And So It Begins

There comes a time when a nation realizes its capabilities and does what they all have done….flexes their muscle.

A few years ago a few missiles flew over the Arabian Peninsula originated in Yemen……the Saudis intercepted them, using equipment acquired from the US, and started a long war on civilians or should I say the Houthi tribesmen?  The country, Yemen, has been bombed into the Stone Age.  The death toll has been on the Yemeni side there have been very few deaths in Saudi Arabia (if any) because of something Yemen has done.

I bring up this short history of the struggle between Yemen and the Saudis because they, the Saudis, have threatened yet another country….Qatar.

Saudi King Salman has threatened to take military action against neighboring Qatar if the nation follows through with a plan to install an anti-aircraft defense system. Salman said he would take military action to “eliminate this defense system.

Saudi Arabia and many of its allies severed ties with Qatar last year, based around a false media report claiming the Qatari Emir wasn’t sufficiently hostile toward Iran. The Saudis have since suggested they’d channel out the entire Qatari border, turning it into an island, and dumping nuclear waste in the area.

Around this ever growing Saudi hostility toward Qatar, the nation made a deal to buy S-400 air defense systems from Russia. Russia says that plans to deliver he missiles have not changed, despite the Saudi threats.


Was this threat needed?  Qatar already host a large US base.  That should protect Qatar from its war hungry neighbor.

By the way….last year the Saudis decided to punish Qatar for some alleged transgressions…..they, Saudis, and their allies tried to isolate Qatar from the outside world… did that work out for the Saudis?

It’s hard to imagine the leaders of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates thought it would go this way. Officials from their governments — as well as junior partners Egypt and Bahrain — described the punitive sanctions they collectively slapped on Qatar in early June as an unfortunate but necessary action, aimed at bringing the pesky Qataris to heel. It was as if Qatar, accused by its neighbors of fomenting extremism near and far, was an unruly child who needed to be disciplined.

But in the grown-up world of geopolitics, the Saudi and Emirati-led move against Doha does not seem to be achieving its goals. Rather than isolating Qatar, it has deepened Qatari ties with regional powers Turkey and Iran. Oman and Kuwait, two other states in the Gulf Cooperation Council, have not joined in. Food supplies and other goods are still flowing into Qatar’s docks and airports. And, no matter the White House’s mixed messaging, American diplomats appear to be pushing for conciliation and compromise with Qatar rather than seeking Doha’s acquiescence to the Saudi and Emirati demands.

Let me close with something that few people will tell you…the Saudis export an extremist brand of Islam that is embraced by al-Qaeda and ISIS… want to look for the fathers of terrorism then look no further than Saudi Arabia.

With all the resources at the disposal of the Saudis and a friend like the US………Qatar wins!

3 thoughts on “And So It Begins

  1. High time those in power faced facts about the Saudi double-dealing. There will come a time when they live to regret that.
    (By the way, petrol prices are at a six-year high here. That usually smacks of trouble brewing in the OPEC nations)
    Bet wishes, Pete.

    1. I agree but as long as Trump makes personal deals with them then their place is safe for now….did you know that the Qatar blockade took place one week after Qatar said no to Kushner? chuq

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