Closing Thought–08Jun18

Last week Pres. Trump made a statement about the jobs report and the markets were happy….well at least for awhile….

I have a problem with the jobs reports…not because of Trump I have been bitching about them since Poppy Bush’s days……these reports are not accurate and the unemployment figures are off by a lot……

In an article that I found last week there is some saying that as many as 95 million people are no longer in the labor force and as such are not counted in any of these reports……

In what was otherwise a solid jobs report – one which Donald Trump may or may not have leaked in advance – in which the establishment survey reported that a higher than expected 223K jobs were added at a time when numbers below 200K are expected for an economy that is allegedly without slack, the biggest surprise was not in the Establishment survey, but the household, where the unemployment rate tumbled once more, sliding to a new 18 year low of 3.8%, even as the participation rate declined once again, as a result of a stagnant labor force, which was virtually unchanged (161.527MM in April to 161.539MM in May, even as the total civilian non-inst population rose by 182K to 257.454LMM).

What was perhaps more interesting, however, is that for all the talk that the slack in the labor force is set to decline, precisely the opposite is taking place, because in May, the number of people not in the labor force increased by another 170K, rising to 95.915 million, a new all time high.

Adding to this the 6.1 million currently unemployed Americans, there are 102 million Americans who are either unemployed or out of the labor force (and it is also worth noting that of those employed 26.9 million are part-time workers).

In other words, contrary to prevailing economist groupthink, there is a lot of slack in the economy, and if as the latest Beige Book revealed, employers are now hiring drug addicts and felons to make up for the shortage of qualified candidates, a long time will be pass before wages see significant gains.

The figures that are given to the public are not accurate just like the inflation reports…..that is NOT an accurate count…..why?  Food, Gas and Housing are not part of the equation…….how can one get an accurate inflation picture if those sectors are omitted?

The economy may not be as booming as we have thought……just saying a little more accuracy would be helpful….at least to me.

Have a good Friday and I will return for the weekend… well, be safe….chuq

08June67……..USS Liberty

Last year was the 50th anniversary of the vicious attack on the USS Liberty by Israeli forces killing 34 American sailors……

I write about this attack every year for I want my readers and all Americans to know what Israel did and got away with it….they had to pay NO price for the murder of American sailors……

This past post has all the reference sites that anyone would want if they want to find out about this attack

Below is an archive of all the posts I have done over the years about this attack…please take the time and learn about this event….I know it is a lot to take in but 34 dead Americans would appreciate your time……

These fallen Americans NEVER got justice for their murders…..

Every year there seems to be more and more information about this attack….as they appear I will make sure that they are out there for all to see just how cowardly Israel really is…..they are spineless thugs and deserve to be punished for the deaths of Americans.

The Cover Up

Despite a near-universal consensus that the Israeli attack was made with full knowledge that USS Liberty was a US Navy ship, the Johnson administration began an immediate cover-up of this fact. Though administration officers continued individually to characterize the attack as deliberate, the Johnson administration never sought the prosecution of the guilty parties or otherwise attempted to seek justice for the victims. They concealed and altered evidence in their effort to downplay the attack. Though they never formally accepted the Israeli explanation that it was an accident, they never pressed for a full investigation either. They simply allowed those responsible literally to get away with murder.

In an ongoing effort to reveal the truth about the attack, the USS Liberty Veterans Association has filed with the Secretary of the Army in the manner prescribed by law a detailed, fully documented Report of War Crimes describing the circumstances of the attack on our ship and evidence that it was a crime under international law. In accordance with international law and treaties, the United States is obligated to investigate the allegations. So far, the United States has declined even to acknowledge that the report has been filed. The full text of the report can be found at

To protect Israel from retribution the NSA has kept the details a secret for over 50 years…….

The West is always protecting Israel from being held accountable for their actions……even when they MURDER American sailors.

Time for the USS Liberty to get its pound of flesh from the Israelis…..they were the cowards that killed Americans then they MUST pay!

Every year fewer and fewer Americans remain to get the message of the USS Liberty before the unknowing public…..please do not let those 34 Americans sailors die without their story being told.

50 years and No Justice……..Their memory demands that retribution be paid!

And So It Begins

There comes a time when a nation realizes its capabilities and does what they all have done….flexes their muscle.

A few years ago a few missiles flew over the Arabian Peninsula originated in Yemen……the Saudis intercepted them, using equipment acquired from the US, and started a long war on civilians or should I say the Houthi tribesmen?  The country, Yemen, has been bombed into the Stone Age.  The death toll has been on the Yemeni side there have been very few deaths in Saudi Arabia (if any) because of something Yemen has done.

I bring up this short history of the struggle between Yemen and the Saudis because they, the Saudis, have threatened yet another country….Qatar.

Saudi King Salman has threatened to take military action against neighboring Qatar if the nation follows through with a plan to install an anti-aircraft defense system. Salman said he would take military action to “eliminate this defense system.

