North Korea In The News!

I realize that our Beloved Supreme Leader has said that he trust Kim and that Kim would not break his word to Trump….and yet Kim has done just that…..

North Korea fired at least one unidentified projectile from the country’s western area on Thursday, South Korea’s military says. It was the second such launch in the last five days and a possible warning that nuclear disarmament talks could be in danger, the AP reports. The South’s Joint Chiefs of Staff had no other immediate details, and it wasn’t clear what the North had fired. But some analysts have said that if the North returns to the kind of longer-range banned weapons that it tested in 2017, when many feared a Washington-Pyongyang standoff could end in war, it will be a strong sign that a frustrated North Korea is turning away from diplomacy.

A summit earlier this year between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ended in failure. North Korea wants widespread sanctions relief in return for disarmament steps that the United States has apparently seen as insufficient. Longer-range ballistic missile tests, banned by the United Nations and seen as threatening by surrounding countries, would likely result in more sanctions. The launch came hours after the North, through its state media, described its firing of rocket artillery and an apparent short-range ballistic missile on Saturday as a regular and defensive military exercise and ridiculed South Korea for criticizing the launches.

Apparently North Korea has done what it does the best….Lie to American presidents…..and Trump is no different and may be the most gullible of the bunch…..

North Korea on Saturday tested a new short-range missile system and a multiple-rocket launch system, marking the regime’s first missile launches since November 2017. The tests reflect Kim Jong Un’s continued adherence to the regime’s longtime strategy of blackmail diplomacy, which seeks to secure sanctions relief without making meaningful concessions of its own.

The projectiles “landed in the water east of North Korea and didn’t present a threat to the United States or South Korea or Japan,” said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Sunday. At the same time, he said, the United States remained committed to reaching a deal with Pyongyang to achieve its “final and fully verified denuclearization.”

The tested short-range missile is a new system (based on the Russian Iskander) for North Korea’s military. Both the missile system and the rocket system can now target major U.S. military bases in South Korea, namely the newly built Camp Humphreys and Osan Air Base and beyond.

On another side of this situation…the US has walked out of the negotiations on the Korean War remains……

In a new sign of troubled relations with North Korea, the Pentagon said Wednesday it has suspended its efforts to arrange negotiations on recovering additional remains of US service members killed in the North during the Korean War. In a statement Wednesday, the Pentagon’s Defense POW-MIA Accounting Agency said it has had no communication with North Korean authorities since the Hanoi summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un in February. That meeting focused on the North’s nuclear weapons and followed a June 2018 summit at which Kim committed to permitting a resumption of US remains recovery, which had been suspended by the US in 2005.

“As a result, our effort to communicate with the Korean People’s Army regarding the possible resumption of joint recovery operation for 2019 has been suspended,” the agency said. “We have reached the point where we can no longer effectively plan, coordinate, and conduct field operations in the DPRK during this fiscal year, which ends on Sept. 30, 2019.” The agency had hoped to arrange for recovery operations this spring, but the North never agreed to face-to-face negotiations to work out details such as payments required for the provision of support services by the North Korean army, reports the AP. Last summer the North turned over 55 boxes of what it said were the remains of an undetermined number of US service members. Thus far, three American service members have been identified from those remains.

After writing this draft news broke that the US had confiscated NK’s 2nd largest cargo ship for sanctions violations…..

I recall something that was used in the military and has now become mainstream……..the North Korea situation is…..SNAFU!  (the “F” does not stand for “Fouled”)

18 thoughts on “North Korea In The News!

  1. If the relationship between the US and China is not rapidly improved, I am sure that the DPRK will see this as a good reason to keep ‘testing’ America, hoping for support from China if things escalate.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. “After writing this draft news broke that the US had confiscated NK’s 2nd largest cargo ship for sanctions violations….”

    I am disappointed in the process but the capture of the ship is a very very bold and dramatic undertaking. Trump’s not letting go of the rat’s tail. The magnitude of this event shows Trump is busy being president while the dems continue issuing subpoenas which makes them seem impotent and infantile and partisan. They need to show legislation benefiting Americans for their borderline base and independents but any cooperation gives Trump a win which they don’t want to do .

    1. State dept said this had nothing to do with their missile tests….how come no one has said that about the Repubs…they have offered nothing as far as governing goes? I have read the report all 448 pages….they need to bring all those people before Congress they come or they go to jail that simple. chuq

  3. I think the reason Mitch told Trump to back off of Trump’s healthcare promise was since dems will kill that effort in the house and they’d look foolish. If any proposal will be rejected by the house dems offering anything as for as governing goes is futile it seems to me. What is your opinion on action by state of New York passing law to allow release of Trump NY state income tax ? Isn’t this a bill of attainder and further proof of dem party and NY dem governor to use govt as an instrument to get political opponents Nixon style? Would enjoy reading your perspective on that, perhaps as a post and not comment here.

    1. I think anybody running for office must release ten years of returns….that will tell me what they are all about. It is NO defferent that the GOP holding up judges so they can get what they want….it is all one big game and we pay the price because we are too lazy to look beyond our own backyard for the answers. chuq

  4. Surely the Founders would be astonished and dismayed at how much time and effort dems and reps spend on investigating not problem solving. George Washington’s disdain for the development of political parties was on the mark and prophetic.

    1. De Toqueville also made outstanding observation back in the early 1800s….there is a reason it is called oversight and that is the Congress job according to the Constitution……we can change that but if we do then we need to change the whole document and they just will not do the heavy lifting…they prefer to pretend they can interrupt what the Founders meant…I doubt they have the mind to do that chuq

  5. I think the parties in some instances have crossed the line from oversight to persecution. I do agree that any candidate or elected official should make all tax returns public. I recall an anecdote of a politician who was reluctant to release his because people would find out how poor he was and as a consequence would not vote for him.

      1. We need more blue collar people in positions of influence in government. In education seems everyone except teachers gets a say in policy formation. Sorry to be off Korea post topic – one thing just leads to another. Having their boat confiscated seems like a big time humiliation. And warning. Blockade in the mix ?

      2. I will agree that teachers have little to say in education these days….politicians have the voice and it depends on an election….do not forget they have lots of missiles of various ranges…..could be the deal maker….chuq

  6. The constitution lays out the requirements for running for President. Nothing in there about tax returns.
    Any additional requirements would require a constitutional amendment.

      1. President still retains his fourth amendment rights. Probably cause must be shown

      2. Read the report…I think he has violated many of his rights….let me know if you need a link….chuq

      3. I have read it. Not defending Trump. Just being obsessive-ompulsive about pointing out that congress and the courts have to go follow the rules of probable cause to gather evidence

      4. They cannot do so with legal moves….thy are legal but they are just to slow everything down until 2020 so nothing can be used in his re-election…..chuq

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