I Wanna Talk Gun Control

I was tired of the total speculation around a nomination……and totally weary of the moronic babbling of Our Dear Leader……the Whine of the elderly GOP…….and the false confidence of the Democrats….in short I am  tired of the news in general.

So let’s talk about something that is a forgotten topic these days….Gun Control.

To start the debate there are a couple of discussions on the subject…….




That ought to get the blood bubbling a bit……and even might draw some out of the shadows to insult and harangue……

Now that everyone is awake……here what I really wanted to write about……the whole debate is basically a battle of statistics……most times the stats used can be misleading…..

The academic debate over gun control consists mainly of a war of statistics. New studies come out every few weeks, and as a result, both sides are constantly locking horns over the validity or invalidity of this-or-that study in this-or-that country.

For those who aren’t formally trained in data analysis, this debate can seem impossible to navigate. How should untrained laypersons go about interpreting the findings of statistical studies?


How was that?

Did the pressure rise a bit?


I am pro gun and we will leave it there but to me that does not mean the same thing as it does to a NRA toadie.

That was fun.

Besides the important stuff is not asked…..like….where is Rudy?

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16 thoughts on “I Wanna Talk Gun Control

  1. Gun control is never going to happen in The United States of America and if it does, the next incoming administration will annul it.

    1. Of course not that is why it is damn stupid to keep saying that it is on the horizon…..but hey it works for the NRA so it must be good for the party…….chuq

      1. True but not gonna happen….controls too much cash the way it is and cash controls everything including life itself….chuq

  2. Gun control is a misnomer. It should be called something else – perhaps “intelligent gun ownership” or “gun empowerment.” As far as “control” is concerned, there isn’t far enough “control” IMHO. I won’t go into all the mundane, overused adjectives to explain all the ways we have and should have “control,” because they’re all boring at this point. What about the phrase, “common sense” usage or “common sense” sale? Has “common sense” gone out of style?

  3. I disagree that the gun control debate should center on statistics. It’s certainly been the venue for many, but statistics can be used to support or debunk any argument, depending on the definition [What age constitutes a child/adult?].

    It’s also been a sad argument over definitions [high capacity, military “grade”?].

    It should more importantly be a discussion of civil, Constituional and natural rights

    1. No one wants to have that debate because no one can keep up……it is easier quote stats and slogans……we always take the easy way out. chuq

  4. We already have gun control. You need permits to carry guns. You cannot buy certain types of guns. Certain people cannot own guns. There are many other controls on guns and gun ownership.
    The question is not whether there should be gun control but where the limits of gun control should be.

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