The VA Needs Saving!

Every American veteran should be concerned in what is happening to the institution that tasked with their care…..

The institution that is there to aid all veterans with their health and entitlements (and yes if one uses the VA then they are using entitlements) and in years past there has been scandal after scandal…..but it soldier on….and then we elected a dude who was always harping about Vets and behind the scenes is screwing them……

“On any veterans issue, the first person the president calls is Ike,” says a former administration official. If the name Ike doesn’t ring a bell, at least in relation to Veterans Affairs, that’s appropriate. A ProPublica expose by Isaac Arnsdorf explains he’s “reclusive” Marvel Entertainment chairman Ike Perlmutter, one third of “a previously unknown triumvirate” that has clandestinely been exerting influence over the VA—never mind that none of them have served in the military or worked in government. Palm Beach doctor Bruce Moskowitz and lawyer Marc Sherman round out the trio, which is referred to within the VA as “the Mar-a-Lago Crowd,” as that location serves as their informal HQ. Arnsdorf ran into some walls on the interviewing front: the men, a VA rep, and a White House spokeswoman declined to answer questions.

His reporting is therefore based on hundreds of documents he got using the Freedom of Information Act and interviews with former administration officials. The story he has pieced together is one of significant power: The men have the president’s ear and influence over personnel, with those who “were at odds with the Mar-A-Lago crowd,” including those in a slew of top positions (secretary, deputy secretary, chief of staff, director of electronic health records modernization), “pushed out or passed over.” Arnsdorf alleges that decisions have to be run by them, officials fly to consult with them on taxpayers’ dime, and initiatives pushed by the men in some cases have benefited their own interests. Read the full piece for much more on an “arrangement … without parallel in modern presidential history.”

This does not surprise me at all……as usual he, Dear Leader, was all talk and action is questionable where the veterans are concerned…….once again someone that is big talk that has never served…there ought to be a law!

Time for veterans to take control of their benefits (watch for a Veterans Day march)…..something on the line of the Bonus Army from the past….(dammit Google it!)

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6 thoughts on “The VA Needs Saving!

  1. I think a march sounds like a good plan. They should wear their medals, and make their protest heard. I can’t see how any American can object to their soldiers getting fair treatment.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. You will find Americans support the troops but not so much the veterans…..march is planned for Vets Day in November…..****spoilers***** chuq

  2. The VA is a tough issue to navigate without doing some more research and review… but here’s the overall problem… it’s a federal operated agency within the medical profession and is chartered to provide the exact same service private medicine provides to the rest of society. It doesn’t operate as a business hence budgetary constraints and efforts at cost containment is not motivated by profit & loss by by governmental funding limitations. There’s no other government agency like it. I could argue.. was it even necessary to create to begin with? No question we want to make good to our soldiers who suffer from afflictions as a result of military service… and some of that care will be of the “forever” category.. and much of addressing that care is necessary because symptoms of certain afflictions acquired on active duty don’t show up until years later. But totally free (or with income-determined co-pays) from hangnails to brain surgery? I understand the collective American impetus to provide “free” medical care all around, to all veterans, for life. Our country can certainly afford that act of honor and charity to all veterans. Yet it’s being run by human beings who are not infallible. I could go on and on with this,, and maybe I need to make a post. Good idea.

    I will say, I have been treated by the Las Vegas VA Med center and the Loma Linda VA med center in SoCal, from simple surgery, skin cancer followup, and other sundry “hangnail” type routine care.. and all staff has been totally wonderful and professional. Now.. that does NOT mean you go into any VA.. or even a civilian medical facility… totally ignorant and with this “heal me doc and make me feel better” and sit back and let them do anything on you without asking “what the hell you doing that for doc?” You gotta be aware and challenge all medical care.

  3. I am fairly certain, majority of citizens do not pay any attention to medical care other than their own – and sadly pay little attention to how they are being dis-served by current system – even though expanded Medicaid has been a boon to many. Attention to veterans is nil excepting for holidays for flag waving and “appearing” patriotic. If not for the VA with all its successes and failures, most veterans would be totally forgotten. My uncle would have died early if not for the VA. Who else would have dug out dozens of pieces of the grenade in his body over more than ten years after WWII ended. No private hospital would have put my good buddy on an overnight flight to get a life saving stent from another VA hospital just ten years ago. We have to beg for money to help low-income veterans get help with teeth and dentures because Congress and the public don’t think dental health is important for veterans.

    1. I totally agree and this is because there is no sense of shared experience…..Americans want someone else to do time….chuqey deem “patriotic” so they can stay home and do “normal” stuff….and then Vets will suffer everyt

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