The Crack Widens

Just days before the mid-terms and our politics is so broken that it will take more than one election to repair.

It all began in the 1990’s with the election of Bill Clinton and the Midterms that followed.  The country started dividing itself along red and blue lines…political fault lines.

We have always been a country with two parties and two ways of looking at the role of government.

And with each election after that we have widened the crack in our society…….

The United States is politically fragmenting. It would seem that the various cultural and ideological stresses impacting the nation are destabilizing the country’s two traditional political parties.

At this point in the fragmentation process we can identify four political groupings. They are (1) those of Democratic Party persuasion—and it should be noted that the Democrats are being stressed by contesting interpretations of just what the party stands for; (2) those of continuing Republican Party persuasion, which by now really represents a small “rump” party of Trump supporters; (3) the independents now bolstered by what once was the “moderate” multitude of the Republican Party as well as a growing number of ex-Democrats on the disaffected left; and (4) the mass of apoliticalAmericans who have always been alienated from politics and usually do not vote. This last group also may well be growing. Let’s look at these four groups in more detail against the backdrop of contemporary events.

Vote by vote and issue by issue and eventually we have the situation that we have found ourselves in today……division……

Despite common differences and shared values Americans are becoming more politically polarized. And it seems to be happening in large part because our tribal leaders are intentionally dividing us for their own political gains. I find this deeply disturbing and it’s something that is damaging our country as it results in a government that cannot legislate in the best interests of its citizens. So I wanted to write a few thoughts about what’s happening and why.

My general theory of this political polarization is a bit like my theory of an inter-temporal conundrum in finance. Basically, we have short term needs that are best fixed using mostly longer-term views, but we have a  political system and a news media that feeds on our short-term biases. This is creating a whip-saw effect where we are consistently dissatisfied by the wrong short-term policies that are enacted and this leads to the seasaw of changing leadership that results in little effective change. The only real winners in this whole saga are the political leaders who have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Like I have written…this division is destroying the country and few seem to notice because they are too busy insulting the people around them……

I rarely tell readers what to believe. Rather I try to indicate why it might be wise to distrust, at least without very good evidence, what those in power tell us we should believe.

We have well-known sayings about power: “Knowledge is power”, and “Power tends to corrupt, while absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely.” These aphorisms resonate because they say something true about how we experience the world. People who have power – even very limited power they hold on licence from someone else – tend to abuse it, sometimes subtly and unconsciously, and sometimes overtly and wilfully.

All this division worries me.  This country is so much better than the silliness we have as a government these days.

Mid-Terms are approaching….time for a change….then we have 2020 it will definitely be time for a change.

Only you the voter can change the track of this country……make the country come first.


9 thoughts on “The Crack Widens

  1. Every election it is always the same mantra, “We need a change.” It doesn’t matter who is in office; we always “Need a change” at election time. — Here’s the story: Americans are so self-concerned with their creature comforts they simply do not give a crap who is in office in Washington. Most Americans are so damned dumb they can’t tell you even the simplest things about our government or how it works or who is in it. — America has been politically fragmented ever since the writing of The Constitution and I doubt the day will ever come when they are not fragmented and divided.

    1. You are right…no one gives a crap about the rights we are guaranteed…..this tribalism makes me sick…..I would puke but they might tax it….chuq

      1. By the way, Chuq — those “Guaranteed Rights” you are talking about aren’t worth the paper they are written on ever since the Supreme Court went rogue and the district judges began legislating from their benches and the people elected to Congress have become unmoveable in their petty opinions about everything and refuse to work across aisles on anything. The Rubicon is damned near to being completely crossed now and anarchy is on the horizon.

      2. You are right….the court has become political and that was never the intention…..Congress has NO spine…….money to the court is where it goes wrong…they get as much cash as any other….chuq

  2. A few years off, I’d say. The 1968 elections and when Nixon welcomed KKK into GOP would be the appropriate date or 1965 when the Civil Rights Act was passed and Southern KKK Dems knew there was no room for them any longer in Democrat party unless they stopped being bigots.

  3. Parties sub-dividing is also happening here. Both sides are splitting into internal factions, and the voters end up unsure which one they will end up with after they have voted.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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