Is Cybersecurity A Priority?

You would think that cybersecurity would be a priority with this government after learning that it is so damn easy to hack our systems and process.  You would think.

So far with this 2 year old admin I do not see this as a priority…..instead of lambasting opponents try focusing on the security of this nation if your tiny mind can comprehend what we are looking at……

Not only were the elections vulnerable but our electric grid is not looking too safe either….and then a new GAO report really brings this gap home……

A new report out of the Government Accountability Office says the Department of Defense is “just beginning to grapple” with vulnerabilities in most of its new weapons systems. The upshot of the 50-page GAO analysis, per NPR: that, based on five years’ worth of tests, “nearly all” of its latest weapons systems are a cybersecurity nightmare, with easy-to-guess passwords and known vulnerabilities that were never remedied, among other issues. Just as concerning is that the DOD doesn’t even know “the full scale of its weapon system vulnerabilities” as the tests that were carried out “were limited in scope and sophistication,” the GAO notes. The tests, conducted from 2012 to 2017, were initially prompted by a request from the Senate Armed Services Committee to look into just how secure the Pentagon was able to keep its weapons systems.

The GAO notes the “widespread examples of weakness” fell under the umbrella of four cybersecurity categories: “protect, detect, respond, and recover.” The results weren’t great: In one case, for example, a test hacker guessed an admin password in nine seconds; in another, two testers needed just an hour to gain initial access to a weapons system. And, “once they gained initial access, test teams were often able to move throughout a system, escalating their privileges until they had taken full or partial control of a system.” To make matters worse, when vulnerabilities were found, they were often neglected: One test report showed just one vulnerability remedied out of 20 identified. Staffing issues contribute to the problem, as the salaries that cybersecurity aces can command in the private sector far exceed those that the government can pay. Full eye-opening report from the GAO here.

More from The American Conservative………

Great news if you are an adversary….not so much if you are a member of the cyber team that needs all the help they can get.

Hey D/bags….FOCUS!

17 thoughts on “Is Cybersecurity A Priority?

  1. I agree that it has to be a major concern, but I am unsure if it is ever possible to keep ahead of it. When teenage hackers can infiltrate the CIA, or MI5, I can only imagine what determined governments are capable of. Whatever precautions are put into place, I fear that they will soon be outwitted.
    This might be something we just have to learn to live with.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. Sadly nothing will change… long as our foreign policy is for the corporations we will always be at odds with someone….chuq

      2. Many corporations have left the US because of our high taxes. Presidents have been trying to get them back for many years now.

      3. The M-IC has never left…..they need to be here and others pay as little as 5% and that is too high? They get deductions, credits and loopholes their taxes are negligible…..chuq

  2. Every single little minute detail of everybody’s lives (No exceptions … everybody included … from the smallest child to the eldest senior citizen ….) is out there on the Internet somewhere and available either for sale or for hacking … and there isn’t a blessed thing that can be done about it short of shutting down your computer and disintegrating it into millions of fragments and sending it into outer space aboard the first available space-bound garbage scow .. and even then the information is not safe because somebody somewhere can probably read it by virtually reassembling the shards.

    1. I think there is stuff people can do……the use of the anti-Christ Facebook for one……and their lax attitudes about all social media….they have done the damage to themselves so if they want someone to blame look into a damn mirroe. chuq

      1. I use face book but the only personal information I have on it is my name.
        Names of the rest of my family do not appear.
        I do not do any on line banking.
        My wife buys things on the net using a credit card but that is about it.
        But I someone could hack our bank orvtge URS and get most anything.
        My wife worked for the government and her agency has been hacked. She has been noticed her infirm was part of the hatched information.

      2. I have NEVER used Facebook for anything…I did not trust them from the very beginning….I store nothing in the “Cloud”……I trust nothing and so far I have been pretty safe…..a few probes that I uncovered but nothing major…..for now….chuq

  3. Everyday technology upgraded and new security problems too! To be safe, everyone should learn about cybersecurity and related issues including gov. Hackers are developing upgraded tools too. We should use internet to make our life easier, not to revels our privacy!

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