Khashoggi: Then And The Future

This is a lot to read….but this situation needs to be understood…..please try to keep up.

Interesting turns around the Khashoggi assassination…..our Dear Supreme Leader has issued his warning to the Saudis and it is about as limp dick as he could possibly be…..

President Trump continues to grapple with the uncomfortable situation surrounding the disappearance and likely murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, promising “severe punishment” if the Saudis are to blame, but also making a series of comments that show a reluctance to threaten traditional US-Saudi ties, and business relationships.

The $110 billion in arms deal with the Saudi kingdom are a big reason why Trump is so close to them, as selling arms has been a top administration priority. It is also the obvious place to cut amid a diplomatic crisis, though Trump has consistently opposed that idea.

Trump argues the US would “be punishing ourselves” if they lost the $110 billion deal, saying it would be “very foolish” to lose all that. He claims there are other options for punishing the Saudis, but is mum on what those are.

Analysts say that while this may further harm Saudi support in Congress, the administration is content to “sweep it under the rug,” so long as the Saudis continue to compensate them in the form of lucrative arms deals for politically well-connected US companies.


Trump’s envy…the boy king to be of Saudi Arabia is just silly……he, Trump, tries to hold their dicks while sounding like he expects some sort of result from the Saudis….

What were Jamal Khashoggi’s last thoughts, as he was being dragged out of the Saudi consulate general’s office in Istanbul by two men and realised that he had walked straight into a trap?

Khashoggi was no newcomer. He knew how Saudi consuls and embassies worked. He himself had worked in two of them: Washington and London. He knew the beast, the way it thought, the way it acted, the way it smelt.

He also thought he knew the rules. He had worked for Turki bin Faisal, a former Saudi intelligence chief. The rules of the game were brutal, but they were rational. There were clear red lines. If you knew about them, you could calculate the risks you were taking.

The Saudis have bowed up and planted a flag that they will be bend……at least the EU is acting like a world leader while the American bites his lower lip in anticipation……

Saudi Arabia says it rejects any “threats” of economic sanctions or political pressure regarding the disappearance of a Saudi writer—and European nations are calling for an investigation, the AP reports. In a statement carried by the state-run Saudi Press Agency on Sunday, the Saudi government said it will respond to any steps taken against it over the vanishing of Jamal Khashoggi. Saudi stocks plunged nearly 7% Sunday after President Trump went on 60 Minutes and said that “we’re going to get to the bottom of it, and there will be severe punishment” if US officials find that Riyadh ordered Khashoggi’s murder. Khashoggi went missing when he visited the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul. Turkish officials fear Khashoggi was killed and dismembered, allegations rejected by Saudi officials.

Meanwhile, Germany, France, and Britain are calling for a “credible investigation” to establish what happened to Saudi writer Jamal Khashoggi and seek a “complete and detailed” Saudi response. The German, French, and British foreign ministers said in a joint statement Sunday that defending freedom of expression and ensuring protection for journalists are key priorities and that they are “treating this incident with the utmost seriousness.” They said there must be a credible investigation to establish the truth and “if relevant” identify those responsible for Khashoggi’s disappearance. “We encourage joint Saudi-Turkish efforts in that regard, and expect the Saudi government to provide a complete and detailed response,” they added.

These power crazed Saudis have started beating their chest like sex crazed gorillas in response to possible sanctions…….

Saudi Arabia’s stock exchange plummeted on Sunday, with the index down some 7 percent in early trading on fears of international sanctions over the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

In comments likely intended to address the domestic investors’ concerns, Saudi officials issued a statement threatening “greater action” against the US and other Western nations for any actions taken related to Khashoggi’s disappearance and presumed murder.

Saudi state media published an opinion piece from one of their managers saying the kingdom is ready to implement measures against the US economy that would result in oil prices skyrocketing. He added that “if Washington imposes sanctions on Riyadh, it will stab its own economy to death.” The same piece also suggested an end to US-Saudi intelligence sharing, and a Saudi-Russian alliance.

The threats are a similar tack to the Saudi threats in 2016 surrounding the US Congress planning to strip them of sovereign immunity over their role in 9/11. In that case, Saudi officials also openly threatened to destroy the value of the US dollar by flooding the debt market.

