What’s In A Name?

Update:  This was suppose to be posted on 17Jul….but news and brain farts kept that from happening….so I offer it today…better late than never….

The US fought a war many years ago and basically to rid ourselves of the monarchy and ever since we have climbed up their butts.  Look at the royal weddings…nothing could be more boring but we Americans eat it up all the pomp and ceremony…..it is kinda disgusting.

The English royals are from the House of Windsor…..but did you know that is only about 100 years old….actually they are descendants of a German line.

Say huh?

That is correct until 1917 then the name change……to House of Windsor.

On 18July1917 the English papers carried the proclamation that the English monarchy would from that day forward be known as the House of Windsor.

Since the marriage of Victoria – the last of the Hanovers – to Prince Albert, Britain’s royal family had been “of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha”, or Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. In a time of brutal war with Germany, a more German family name would be hard to find.

After three long years of World War I, anti-German feeling had approached fever pitch, fuelled by wild tales of alleged German atrocities.


File this away for if you play Trivial Pursuit or a form of Bar Trivia then you could have the winning answer right here on IST.

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5 thoughts on “What’s In A Name?

  1. Until the Holy Royals of Great Britain come over here and get themselves elected to represent us in Congress, I don’t care who they are, who they were or what they do. But the article you wrote is interesting and worth the reading. Thanks.

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