Forgotten Heroes Of The Revolution

Yes my friends it is that time again……a history lesson like it or not……

Believe it or not there were several foreigners that fought with the Americans in their war of independence.

Most people can name one……Marquis de Lafayette….but who are the others?

On October 11, 1779, Polish cavalry officer and American Brigadier General, Casimir Pulaski, died of wounds incurred during the Battle of Savannah (Georgia) during the American Revolutionary War. Pulaski, known as “The Father of American Cavalry,” had fought in Poland against the Russians, and was forced to flee his own country, taking his military skills to America where he became a hero of the American Revolution. Pulaski was not the only major Polish officer to fight for America’s Independence, and of course other foreign born people also served in America during the Revolutionary War. Here we list 5 of the most notable of those foreign freedom fighters fearlessly fighting foes of freedom. (Hey, a little alliteration never hurts!) Who would you add to this list?

Poland and France gave the war some fantastic soldiers that help this country gain its independence.

Sad that so many foreigners came to help in our time of need and we ignore them in our history almost as bad as our dismissing of Thomas Paine.

And the history of our nation is being re-written by reactionary a/holes…..we must stop this and give credit where credit is due…..and win our freedom back.


10 thoughts on “Forgotten Heroes Of The Revolution

  1. Don’t forget the German Hessian mercs hired by Britain because the war for them (the Brits) was as unpopular as Vietnam was to us and there was a reluctance to fight here. Of course, as a strategic force they were marginal at best.. no notable “heroes” for the Brits were in that bunch.

  2. The history of our nation has been being rewritten ever since I was in school. Much of what the teachers told me have later been proven to be either lies or their own fertile imaginations. I even had one dumb assed backwoodsman tell me, in no uncertain terms, that the Indians were NOT here before Columbus arrived because there was nobody here before Columbus arrived and Columbus “Discovered” America (which was totally empty of people) and the Indians arrived after Columbus. This Hill Billy had the effrontery to become angry with me when I challenged him. I have read passages from American History books that claimed our destruction of the Native Tribes was ordained by God and that White America had a divinely-ordained manifest destiny to conquer and rule this land. Yes, the History has been being rewritten for a long time.

    1. Those are not history just flipping lies…..killing others in the name of God is nothing new and the US was as bad about it as any other group……they still spread that lie about divinely ordained…..chuq

  3. The German/Hessian/Saxon soldiers in the English Army at the time were a direct result of the Hanoverian royal line taking the throne. During the English Civil War, Irish troops fought on the Royalist side, as well as Germans related to the King. (Prince Rupert of The Rhine for one) And many Scottish troops fought on the Parliamentary side At the time of Waterloo, we still had The King’s German Legion in the English Army, and many troops from various countries fighting as mercenaries. That Polish cavalryman was more or less a mercenary too, with the French later using regiments of Polish lancers in their army, who fought at Waterloo as well. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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