Rwanda: The Genocide

I am pleased to say that I am getting regular followers and readers from all over the world and recently I have had a loyal visitor from the East African country of Rwanda.

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As my tradition I try to write posts from the country of my visitor as an appreciation for their loyal and their time.

Rwanda in the past had a horrible civil war that resulted in a genocide and on the 24th anniversary I wrote a post to explain what the US did or should I say did not do?

An author has written a children’s book about those dark days of the genocide…….

One day in a Rwandan village, a girl called Mahoro became a close friend with a boy called Ntwali without knowing that their parents had an issue between them.

It is a fictional story told by Patrick Gihana, a Rwandan artiste and author in his new illustrative book, “Humura Mwana”, written specifically for children.

Mahoro, who fell in love with Ntwali whom they studied together in primary school, didn’t understand why their parents opposed this relationship which was not harmful at all.

Gihana’s book is written in simple language, using mostly cartoons than words. He narrates to children Rwandan history since the arrival of the colonialists until the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

This is a good thing for the best way to see that this type of genocide does not happen again is to educate children on the results.

Hopefully is small attempt will go a long way to preventing a occurrence of violence again.

If there is something I missed please let me know and I shall correct my mistake.

Thanx for the visits and your time…..chuq


4 thoughts on “Rwanda: The Genocide

  1. Yes, I remember that movie. I saw it on TV a long time ago. Riveting and powerful. This is a good idea – to teach children about it to try to prevent anything like that again. It always begins with the education of children. All things – good and bad – begin that way.

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