they?

    1. They know! Basically to keep the weapons industry in business and the profits keep rolling….there is NO winning…period. chuq

  2. Do they actually believe that they could occupy a hostile country with a population of 83,000,000?
    This has gone beyond profit and greed, and descended into madness.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I think there are people who believe that. They also seem up believe the US has unlimited money to pay for it.

      1. OG that would be the GOP who have started more wars they cannot pay for without screwing someone in society….chuq

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