While historically the combination of economic threats and juicy military contracts have been enough for the Saudis to get their way in almost all things, and that’s clearly the message officials are attempting to send to investors, there is a risk that such overt threats are going to further rile a US Congress that is already furious about the Khashoggi affair, and speed up the path to measures like arms sales restrictions.


Seriously?  Does anyone believe the Saudis will make good on the oil threat?  Okay if you think they have the cajones to do so then I also have a plot of land in Florida that I will sell be the gallon.

These spineless Saudis are threatening the EU not the US for they know that they are protected here by of so many of our politicians.

After thumping their chests in a macho fever they then had a coffee and decided that they need to look as if they would cooperate…….

With international pressure on Saudi Arabia seeming to intensify by the day, the Saudis have agreed to a joint inspection of their consulate in Istanbul with Turkish officials. The inspection will take place Monday, almost two weeks after journalist Jamal Khashoggi disappeared after entering the facility, reports the AP. The Turks say that a Saudi hit team murdered and dismembered the frequent critic of the regime inside the consulate, while the Saudis say he left unharmed. Over the weekend, President Trump warned of “severe punishment” if the Turkish allegations are true, while the Saudis suggested that they could torpedo the world economy in response to any penalties.

In another sign of the pressure building on Saudi Arabia, JPMorgan chief Jamie Dimon announced that he would not attend the marquis Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh. Other business execs had previously announced they would skip as well, but Dimon is the biggest world financier to pull out, reports the Wall Street Journal. He had been scheduled as a featured speaker. JPMorgan has ties with Saudi Arabia that go back to the 1930s, notes the newspaper.

The list keeps growing of companies pulling out of the “Davos of the Desert” in Saudi Arabia…..

Finally an article entitled “The Saudi Collapse”… interesting read indeed….

The Saudis are doubling down on their denial that they had anything to do with the disappearance of Washington Post journalist and sometime Saudi insider Jamal Khashoggi: “enemies of the Kingdom,” they say are responsible. Nowadays that includes an awful lot of people, as the Washington cognoscenti rush to distance themselves from a regime once hailed as an exemplar of “reform.” It’s a stampede for the door, and soon there will be no on left standing: one rarely sees a collapse like this, at least when it comes to entire countries. One minute they’re on top of the world with Donald Trump, playing with swords and getting away with murder: the next minute they’re international pariahs.

This situation is no done……but Our Dear Supreme Leader to generate something that can replace the focus of the media.

What will it be?

After writing draft more news has come out…..this is for all those naysayers that doubt the news…..the Saudis have given confirmation (sort of)……

Saudi Arabia is preparing to say that Saudi writer Jamal Khashoggi was killed by mistake during an interrogation that went too far, CNN reports. According to two unidentified sources, the Saudis will claim that Khashoggi was interrogated without clearance, and those behind it will be held responsible. But one source says the Saudi report is still in progress and might change. CNN’s story adds to an earlier New York Times report that Saudi Arabia plans to blame Khashoggi’s death on a “tragically incompetent” intelligence official. That official wasn’t identified but is apparently a friend of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.  (There goes another head!)

“We are hearing from the sources at this stage that [the operation] was not carried out with the proper clearance,” says CNN’s Clarissa Ward on the air, per the Hill. “There will be plenty of people who will have difficulty swallowing that narrative, [saying] it’s hard to believe anything of this nature, of this sensitivity, could possibly take place without those in power in Saudi Arabia … being privy to it on some level.” Trump said earlier Monday that “rogue killers” may have murdered the journalist, whose death was apparently recorded on his Apple watch.

Kinda sounds like their excuses for killing children in a bus in Yemen… bullshit and waffling…..typical of the cowards we now embrace.

I will agree on one part….if the world is going to make this an important news item then so should the deaths caused by the Israelis…..and the Apartheid State they have created.

I have Written!


27 thoughts on “Khashoggi: Then And The Future

  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    The story that keeps on giving … ‘ According to two unidentified sources, the Saudis will claim that Khashoggi was interrogated without clearance, and those behind it will be held responsible. But one source says the Saudi report is still in progress and might change. CNN’s story adds to an earlier New York Times report that Saudi Arabia plans to blame Khashoggi’s death on a “tragically incompetent” intelligence official.’
    … and the shame of America, coming to the surface!!

