Where Are The Dems?

As the 2020 election kicks off we hear lots of rhetoric and promises and most importantly….LIES.

The candidates are promising to make equal pay the law of the land…..make the climate a priority……make health care possible…..yada yada…..but there is one situation that is suspiciously missing from all the rhetoric……WAR!

Where are the Dems and their answer to endless war?

There sure are lots to choose from. By now, more than 20 candidates have announced a run for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. And with national security adviser John “Regime Change” Bolton, along with the others in the four Bs cabal—Benjamin  Netanyahu of Israel, Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia and Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan of the United Arab Emirates—seem poised to pull President Trump into war with Iran, now would seem the time for Democratic leaders to unveil their alternative, antiwar, foreign policy plans. It’s more likely you’ll hear crickets … or a sound bite or two.

The truth is the Democratic Party, especially of late, has abandoned serious foreign policy analysis and ceded national security—and supposedly macho “toughness”—to hawkish Republicans. See, at least since Harry Truman “lost” China in 1949, one Democratic president after another has bent over backward to either prove his masculine mettle, or, better yet, to ignore global affairs altogether.


Promises are everything on the stump and very few of them ever see the light of day after the election win.

I am an antiwar activist and at least CodePink is stepping forward…..

Peace activist Medea Benjamin said Wednesday that the current political moment “is a time where we have to build up an anti-war movement again.”

Benjamin, a co-founder of the women-led advocacy organization CODEPINK, said her call is a response to the Trump administration manufacturing a crisis to push the U.S. into war with Iran.

The current situation, she told Democracy Now! Wednesday, has echoes of the lead-up to the war in Iraq because “lies” and “misinterpretations” are put out by the White House and echoed by corporate media.


My thought is…we have had endless war since the 1950s and now is when we need the antiwar movement?….a little late.  We had a good antiwar movement but everyone let it die out and now they think we need a new one…..people like me have NEVER let it go.

To answer the question….where are the Dems on endless war?

A bipartisan letter signed by nearly 400 US Congress members is calling on President Trump to remain militarily engaged within Syria, while claiming to be “deeply concerned” about extremists in the country.

President Trump had announced a pullout from Syria in December, but had already disavowed it repeatedly by February. Still, lawmakers want to keep emphasizing how enthusiastic about the Syrian War they are, and push Trump into escalating it against various other parties.

Once a war about ISIS, the letter urges Trump to “increase pressure on Iran and Russia with respect to their activities in Syria.” The US already treated Syria as something of a proxy war, and the letter suggests they do away with all pretext and just make it into a war against Iran and Russia over Syria.

The lead signers of the letter were top party leaders and ranking committee members in both the House and the Senate. This once again underscores that on matters of war, Democrats and Republicans within leadership positions are almost completely in-line on keeping the wars going.


Centrist Dems are doing the work for the M-IC under the guise of national security……and the media is allowing them to do so.

There are candidates that are antiwar…the media does not want them to get any press but they are there…..think Tulsi Gabbard.

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!


18 thoughts on “Where Are The Dems?

  1. “See, at least since Harry Truman “lost” China in 1949, one ”

    I think inappropriate for the Truman lost China rhetoric and he has no blame or mismanagement for this. Russia had in modern revolution in 1917 and China in 1949. No US policy would change the course of these internal developments. At least he saved Western Europe with Nato and Marshall Plan and SEATO and ANZUS in Asia I think it was. Korean war and effort to contain China. Truman was the right man at the right time and I bet old Joe Stalin got a shock seeing what he was up against.

    1. After Stalin’s death his replacement brought about the ceasefire….no it was not Khrushchev…it was Malenkov…..and they ended it because of the death of Stalin and the drain on resources. chuq

  2. Democrats make a habit of throwing good money after bad to try and fix a situation – so who pays in the long run? You and me.

    1. The GOP is better at it than the Dems…the Dems try to fix the problems the GOP creates…..but that is not the story the GOP will tell and they would be lying. chuq

      1. Look mat fiscal policy over the last 50 years…where it explodes and where it starts down…..then your doubts will be gone. chuq

      2. Our economy today is far better than that of Obama, that I know for sure. The Dems are talking of opening up the borders, who pays for all that education, housing, food, medical? Our taxes would be astronomical. Where do Americans go when the cartels take over more than California?

      3. Economy is better but that has little to do with deficits…..I have heard no Dem say open the borders….most are saying realistic policies……I still do not know why ‘illegals’ will explode our taxes for they are under the radar and try not to bring attention to themselves and using the education and medical is not something they do other than the few stories that make the case of the GOP and the like. chuq

      4. How can you say illegals won’t raise our taxes? There are thousands at the border needing food, housing, medical treatment and their children need an education. We’ve only just improved our own unemployment and so where are they going to work?
        And I’ve heard 2 Dem. candidates argue on the morning programs about opening the borders, claiming it’s the only humanitarian thing to do.
        What I want to know is, the caravans of people I see on TV are clean, look well-fed and are dressed better than our homeless. How would you look after walking the distances they claim? the terrain? C’mon, something is just not right about all this.

      5. My taxes did not go up over the years that the ‘illegal’ problem has been politically correct….they did go up after a Trump tax cut……the ‘caravan’ crap is for better minds than mine…..but treating any human like an animal is not right no matter who does it. chuq

      6. If we are to care for the world – it’s everything – housing , clothing, food, education, medical – exactly what we’re footing the bill for right now.

      7. I do not see the threat…people have been coming across that border for decades…..not much has changed in my area but then we could be the exception….chuq

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