May I Introduce “Mojave”

I have great news!

It is the beginning of the weekend and as usual I will post on just about anything but the silliness we call the news.

First, we have some cooler weather and I will plant some veggies this weekend…radishes, carrots and bunching onions…..after all those months of 95+ weather this is lovely…..and well needed.

I have been devastated with the loss of my best friend Jaz back in June… better half saw what shape I was in and decided that I needed a friend….and off we went to the Humane Society….I walked around and got trapped by a sand colored puppy.

I have been adopted by a lovely young lady by the name of Mojave……we call her “Mo”….she chose me out of a room full of others….she is 5 months old and just a bag of mischief.

She has found her perch….the day bed that looks out into the outside world……her new domain.

Is that the postman?

This is her with all the SCOTUS mash-up…..I agree all that crap about some drunkard is all too tiring…..

BTW, that toy in the photo has been shredded already….

Mo is a retriever mix…..she has more energy than she needs and her and I have become fast friends….although as an old fart I tire more easily than her.

Mo is a joy to train she is very alert and eager to get to business…..she has no problem letting me know that outside is a must….if you know what I mean……

I seem to be better in the exercise department now that I have a friend to walk with…….she is saving me from myself.

I’ve spent $30 on toys and a piece of plastic will send her into a running fit…she makes her own fun…..LOL

Have a good Sunday….we will…see you guys Monday Morn bright and early……chuq

20 thoughts on “May I Introduce “Mojave”

      1. It is amazing the energy this one pup can come up with…..she is more fun to watch her…..I say yes do get one it is well worth it…..chuq

      1. Persian kitties and French bulldogs are my speed. While I love the energy of Jack Russels, for example, or sheep dogs, I’d never be able to satisfgy their physical need for lots of play and exercise.

      2. She walks with me then I keep her running thru the yard where she tires out and sleeps an hour before doing it all again….LOL chuq

      3. LOL! That is one of the best parts about having a dog, especially a high-energy one: you get some fresh air and exercise, too! Anyway, she’s a pretty dog and I know you will be blessed having her to keep you company and exercised!

      4. Feel free to update us from time to time on how’s she’s doing. I know it is outside the purpose of your blog, yet a few lines at the end of a serious analysis of current events might be appreciated

      5. Great! While I currently and a cat person, I was a dog person first and still! You new pup will doubtless give you lots of material to post!

      6. THanx my friend….Mo is great until she sees the camera and then she just sits there looking cute…LOL Have a good day….chuq

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