      1. They are making excuses for the inexcusable…..which is normal Supreme Leader is looking to his money and not to this country or human rights or anything else……chuq

  2. A good scapegoat often comes in handy.?P Blame it on Tom, or Duck or Harry. Whoever happened to be nearby at the time.

    But then what do we do. What do we do with all of Putin’s mueders. Not a lot.

    It’s out of our jurisdiction. To paraphrase Trump.

    I vote we close all our military bases in Saudiland nd clear out of the Middle East.

  3. I have speculated that given the awkwardness and clumsy way the Saudis “eliminated” this poor fellow.. and the crazy and obvious comings and goings into the Saudi embassy in Turkey showing large amounts of housekeeping items being delivered, some medical examiner being one of the “gang of 15” that showed up.. and the arrival of some bone cutting saw… it’s seem fairly clear to me that the Saudis are class A bunglers when it comes to making people vanish and not having a followup story for the world because they thought they could just get away with it. Given all that incompetence… it seems more than probable to me a Western government.. likely the Brits or more likely our CIA.. came up with the “plausible” idea that “he died by accident during interrogation.” That way the King can deflect blame (from our own Deflector-in-Chief) to someone in charge of that interrogation… have a show trial… throw the guy in jail… give his fiancee a couple million for kicks and grins…and all is forgotten inside of 6 months. All sides win.

    1. The Saudis are depending on their cash to protect them and their monetary friends…people like the TRump’s that owe the Saudis a debt…..that is how they will get away wit it….chuq

      1. This illustrates the point completely that heroes are not necessarily defined by their past but rather how they address an event in the present. We all know Trump is an idiot for many reasons, past and present. But there could easily be one singular event where Trump thinks of something greater than self and, metaphorically speaking, jumps on some hand grenade and saves others. All of a sudden in our race to assign hero-ship we delve into their past to pull out all those traits and experiences that made his singular hero event possible.

        The curious comparison is that between Roosevelt and Churchill. Churchill is a war hero.. Roosevelt is not a “war” hero, albeit Roosevelt did answer the call and was effective in leading the nation into battle. I might speculate that the difference is one of immediate urgency. England was significantly threatened.. on the very edge of being invaded and even if they defeated invading Germans a large measure of the country would have been destroyed in the process. It was a fight for life for them and the population itself would be called to fight. For us.. it was a fight for moral freedom.

        This segment from the article tends to bother me as it was defined as being a “negative” in Churchill’s past.

        “Later as First Lord of the Admiralty, he imposed on Imperial Germany a starvation blockade that resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths. This blockade wasn’t lifted until several months after the hostilities had ended. In the Second World War Churchill supported the terror bombing of German cities, at a time when these population centers could no longer defend themselves and when the war was all but lost.”

        This same kind of accusations have followed Truman’s decision to drop the bomb when easily.. 50% or more of each major city, and any strategic war industry, in Japan had been destroyed by continuous firebombing, which did nothing but terrorize and kill civilians.

        All this is the usual second-guessing that follows the passing of time as history is reflected upon. The first casualty to historical truth is the mood at the time because as we all know, it’s the mood of a nation that many times motivates events. As people who experienced that mood die off the importance of the mood is diluted in the passing of time. The First World War.. there was a mood to stop Germany.. and most notably to make them pay for the carnage they caused. Who are we in the here and now qualified to judge that blockade.. or its duration? Who are we to judge the morality of terror bombing Nazi Germany when the end “looked” near? Who are we in the here an now to judge Truman’s decision to terror firebomb the Japanese populace and follow it up with a couple nukes? One could argue Clausewitz and total war to the end.

        I also recall an accusation that when Churchill was Lord of the Admiralty that he “let slip” to the Germans that the Lusitania was carrying war contraband.. in order that the Germans would sink it and knowing that would finally bring America into the war… which it did. Would that have been wrong on the part of the Brits at the time.. or a reflection of their desperation as a national mood?

