Today In History–17 October

On this day in the year 1244 during the 6th crusade the Frankish Army was defeated by the Egyptians……

The Sixth Crusade was of monumental importance to Europe as it managed to achieve what previous Crusades had failed to do – recapture the Holy Land. Considerably less fighting was involved in this Crusade, rather it was the diplomatic manoeuvring by the Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick II of Hohenstaufen, which achieved the desired outcome and saw the Kingdom Of Jerusalem regain control of Jerusalem and other surrounding areas for the next 15 years.

The Crusade – which began seven years after the failed Fifth Crusade – was brought about by Frederick, who sought to assuage his guilt at his lack of leadership of the Fifth Crusade by launching the Sixth Crusade to recover Jerusalem, paid for by Holy Roman Empire funds.

The final battle was fought in Gaza in Palestine.

The defeat of the Frankish Army lead to a couple of things……the loss of power and prestige of the papacy and of course the 7th Crusade……ancient exercise of today’s endless wars.

History is a good thing…..but only if you learn from it…..if not then it bites you in the ass.

12 thoughts on “Today In History–17 October

  1. Didn’t we just do this in Vietnam Nam, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and the Black Hawk Down country,

    I think Bad Moon Rising is still good.

    Stalemate. Is time on our side or theirs?

      1. The above comment I meant to put on your post about Vietnam. Got confused some how after mistakenly hitting a wrong key and wound up here.

        We need and edit button so we can change or delete. I hit send sometimes, as I did above, by mistake.

      2. Okay just wanted to be sure that I did not miss something….yesterday I found one of your comments in SPAM and have no idea why it was put there. That is why I check SPAM folder everyday. chuq

      3. I meant Afghanistan, not Vietnam.

        Sorry for all this. I hit keys by mistake and can’t delete or edit if I hit send by mistake.

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