May Day–2019

Closing Thought–01May19

Today is the International Day of the Worker……he world with the exception of the US will celebrate the worker and his/her contribution to society….the US has to be different and ours is in September….

Knowing me as you do…I must offer some clarification and some history….(it is in my nature)…….

To help my readers with the history of this day I will post a couple of short videos……

As a closing question……who was the first person to use the term….”workers of the world unite”  (oh Hell use Google if you must)…………

I hope that my reader has learned something…..

Learn Stuff!

Class Dismissed!

3 thoughts on “May Day–2019

  1. In my ‘political’ days, I always celebrated May Day as a day for workers’ solidarity. Now it has all but disappeared here in that respect, so is just ‘Wednesday’. There is a public holiday in England to celebrate it next Monday, but hardly anyone will remember why.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. CRAP! If you want an answer then do it yourself……. It was not Marx…it was Flora Tristan in 1843…she was the grandmother of Paul Gaugin…..chuq

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