        Thanks for that link. Very cool.

      2. Thanx for your insights…….I do not believe the ship thing but I cannot believe that the Zimmermann telegram was hoax…proven not to be but I could see why some one think so….glad you liked it…I am always finding these historical things it is great stuff….chuq

      3. I liked old Paul Harvey on the radio back in the day.. and mostly I enjoyed his “The Rest of the Story” series from his broadcasts. As you come across any historical “rest of the story” tidbits please pass them on.

        Speaking of radio back in the day… go figure I get sent to Iceland right when everyone else was going to Southeast Asia somewhere. But amazingly it was a wonderful assignment when it came to history. The military installation when I was assigned there was officially a NATO base/civilian international airport run by the U.S. Navy air wing (for Soviet sub-chasing). I was part of an Air force detachment in support of two ancient Howard Hughes F-102 Delta Dagger fighter-interceptors on alert (we didn’t get any F-4’s until I left in early 1973 as they rotated out of Nam) that would take off to intercept and shadow Russian bombers heading to Cuba.

        Anyway.. I totally digress. On base we had a single TV station and radio station operated by AFRTS.. and pretty much everything broadcast was canned from the States or recycled from the Southeast Asia theater (many of the canned government TV commercials were obviously aimed at the Vietnam theater of operations). One of the radio features was a Paul Harvey segment… and I had already been following him stateside for years prior to my service. So.. when I mentioned him I had the old flashbacks to the day. 🙂 Sorry.

        But during WW2 the base was the largest military installation in Europe.. obviously a segment of the fairying of aircraft back and forth between the US and Britain. When I was there the base had a larger area literally covered with WW2 era Quonset huts.. most unused. If you had some club or organization that needed a local meeting place you just asked for a hut.

        Ugh. I’m getting old; digressing on tangents. 🙂

      4. My father was there in the USAF as a laision between Navy and I think Air Force he was a M/Sgt back in those days I believe….no problem I recall Harvey myself…..I will just check back I try to do some history everyday…work day…weekends are mine…..LOL chuq

      5. Gosh.. your mother must have went a little bonkers having hubby and son away like that.
        Your dad and I just missed each other then.. I went up there in 1972. I graduated in 1969… went to college for a year.. dropped the deferment.. and was pulled #53 on the draft. So I enlisted.

        Well, buddy.. we do what we do with the time we have.

      6. Mother was use to him flying off….she had a hard time with my second tour in Vietnam….she worried night and day since my first trip I came home unharmed…..she thought I was pushing my luck….chuq

      7. Thanks! I’m a Clancy guy.. and oddly I recall the plot of this novel but never read it.. I have the damn audiobook but not listened to it yet.
        Funny how times change. The U.S. turned over the base to the Icelandics I believe in ’02 or ’04.. then last year again cranked it up (like the pic in the link suggests) with an F-15 group… and the Navy’s P-8’s.
        If nothing else I am curious of Clancy’s presentation of an invasion strategy. It might be a little easier for a Russian invasion given there’s not a lot of defensive characteristics at the base/airport. Other than defensive American air strikes pretty much all the Russians would have to do is pull up to a dock and unload. No need for beach landings. Kicking the Russians out would be much more difficult as the southwest corner of the island (Keflavik/Reykjavik) being the only inhabited part of the island (warmed by the Gulf Stream) it’s pretty rocky and favors a strong defensive position. I am not aware of any beaches offering a cozy WW2-style beach landing assault… but if there were, the surrounding rocky areas offer good defensive cover.

        But.. hey.. if I knew what I was talking about I’d not be sitting here doing blog posts. 🙂

  4. My view of Churchill is that he not only unnecessarily involved England and the US in both world wars but without him the eould not have been world wars. A short war in 1914 between Germany and Russia but nothing else. No Hitler. No Lenin or Stalin. No Cold War.

    About your family lore about Davis . Be careful, repeating family lore got Elizabeth Warren in a lot of trouble.

    I don’t claim in public to have any Cherokee ancestors. And tell my children not too. No proof. No talking.

    1. There is no one in my family that is proud of that … could be a myth…whereas the grandmother was a Davis but Hell so are a lot of people…..chuq

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