The Saudi Connection

There is a lot of info in this post and will take time to take it all in but it is a subject that deserves your attention…..the murder of a journalist for doing his duty has to be a crime against freedom and humanity.

I have been following and writing about the plight of WaPo journalist Khashoggi…….

In the days since I wrote my piece more has come to light….

Turkish officials have stepped up accusations against Saudi Arabia over the apparent assassination of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, saying that the order to assassinate him came from the “highest” levels of the Saudi royal court.

On top of this, Turkish officials named 15 Saudi men that they have identified as “operatives” involved in the assassination of Khashoggi. The group included a Saudi special forces member, two royal guards, and a chief in the internal security agency.

Saudi officials have denied that anything at all happened to Khashoggi, saying he entered the consulate on October 2 and left unharmed. Turkish officials claimed unspecified confidential intelligence that he is dead. His body has not been found, but there has been no sign of him since this visit.

Turkey even his video of this putative assassination team, who all arrived in Turkey on two Gulfstream jets. That Turkey was so easily able to identify this group, and that they arrived in such a conspicuous manner suggests that the Saudis did little to cover their actions, and may even have figured being implicated would intimidate other dissidents.


Even Trump has weighed in but his words are hollow knowing the relationship his family has with the Saudis…..

President Trump has confirmed that he has talked to officials at the highest levels of the Saudi government as well about the matter.

Trump says he want the US to get to the bottom of the incident. He told reporters that the US is “demanding everything” and considers the matter a very serious situation, adding the US is working closely with Turkey.


Our Congressional entities have demanded also……

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) spoke to reporters Wednesday, reporting that it would be a “game changer” if the Saudis had in any way mistreated Khashoggi. Since early indications are that the Saudis had him killed and chopped into bits, that’s going to be tough for Graham to back away from if this turns out to be the case.

Sen. Graham and Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) both warned there’d be “hell to pay” if the Saudis were behind the journalist’s disappearance. It seems that’s an even safer bet, and while Graham didn’t want to elaborate on what that meant, he did say he thinks the Saudis “know what it means.”


A game changer?  Seriously?  Why do I not believe a damn word these tools say?

Then there is a piece that says that US intel could have warned the journalist of his impending fate…..

I shall continue to watch this story and ask those questions that need answering…..

And this is the bullshit that I was talking about….this from Our Dear Leader……..

A new twist in the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi: American officials knew months ago that Saudi Arabia was plotting against the journalist, sources tell the Washington Post. The sources say US intelligence intercepts discovered a plan to lure Khashoggi, a critic of the Saudi monarchy, back to the kingdom from him home in Virginia and detain him. The operation was ordered by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the sources say. Several of Khashoggi’s friends tell the Post that Saudi officials had called him repeatedly in recent months to offer him protection—and a government job—if he returned to his homeland, but he said he “didn’t trust them one bit.” Turkish authorities believe Khashoggi was murdered by Saudi agents during a visit to the kingdom’s Istanbul consulate on Oct. 2.

President Trump vowed Wednesday that he would “get to the bottom” of the case, the BBC reports. “We cannot let this happen to reporters, to anybody,” he said. But he said blocking US arms sales to Saudi Arabia, a move some lawmakers are calling for, could be a step too far, the AP reports. “I think that would be hurting us,” Trump said. “We have jobs, we have a lot of things happening in this country … and frankly I think that that would be a very, very tough pill to swallow for our country.” A bipartisan group of senators urged Trump to impose sanctions on anybody found responsible for the disappearance. GOP Sen. Bob Corker, chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said “everything points to” Saudi involvement. (An Apple Watch could reveal what happened to Khashoggi.)

What kind of person authorizes the dismemberment of another human being?

Further news as of the draft date…..

I wasn’t planning to write about the barbaric murder of my friend, Jamal Khashoggi. We were supposed to be sharing a panel at a conference two weeks from now.

The Saudi journalist, who disappeared a week ago while inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, has been executed by a Saudi hit squad with Islamic State-like barbarity.

Some may think that a murder at the Saudi consulate, which – according to the rules of diplomacy – is considered Saudi territory, is merely a Saudi problem. However, this incident may create the perception that any Saudi diplomatic mission could be a potential crime scene.

Time for these Saudis to act like a civilized country or turn them into an international outcast they should be….

Politico ask a question that we all should be asking…….

President Donald Trump’s desire to maintain strong ties to Saudi Arabia is facing its biggest test yet: allegations that Riyadh ordered the killing of a dissident Saudi journalist who had been living in the United States.

