Closing Thought–29Jun18

Let’s begin with this….FUCK ISRAEL AND THE AMERICAN ASS IT RODE IN ON……any confusion on how I feel about the bastard state of Israel?  My distaste for anything Israel just got deeper.

It seems that Congress is trying to make it illegal to criticize Israel…..or to hold them accountable for their murderous actions against an unarmed population……..

The House Committee on Foreign Affairs unanimously passed a measure on Thursday that would give the Trump administration power to decide how to punish U.S. companies that engage in or promote boycotts of Israel — including through criminal penalties.

The committee passed an amendment by voice vote from Rep. Ed Royce, R-Calif., that largely replaced the text of a bill called the Israel Anti-Boycott Act. When the original legislation was first introduced last year, it drew outrage from activists, and the American Civil Liberties Union warned that by threatening to impose steep criminal penalties on boycott activists engaged with international bodies’ boycotts, the bill was unconstitutional.

After the uproar, the initial bill, which was supported by the influential America Israel Public Affairs Committee, lost momentum. But Royce’s effort to move his version out of the Foreign Affairs Committee is part of a push to reinvigorate Capitol Hill’s efforts to use statutory means to clamp down on the growing movement to boycott, divest from, and sanction the Jewish state for human rights violations against the Palestinians.

Like I said……FUCK ISRAEL……I will not be told who I can protest against……I am sick of Israel playing the victim card….that may have worked 40 years ago but they can NO longer claim they are victims…..not when they are killing civilians with bombs and rockets and snipers…..they are NO better than the “heathens” they rail against.

FUCK Congress!  If you feel that Israel needs to made to act like a responsible for their actions…

I will start my weekend……and that means NO Sabra for it is made in Israel another stolen artifact from another culture…..chuq

The “Summit”!

No not that “summit” the new one to come…….

I could go off on the last “summit” between Kim and Trump…..but why?  This meeting has been dissected to its minutest detail…..if that “summit”is not on my radar what else could be?

Of course it will be his bromance Putin……..

The long-anticipated Trump-Putin summit is now official. The US president and the Russian president will meet, likely in July, according to the Wall Street Journal. The meeting was announced by US National Security Adviser John Bolton after he met with Vladimir Putin on Wednesday; the timing and location will be announced Thursday. The one-on-one meeting—which is expected to be held while President Trump is in Europe for the NATO summit next month—will cover Syria, arms-control, and the relationship between the two countries. The primary issues in US-Russia relations are Russia’s interventions in the Ukraine and Syria, the country’s interference in the 2016 US election, and its alleged role in the poisoning of a former double agent and his daughter in the UK. This will be Trump and Putin’s first official sit-down, as opposed to encounters they’ve had on the sidelines of larger events, the Washington Postreports.

NATO partners are pushing for the meeting to take place after the NATO summit in mid-July, due to concerns that Trump and Putin could agree to something that they oppose, reports CNN. Some members, for example, fear that the current efforts to sanction and isolate Moscow could be undone by President Trump. “No one knows what he’ll walk out saying,” one western official told CNN. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will also meet, likely before the presidents do. “The president’s been unambiguous since he took office that there are places where Russia is working against the United States, but many places where we work together,” Pompeo told MSNBC last week. Putin, speaking in advance of Bolton’s visit, sounded optimistic about the future of US-Russia relations, saying he hoped to discuss “what both sides could do to restore full-fledged relations on the basis of equality and respect for each other’s interests.”

What will our Fearless Leader give the Russians?

Let’s be honest shall we?

“Summits” are all the rage…..but in the grand scheme of things internationally……these things are nothing but a photo op and a propaganda tool.  They accomplish very little the real work is done by diplomats behind the scenes…..that is traditionally and there is NOTHING traditional to Trump foreign policy.

But let us look at the silliness that is a “summit”…..

What purpose do international summits serve? It’s a question well worth asking, in light of the just-concluded G7 gathering and the about-to-begin Trump-Kim meeting. With the discussion around the latter, you’d think world peace is at stake; with the coverage of the former, you might think the rule-based international order is rapidly breaking down. Neither is true, though both narratives offer plenty of fodder for the 24-hour news cycle, especially on a normally uneventful weekend.

Come July 16th…..Like I stated earlier….the Putin ‘summit” will be a photo op and very little else……

The Trump-Putin summit is indeed happening, and now it has a date: The two leaders will meet July 16 in Helsinki, Finland. The White House and Kremlin announced the date simultaneously, which the Guardian sees as part of a “carefully choreographed rollout” from both sides. This summit will likely be about “optics” as much as anything tangible that might emerge on arms control or other security issues, writes Andrew Roth. For Putin, it’s about showing that Russia is part of the world community, and for Trump, it’s about defying critics who think the White House is too warm to the Kremlin.

Trump and Putin have met face-to-face twice informally at previous world gatherings, but this will be their first formal summit.

Here we go again…..but not before the MSM milks the Supreme Court and the latest shooting for all the possible angles.

Don’t Shoot!

There always seems to be some wack job on the Right that has to open his mouth and show just how stupid they can be…..and it has happened…..

The far-right provocateur tells reporters he hopes angry conservatives start assassinating them, and the alt-right ’14/88ers’ love the idea.

Apparently, Milo Yiannopoulos didn’t get the memo about the need for civility in our discourse.

“I can’t wait for the vigilante squads to start gunning journalists down on sight,” the far-right provocateur texted a reporter for the New York Observer this week. When the reporter inquired further, Yiannopoulos explained that he had simply issued his “standard response to a request for a comment.”

But this wasn’t simply a toss-off remark. Yiannopoulos appears to be dead serious – that is, he sincerely believes that right-wing assassins should begin taking out targeted reporters. He’s been saying so on a number of forums, and it’s clear that he isn’t being simply “ironic” in the classic alt-right hall-of-mirrors fashion.


You know you can just ignore these types especially those around the Trump camp…but this time it is just hard to do….

Multiple people were shot Thursday at a newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland, with a witness saying a single gunman fired into the newsroom. A reporter at the Capital Gazette tweeted that a single individual shot multiple people, the Baltimore Sun reports. Phil Davis, who covers business and politics for the newspaper, tweeted that the gunman shot through the glass door to the office and opened fire on multiple employees, the AP reports. He added, “There is nothing more terrifying than hearing multiple people get shot while you’re under your desk and then hear the gunman reload.” The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said it was responding to reports of the shooting. Fox News reports that a suspect is in custody.

Anne Arundel County Police Department spokesman Marc Limansky said officers were searching the building where the shooting was reported. He said the situation is “active and ongoing.” On TV reports, people could be seen leaving the building with their hands up, as police officers urged them to depart through a parking lot and officers converged on the building. Lt. Ryan Frashure, another spokesman for Anne Arundel County police, said on WJLA that officers are “doing everything to get people out safe.” He said they must look for other dangers, such as bombs and other shooters. The Capital Gazette and newspapers including the Maryland Gazette are owned by the Baltimore Sun Media Group.

I am not saying that this incident has anything to do with the stupidity of this Milo twerp……coincidental?

Sorry but I do not believe in a coincident.

Plus you were wondering just what would get Judge Kennedy off the front page…..and now you know.