Saudi Arabia and many of its allies severed ties with Qatar last year, based around a false media report claiming the Qatari Emir wasn’t sufficiently hostile toward Iran. The Saudis have since suggested they’d channel out the entire Qatari border, turning it into an island, and dumping nuclear waste in the area.

Around this ever growing Saudi hostility toward Qatar, the nation made a deal to buy S-400 air defense systems from Russia. Russia says that plans to deliver he missiles have not changed, despite the Saudi threats.


Was this threat needed?  Qatar already host a large US base.  That should protect Qatar from its war hungry neighbor.

By the way….last year the Saudis decided to punish Qatar for some alleged transgressions…..they, Saudis, and their allies tried to isolate Qatar from the outside world… did that work out for the Saudis?

It’s hard to imagine the leaders of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates thought it would go this way. Officials from their governments — as well as junior partners Egypt and Bahrain — described the punitive sanctions they collectively slapped on Qatar in early June as an unfortunate but necessary action, aimed at bringing the pesky Qataris to heel. It was as if Qatar, accused by its neighbors of fomenting extremism near and far, was an unruly child who needed to be disciplined.

But in the grown-up world of geopolitics, the Saudi and Emirati-led move against Doha does not seem to be achieving its goals. Rather than isolating Qatar, it has deepened Qatari ties with regional powers Turkey and Iran. Oman and Kuwait, two other states in the Gulf Cooperation Council, have not joined in. Food supplies and other goods are still flowing into Qatar’s docks and airports. And, no matter the White House’s mixed messaging, American diplomats appear to be pushing for conciliation and compromise with Qatar rather than seeking Doha’s acquiescence to the Saudi and Emirati demands.

Let me close with something that few people will tell you…the Saudis export an extremist brand of Islam that is embraced by al-Qaeda and ISIS… want to look for the fathers of terrorism then look no further than Saudi Arabia.

With all the resources at the disposal of the Saudis and a friend like the US………Qatar wins!

Who Gets The Cash?

Recently the US punished Chinese phone maker ZTE because of their ability to spy on its users so easily….the president was worried about the jobs lost in China….and now a deal has been struck with the company…..

The United States has reached a deal with Chinese telecommunications giant ZTE Corp. that includes a $1 billion fine, says Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. The resolution of the ZTE case may clear the way for the US to make progress in its high-stakes trade talks with China, per the AP. The huge fine comes on top of the roughly $1 billion ZTE has already paid for selling equipment to North Korea and Iran in violation of US sanctions. Ross, speaking on CNBC on Thursday, said that ZTE also must put $400 million in escrow, which will be forfeited if there are any violations of the agreement.

Ross also said that a compliance team picked by the US will be embedded at ZTE and that the Chinese company must change its board and executive team in 30 days. “We still retain the power to shut them down again,” says Ross, per the Wall Street Journal. In April, the Commerce Department blocked ZTE from importing American components for seven years, having concluded that ZTE deceived US regulators after it settled charges last year of violating sanctions against Iran and North Korea. ZTE relies on US parts, and the ban also hurt ZTE’s American suppliers. (President Trump previously said he planned to help ZTE because too many jobs would be lost in China.)

I think it is nice that a deal was made….now I have a couple of questions.  What did the company pay for this deal?  Who did they pay?  What was the price of the deal?  Did busy expand into the Chinese market for an American company?  If so, whose company was that?

This was not done out of kindness….who benefits the most from this deal?

Feminism In Review

Last week news came out that another state has ratified the ERA (Equal Right Amendment) making it so that only one more state needs to ratify and it will become the law of the land (I am sure there are a few that will cringe at the thought of women being equal)…..

I wrote about the last vote in a Closing Thought post…..

Step into the “Way Back” machine and set the dial for the 1970’s USA……Jimmy Carter is president and women started burning bras to get attention from the media……..this gave rise to feminism….and women have been fighting ever since……as of today can we decide what version of feminism we are in?

If one thing’s for sure, it’s that the second-wave feminists are at war with the third-wave feminists.

No, wait, the second-wavers are at war with the fourth-wave feminists.

No, it’s not the second-wavers, it’s the Gen X-ers.

Are we still cool with the first-wavers? Are they all racists now?

Is there actually intergenerational fighting about feminist waves? Is that a real thing?

Do we even use the wave metaphor anymore?

As the #MeToo movement barrels forward, as record numbers of women seek office, and as the Women’s March drives the resistance against the Trump administration, feminism is reaching a level of cultural relevance it hasn’t enjoyed in years. It’s now a major object of cultural discourse — which has led to some very confusing conversations because not everyone is familiar with or agrees on the basic terminology of feminism. And one of the most basic and most confusing terms has to do with waves of feminism.

I tried to do what I could to help women fight for their rights and their place in this society….a place beyond bare foot and pregnant and tied to the bed scenario….

They are getting close so now would be a good time for the old style feminism to be resurrected and work for that last state to ratify.

As soon as the dullards on the Right realize how close the ERA is they will double their efforts to see that it does not see the light of day in that last state.