Calls are mounting for the Trump administration to find out what happened to Jamal Khashoggi. Republicans and Democrats in Congress have taken steps to force a government investigation. Khashoggi’s fiancée has pleaded for Trump to “help shed light on Jamal’s disappearance.” The fury has grown after a Washington Postreport that U.S. intelligence knew of Saudi plans to abduct Khashoggi, raising questions about whether the administration failed to warn the journalist.

My guess that he will get some vague crap from the lips of these murdering swine and say that he accepts their lies.

The American Conservative sees it differently……

There has already been a significant response from members of Congress to reports of the Saudi government’s murder of Jamal Khashoggi. Sen. Rand Paul is proposing to force a vote to halt all military assistance and ties to the Saudi military:

This week, I intend to introduce another measure to cut all funding, training, advising, and any other coordination to and with the military of Saudi Arabia until the journalist Jamal Khashoggi is returned alive.

Sen. Paul’s proposal is consistent with the “fundamental break” with Saudi Arabia that Sen. Chris Murphy spoke about a few days ago. It is a break that has needed to happen for many years, and the Saudis’ latest crime may prove to be the last straw for many people in Congress.

All I can say in closing is… not trust Rand Paul to do the right thing….he has failed to do so time after time.

Leave it to Our Dear Supreme Leader to put a price on a human life… arms deal is the price.

This is so sad that this asshole could be the president of my country!

Turn The Page!

Updated 12Oct18 0625hrs…..

Turkish officials say they have audio and video evidence proving that journalist Jamal Khashoggi was tortured and murdered inside Saudi Arabia’s Istanbul consulate. The officials, speaking under condition of anonymity, tell the Washington Post that the audio evidence is extremely graphic. “The voice recording from inside the embassy lays out what happened to Jamal after he entered,” one source says. “You can hear how he was interrogated, tortured, and then murdered.” Sources tell the Wall Street Journal that Turkish officials have shared the evidence with their American counterparts and are discussing how and when it should be publicly released. The Post‘s sources say officials are worried that releasing the recording will reveal that they spy on foreign consulates.

President Trump confirmed Thursday that investigators are looking into the disappearance of Khashoggi, who was a US resident, but he rejected suggestions US arms sales to Saudi Arabia should be cut off, the Guardian reports. “I don’t like stopping massive amounts of money that’s being poured into our country,” he said. “They are spending $110 billion on military equipment and on things that create jobs for this country.” State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said the Saudi ambassador to the US, Khalid bin Salman, returned to his homeland Thursday and the US will expect information from him when he returns. The ambassador is the younger brother of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who allegedly ordered a plot to lure Khashoggi from Virginia back to Saudi Arabia.


15 thoughts on “The Saudi Connection

  1. I doubt the US will be ‘demanding’ anything of Saudi Arabia. That is much more likely to happen the other way around. Perhaps if America really wants to intervene to do something positive in that region, then they could invade the KSA, remove the family in charge, and give rights there to women, and ordinary people. It’s not as if the Saudis could put up much of a fight. But they won’t be doing that in my lifetime, sadly.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Turks say they have proof…..but sense they are not popular because of some damn preacher their words will be discontented…that is where this country is now…in the crapper…chuq

      1. Maybe he is still in there having a good old time with old friends. Maybe he entered a tunnel and went somewhere else. Maybe the cameras are rigged. Maybe he went out the back door where there were no cameras. Maybe he jumped out a window out of the sight of cameras. Maybe he is in Sarasota, Florida working at a local fast food restaurant in a new beard.

      2. Since I have no personal experience with the moon — except for having visually observed it for 80 years, I cannot dispute any claims that it might, indeed, be made of some form of jello — perhaps an ancient volcanic jello or something. LOL

  2. Turks were spying on them. I have always thought the Turks were smarter than people give them credit for.
    If it was in real time they should have intercepted the team and recovered the parts of the body. Their system must have a delay before that can decide it.

    We should have cut ties with Saudi’s in 2002. I have always thought we invaded the wrong two countries if we were going to invade anyone.

    Even Putin has more respect for civilized behavior. When he kills journalists he has a little more cover. This is just blatant.

    The number of countries who kill their enemies and journals is growing. Russia, China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran. How long is the list?

    1. Excellent insights…..Turkey wants to be the leader of the Middle East…..they have a good chance now that the Saudis are in bed with the Saudis…….chuq

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