What Is Democracy?

Closing Thought–31Oct18

As we approach the Mid Terms this is a great question.  There are many of us that are questioning the fact that democracy is slipping away in this country (please do not give me the republic crap for you know what I am writing about)…..

This is a good conversation that answers (tries to answer) the question presented in the title…..

With our democracy in free fall, many are terrified, but I’m convinced that there is one thing with the power to turn the tide.

And what is that?

At the risk of sounding corny, or even ridiculous, I believe the one force with the power we need now is “falling in love with democracy.”  I know love can’t be forced, but I also know that to love we must first get acquainted. So, let’s ask, What, exactly, does democracy mean to us?  Is it worthy of our devotion?

That’s the conversation I long for and offer these thoughts as an invitation.

For some, the answer’s easy: Democracy equals a market plus elections.


If you would like to add anything to the conversation please feel free to do so……chuq

10 thoughts on “What Is Democracy?

  1. As you already know, I am not a huge fan of ‘democracy’. Too many people with no idea, voting in leaders who fool them with promises and lies. I think a ‘benign’ dictator is preferable, and I am currently free, if you would like me to take charge of the US.
    And by the way, I don’t play golf. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. This country has become too big and too diverse to be governed efficiently and the whole system has to be rethought, revised and reformed.

  3. If democracy means everyone gets to vote and majority wi a, then our foundufathers were dead set against it. They thought that was nothing but mob rule. That is why they made it so difficult to amend the constitution. They did not want mob rule upsetting the republic they had set up.

    I don’t know if that has anything to do with us today or not.

    A new constitutional convention would be interesting. They could do away with the states and make us a parliamentary republic with one legislative body. Majority vote of the whole country would be the rule.

    And move the capital to Omaha.

    1. Remember that the conventions decision needs to be ratified by the states….now think of the ERA that still has not been ratified….Omaha? chuq

      1. I would draw a new constitution to replace the old one. It would Be ratified by majority vote of the country. It would not refer to or recognize any states. They would be gone.
        This is all fantasy of course.

        Omaha is in the middle of the country and in the northern part.
        St. Louis would be my next choice. It is near the center and on the Mississippi. Any country should have the capital near the middle. It is more fair and accessible for everyone.

      2. I like it…but the South would fight it because of state’s rights….DC was the middle in the 18th century…LOL chuq

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