It’s Russia

This is a re-blog from my opinion for those visitors that maay not know of Gulf South Free Press….please take some time to look around and enjoy….chuq

Gulf South Free Press

All the hoopla when Our Dear Leader met with Vlad the Putin in Helsinki awhile ago just made me smile.


As an old radical I would from time to time try and let the people in my area know what was going on in Russia, USSR then, as far as social issues were…well I was attacked on multiple sides for saying anything positive about Russia….the old “Love it or Leave it” crowd.

By the way that crowd is the very same crowd that see nothing bad about Russia or its messing with our election…..the very same crowd….did you get that?  The very same people that condemned me for positive writing about Russia are the very same people that are condemning me for saying anything bad about them now.

Before Russia were godless commies…now they are a country of god fearing white people….is that the difference?  Are the Russians now…

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