Say Good-Bye I Am Leaving!

Closing Thought–16Oct18

Every day it seems that a once staunch Repub/Conserv pundit is bowing out of the GOP……Michael Steele, George Will, Joe Scarborough, Steve Schmidt to just name a few……like I said almost daily some Repub comes to their senses and realizes the damage that Our Dear Leader and his band of thugs are doing to our political process.

Recently I read a piece by a professor about why he was leaving the GOP…..

Unlike Senator Susan Collins, who took pages upon pages of text on national television to tell us something we already knew, I will cut right to the chase: I am out of the Republican Party.

I will also acknowledge right away what I assume will be the reaction of most of the remaining members of the GOP, ranging from “Good riddance” to “You were never a real Republican,” along with a smattering of “Who are you, anyway?”

This story seems to be universal of those that I know that have chosen to leave the party and embrace life as an independent.

How many more will take it on the lamb from a party of wicked angry sexist old white men?  Can one bad member destroy a whole party?

Do tell.

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10 thoughts on “Say Good-Bye I Am Leaving!

  1. This line of reasoning applies equally to the Liberals as it does to the Conservatives. There always disgruntleds in every political party.

    1. I do not know…gives them cover for voting for Trump and his agenda…..look at the Congress they have been playing that deception for 2 years….chuq

  2. Where on earth did anyone find a college professor who is a Republican? I never knew there was such a thing in our Liberal-dominated Leftist Educational System.

  3. Yes, there are a large number of conservative Republicans who are “taking it on the lam,” a term that used to be used when referring to gangsters who did a disappearing act. Ha ha.

    1. Thanx….glad to see that it was not lost to everyone……most of my drafts are written between 2-5 in the morning when I am the most clever…..LOL chuq

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